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Give Good Food To Your Mac

Give Good Food To Your Mac is a unique promotion that lets you build your own software bundle. You get a better deal the more you buy. This is the 3rd time that they're doing this and I'm excited to have been invited to participate this time. It all ends in about 2 weeks so head on over there and check out all the cool software.

Give Good Food To Your Mac

Best Crash Report Ever

I was chatting with a developer friend about crash reports and as one thing led to another, after a quick Gmail search, I ended up showing him this one particular crash report I got sometime last year:

A flash of lightning could be seen through the north-facing window, the squak of the dark night's crow taunted me from a distance as I just reloaded the library in Tangerine. Shortly after a masked butcher, knife and all, broke through my thrice-locked front door barking threats of murder, Tangerine! unexpectedly quit. As a father feels when he loses his son, I felt an overwhelming sadness until I was warmly greeted by Apple's "YOUR PROGRAM CRASHED, BROTHA!!" window suggesting I relaunch Tangerine. That's what brings me here, composing this message to you. I have personally attached the Crash Long Contents for your reviewal. I can only hope, pray, that you will use it to correct the wrong that I have experienced. Now I must bid you adieu.

I cringe whenever I get a crash report, but if they were all like this, I wouldn't mind so much.

It's from a Mr. Eric L. Pheterson. I hope he doesn't mind my publishing it here. Oh, and the bug was fixed a long time ago.


My friend Steve Harris over at Reinvented Software has just released Together 2.0. It's a data organizer that does with files what iTunes does with songs. You can group, tag, rate, preview, encrypt/decrypt, and even edit files in some cases without leaving the application. It also has an automatically hiding shelf that you can quickly drop files to and add quick notes through.

This might sound a lot like Yojimbo, but Keep It Together—the previous name of Together—actually precedes Yojimbo by about two years. The just released version 2.0 takes it up a notch or two beyond Yojimbo, in my opinion.

Check out Steve's announcement post and the application itself.

DISCLAIMER: I helped with the development of this application, albeit a teeny bit.

Gmail IMAP

Google is selectively rolling out IMAP for Gmail. One of my accounts was lucky to get it and I'm testing it now. I have written to Google begging for this many times and I've even signed online petitions. So yeah, I'm really excited about this.

Until now, my email setup consisted of Gmail for domains and my own IMAP server that I setup Gmail to forward all mail to. Then I setup Mail.app to read mail from my IMAP server but to send using Google's SMTP server. I did all that so that I could read mail using Mail.app in multiple computers, multiple OS installations, as well as the iPhone while still having it all archived in Gmail.

I'm so glad that I can do away with this fugly work around.

It's great seeing the folders I create in Mail.app show up on Gmail's web interface and vice versa. This means that Gmail's web interface is now 10 times more useful to me. I may actually even use it.

Christmas came early for me this year.

On a separate topic, work on my new application is progressing nicely. It's still too far away from release to say anything more, but things are looking pretty sweet.

Starting up the Hype Machine

Gus Mueller of Flying Meat Software:

For fun, I recently interviewed a fellow Pacific Northwest developer who's company is about to ship a shiny new OS X app on Monday, which has been in stealth mode for a number of months.

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