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A Contest

We know people are eagerly awaiting The Hit List companion iPhone app and we thought we'd help a few people get it a little early with a contest. Send us a description of an interesting way that you use The Hit List to contest@potionfactory.com. We'll pick up to 10 of the best entries and offer them the opportunity to participate in a closed beta program for the iPhone app when it's ready.

iPhone: Keep Waiting

A lot has been said about the iPhone's $200 price drop but my favorite reaction is from Steve Gehrman, the guy behind Path Finder at Cocoatech:

You might be tempted to buy an iPhone now that they are "cheap". But, don't be fooled! Jobs lowered the price to clear out inventory before Apple releases the 3G iPhone.

Who's going to buy a slow 2G iPhone once the 3G is announced? Apples got to get rid of them now while they still have a chance. Apple's smart, they will announce the 3G iPhone the day they have sold the last 2G phone. :) Don't be a sucker.

Keep waiting.

I'm not sure if he's being serious or just sarcastic, but amidst all the outcry over the price drop, that was just unexpected and it had me chuckling.

On a side note, I hear that Cocoatech is looking for a marketing/web person.

Link to Steve's Blog Post

iPhone Video Tour

I haven't had any real interest in getting an iPhone, but after watching the iPhone Guided Tour, I am pretty much sold. The amount of polish that went into this thing is just amazing. The animation effects are done in good taste and result in a certain fluidity that is mesmerizing (am I too much of a UI geek?). I did worry a little that Core Animation will make a lot of developers put in unnecessary and cheesy animation effects into their apps, but now I can at least hope that they will follow the example set by iPhone; I know I will be. I mean, I can almost forgive Apple for not having the secret feature in Leopard now.

My self-imposed rule about not buying first generation hardware (Apple or otherwise, even cars) will have to be broken this time.

As a developer and user interface designer—after having watched the video 2 times—what impressed me the most were the new gestures revealed to us for the first time: