Please note that Voice Candy is discontinued. You can still download it, but we will not be providing support or future updates.

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Voice Candy Release Notes

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Voice Candy 1.5.1

  • Fixed a bug where an upgrade from the an old version would fail sometimes

Voice Candy 1.5

NOTE: Voice Candy is no longer Mac OS X 10.4 compatible. You'll need a minimum of 10.5.8 to run version 1.5

  • New encoding preferences that allow you to record to AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, or Apple Lossless format
  • Always save recordings
  • Removed "Save as Notes" action since recordings are always saved now
  • Other bug fixes and user interface improvements

Voice Candy 1.2.1

  • When quitting, ask for confirmation if there is an unused recording
  • Minor bug fixes

Voice Candy 1.2

  • Ready for Leopard
  • New 512 by 512 pixel icon
  • Load notes even when ~/Music is an alias
  • Volume slider in Notes window fixed

Voice Candy 1.1.7

  • New playOrPause Apple Script command
  • Bug related to note renaming fixed
  • Rewind button in the Notes window was not rewinding when held down. Fixed
  • Minor bug fixes

Voice Candy 1.1.6

AppleScript support bug fix

Voice Candy 1.1.5

  • Use "defaults write com.potionfactory.VoiceCandy alwaysOnTopWhileRecording -bool yes" to make the recording window stay on top while recording
  • Bug fix for Save to Desktop action

Voice Candy 1.1.4

  • German localization added
  • Japanese localization improved

Voice Candy 1.1.3

Starting with this version of Voice Candy, we are now using license keys instead of license files. You should have received your new license key already, but if you have not, please visit our license retrieval page.


  • New licensing scheme
  • Minor bug fixes

Voice Candy 1.1.2

  • Users of some localizations could not register. Fixed
  • Fixed minor localization bugs
  • Other minor bug fixes



Version 1.5.1, 3 MB
15 day trial
Release Notes


Mac OS X Universal Application Voice Candy requires
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher


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