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Tangerine! 1.3

  • Leopard compatibility
  • 512 pixel wide icon
  • Using SparklePlus
  • BPM calculator closes if command-D is pressed while it's in focus
  • Better support for missing files
  • Minor bug fixes

Tangerine! 1.2.4b

Bug fix release

Tangerine! 1.2.3b

  • Library loading bug on PowerPC Macs fixed

Version 1.2.3

  • Added Japanese localization
  • Hold down the option key in the File menu to get the "Import BPM Values From iTunes" feature
  • Able to load iTunes libraries with non-standard file names
  • Saving playlists to iTunes now more reliable than before
  • Saved playlists get selected in iTunes
  • Bug fixes

Tangerine! 1.2.2b

Problem of analysis getting intermittently stuck after upgrading to QuickTime 7.2 fixed.

Tangerine! 1.2.2

Updated to work with QuickTime 7.2

Tangerine! 1.2.1

This release brings iTunes 7.3 support

Tangerine! 1.2

  • Analysis of DRM protected iTunes Store songs
  • Compatible with iTunes 7.2
  • When sorting by song title, artist, or album, ignore prefix "the"
  • When sorting by album, sub-sort by disc number and track number
  • Added a new disc number table column
  • Clicking on the flask logo in the About window takes you to our homepage
  • Fixed analysis taking a long time to start up on PPC
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if you opened the About window more than once
  • Fixed a crasher bug that happens sometimes after saving playlist to iTunes
  • It was possible to open multiple About windows. Fixed

Tangerine! 1.1.1

  • When you drag tracks, a badge tells you how many tracks are being dragged
  • Tangerine! now checks for the OS 9 iTunes folder if it can't find the OS X version
  • Rule editor was sometime setting numeric rule conditions to "is greater than" no matter what. Fixed
  • Holding down option key only changes the + button only when the main window has keyboard focus
  • Was not chiming or notifying through growl when analysis was finished. Fixed
  • Added a field for "Grouping" in the preset rule editor
  • A crashing bug in the rule editor fixed
  • When disabling album art fetching, please use: defaults write com.potionfactory.Tangerine PFDontGrabAlbumArtDuringAnalysis -bool YES
  • Lost License Key under the Help menu

Tangerine! 1.1

NOTE: You do not need to re-analyze your library after upgrading. The analysis code has remained the same in this release. However, the analysis will be the focus of development from now on.

  • Presets and preset rules in the new playlist sheet
  • Refetch album arts menu item under the file menu
  • You can now force Tangerine! to overwrite the BPM values at iTunes.
  • Play count and play date is updated at iTunes when track finishes playing
  • You can rate the song in the table view. The rating gets saved to iTunes
  • You can rate the song through the dock menu. The rating gets saved to iTunes
  • The song information bubble shows the song's rating for rated songs
  • Dock menu shows the current song's title and artist
  • A new playlist generation pattern, low to high, added.
  • A hidden preference to disable album art fetching during analysis: defaults write com.potionfactory.Tangerine PFDontGrabAlbumArtDuringAnalysis -bool YES
  • Many bug fixes

Tangerine! 1.0.1

NOTE: There is no need to reanalyze your library. The analysis algorithm has not changed with this release.

  • Contrary to our promise, BPM export was overwriting the values at iTunes. Sorry! It has been fixed with this release
  • The playlist songs count string and the BPM labels were drawing outside the main window sometimes. Fixed
  • Only save data when necessary, speeding up quit time
  • Better handling of tracks and libraries that are aliased
  • Play context menu item in the tracks tableview was broken. Fixed
  • Beta testers and more software components added to the acknowledgments section of online help



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