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Licensing Scheme Switch


With the release of Tangerine! we moved to a new licensing scheme across all of our applications. If you upgrade Podcast Maker or Voice Candy and all of a sudden find that it thinks that you are not registered and your trial has expired, it is because you need to put in your new license key. We emailed them out ahead of time, but you may not have gotten it for one reason or another. In that case, please go here to retrieve your license.

But... Why?

So why would we go through the eye-poking pain of updating every order in the database, not to mention having to write code that we don't enjoy writing? Well, there are several reasons why it's all justified.

Voice Candy 1.1

Voice Candy 1.1 is out!

The major new feature in this release is the voice note manager. After recording a clip, use the Save as Note action. After that you can access the recording through the Notes window (⌘3) that looks like this:

Voice Mail

A Mr. Randy Harris comments about Voice Candy at MacUpdate:

I've been using Voice Candy for a few weeks now and I really like it a lot. I bought it with the intention of using it like a voice version of Apple's PhotoBooth, which my kids love.

After using it a little I quickly realized that Voice Candy is about the best and easiest to use Voice eMail program that I've run across.

This put a broad grin on my face because while the effects are cool, we really wanted to make a general purpose voice recorder that is useful in addition to being fun. It is satisfying to see someone reaching that conclusion.

Voice Candy Tip

Voice Candy reminder screenshotHere is a tip for you Voice Candy users. The nice thing about the reminder clock is that you can easily set the time with just a click since it moves the hour hand to the position of the click. The downside is that you cannot drag the minute hand. You can however still adjust the minute hand by using your mouse scrollwheel. A bonus tip: When you are typing in the time and date, some characters will move the input focus to the next part. Those characters are: ; : / . , - in addition to the tab and left and right arrow keys. I personally find the period to be the most convenient because I use the numpad.

Voice Candy Featured at Apple.com

Voice Candy is featured at Apple's download page and also in its audio category page.

This reminds me of the time we released Podcast Maker because it also made the featured download. My hands were so sore because we high-fived more than science ever thought was possible (Yes, I stole that line from Panic.)

Thank you Apple. Again!