Please note that Voice Candy is discontinued. You can still download it, but we will not be providing support or future updates.

Voice Candy Fun, effortless recorder

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Voice Candy is a fun and useful recorder for your Mac. Think of it as Photo Booth for your microphone.

Fun Effects

You get 8 different effects to play with. Switch the effects while recording for some extra fun.
For example, record a conversation between Darth Vader and chipmunk to produce something that just seems wrong.


Quick and Simple

Voice Candy is designed to be as simple as possible. Press the global shortcut key to start recording,
then press it again to stop. Press another shortcut key to perform an action. Voice Candy can run as a
menu app to save some of that precious space on your Dock too.

Remind Yourself

Set a reminder with your own voice. After the reminder goes off, you can snooze the reminder
if you want to be bothered a little later. Voice Candy even wakes up your Mac from sleep to
fire the reminder so that you never miss it.

Voice Notes

Voice Candy has a built-in voice notes manager that allows you to organize your recorded
notes into folders. In the voice note manager, you can playback your note faster or slower as well.

Use Your Voice!

There are many ways you can use your voice with Voice Candy. You can email the recording and also take it with you on the iPod by sending the recording to an iTunes playlist. You can also write your own AppleScript to make Voice Candy work with your other apps. Of course, you can just save it to the Desktop too.



Version 1.5.1, 3 MB
15 day trial
Release Notes


Mac OS X Universal Application Voice Candy requires
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher


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