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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my license key. Can you send it to me again?

Please enter your email address below to have your purchase receipt sent again.

If you don't remember your email or if it has changed, let us know.

How do I use Voice Candy's effects to change my voice in other programs?

There's a free utility called SoundFlower that lets you pipe audio output from any application to the input of another. You can download it from Cycling '74:

Link to SoundFlower

After installing SoundFlower, make sure to enable a monitoring device and raise its volume in Voice Candy's recording preferences window.

On the other application's side, you will have to set SoundFlower as the audio input device.

More instructions can be found on the SoundFlower page.



Version 1.5.1, 3 MB
15 day trial
Release Notes


Mac OS X Universal Application Voice Candy requires
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher


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