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The Hit List 1.1 for Mac and iPhone Released

I'm happy to announce that version 1.1 of The Hit List for both Mac and iPhone are now available. These updates are free for licensed The Hit List customers.

Potion Factory and The Mac App Store

Yesterday, the shape of the Mac software landscape changed forever and I'm happy to have been a part of it from the beginning. All of my Mac software except The Hit List are available at the Mac App Store. Here is a status report of where things stand with the Potion Factory apps.

Move to Applications Folder?

After reading John Gruber's "How Should Mac Apps Be Distributed?", I wanted to mention that The Hit List already does by itself what John suggests Apple consider doing with all apps. That is, if you launch The Hit List from a folder that is not an Applications folder, it asks if it should move itself to /Applications.

Why it does this, though, is not for the reason that most people expect.

A Contest

We know people are eagerly awaiting The Hit List companion iPhone app and we thought we'd help a few people get it a little early with a contest. Send us a description of an interesting way that you use The Hit List to contest@potionfactory.com. We'll pick up to 10 of the best entries and offer them the opportunity to participate in a closed beta program for the iPhone app when it's ready.

Better Software Through Less UI

The Hit List 0.9.3 is out. A lot of work went into this release but the two main user visible changes are repeating tasks and AppleScript support. Of those two features, repeating tasks took a surprisingly long time to implement. The code itself wasn't too hard to write, but as usual, settling on a design was the hardest and the most hair-pulling part of the job.