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The Hit List Public Preview

I'm happy to announce that the public preview of The Hit List, my new task-management application is ready:

Download The Hit List

It's a real pleasure to finally take the veils off since I have poured so much care and love into this application.

Of course, as a preview, it's not quite feature-complete yet, but the beta testers report that it's stable enough for daily use. It should be enough to give you a taste of what its personalty is like.

If you have thoughts you would like to share about The Hit List, you can do so at The Hit List Users Google Group.

On a final note, I'm taking pre-orders until version 1.0 ships. The final price will be $69.95, but you can get it for $49.95 for now. While you don't have to purchase a license until the final version ships, that deal won't last forever.


The Hit List Beta Progress

The Hit List has been in closed beta for about two weeks now and things have been progressing well. I wanted to release a 1.0 version as soon as possible, but based on the feedback I'm receiving, I'm back to the "it'll be done when it's ready" status. The first major feature I have decided to add is recurring tasks.

While I'm certain that THL won't be THE solution for everybody, I'm very encouraged by the tweets some beta testers are posting. Validation like this is especially gratifying since I've been working on it under the radars for so long without receiving a lot of feedback.

This stuff is pretty much crack cocaine for developers:

Beta Testers Wanted

I have been running a small beta test of my new task management application, The Hit List, for about a week now. Now that all the obvious bugs are fixed, I would like more people to give the application a true workout. If you have some time to send bug reports and feedback, join us here:


New Icon

Brand new icon for the new application

A Sneak Peak

Here's a teaser screenshot of the new app I've been laboring over: