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Potion Factory and The Mac App Store

Yesterday, the shape of the Mac software landscape changed forever and I'm happy to have been a part of it from the beginning. All of my Mac software except The Hit List are available at the Mac App Store. Here is a status report of where things stand with the Potion Factory apps.

Give Good Food To Your Mac

Give Good Food To Your Mac is a unique promotion that lets you build your own software bundle. You get a better deal the more you buy. This is the 3rd time that they're doing this and I'm excited to have been invited to participate this time. It all ends in about 2 weeks so head on over there and check out all the cool software.

Give Good Food To Your Mac

Best Crash Report Ever

I was chatting with a developer friend about crash reports and as one thing led to another, after a quick Gmail search, I ended up showing him this one particular crash report I got sometime last year:

A flash of lightning could be seen through the north-facing window, the squak of the dark night's crow taunted me from a distance as I just reloaded the library in Tangerine. Shortly after a masked butcher, knife and all, broke through my thrice-locked front door barking threats of murder, Tangerine! unexpectedly quit. As a father feels when he loses his son, I felt an overwhelming sadness until I was warmly greeted by Apple's "YOUR PROGRAM CRASHED, BROTHA!!" window suggesting I relaunch Tangerine. That's what brings me here, composing this message to you. I have personally attached the Crash Long Contents for your reviewal. I can only hope, pray, that you will use it to correct the wrong that I have experienced. Now I must bid you adieu.

I cringe whenever I get a crash report, but if they were all like this, I wouldn't mind so much.

It's from a Mr. Eric L. Pheterson. I hope he doesn't mind my publishing it here. Oh, and the bug was fixed a long time ago.

Tangerine! 1.3 Rocking Along with Leopard

The Leopard compatible Tangerine! is finally out. The thought of dropping DRMed song support popped into my head many times, but in the end I managed to pull through. As usual, it's a free upgrade if you bought it already, and if you didn't, you can try it for free for 15 days.

Oh, and it's got one of those huge 512 pixel icons now. I actually had to recreate it from scratch because I had lost the old one in a hard drive crash. Yep, I was one of the ninety-some percent of users who didn't backup properly. If only had I had Time Machine back then.


Potion Factory and Leopard

I just released Voice Candy 1.2 with Leopard compatibility. It actually took more work than I anticipated, but it's finally done and it even has a 512 by 512 pixel icon now. As usual for a .1 release, it is a free upgrade so if you're a Voice Candy user, you should get it.

Tangerine!, however, is taking longer than expected due to DRM protected song support. For the time being, if you are a Tangerine! user, I suggest filtering out protected songs using the rules in Tangerine!'s preferences. It works OK otherwise though. My original plan was to have both apps ready today, but at this point I'm hoping to bring full Leopard compatibility to Tangerine! by the end of next week.

Leopard looks pretty sweet and I hope a lot of you get it because my next app will be Leopard only. It is just too hard to pass up new technology in Leopard for the sake of Tiger compatibility.