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The Hit List Public Preview

I'm happy to announce that the public preview of The Hit List, my new task-management application is ready:

Download The Hit List

It's a real pleasure to finally take the veils off since I have poured so much care and love into this application.

Of course, as a preview, it's not quite feature-complete yet, but the beta testers report that it's stable enough for daily use. It should be enough to give you a taste of what its personalty is like.

If you have thoughts you would like to share about The Hit List, you can do so at The Hit List Users Google Group.

On a final note, I'm taking pre-orders until version 1.0 ships. The final price will be $69.95, but you can get it for $49.95 for now. While you don't have to purchase a license until the final version ships, that deal won't last forever.




You had me at "This works just like QuickSilver." Nice work as I'm in the middle of rethinking my productivity applications. I love the "gamer" feel I get moving tasks around with w-a-s-d!

Chris Baker

Ah good just before I have to make my decision to buy Things. Look forward to trying this one out.


Man oh man this looks nice.

Does the timer work?

Andy Kim

It should :)


Where can I put myself on a list for preorder? I absolutely love it, much more useful than Things used to be.

Andy Kim

You can just buy the pre-order using the application's built-in store.


THL is super! So impressed so far. Quick question - is the family pack price discounted i.e. what is going to be its retail price?

Andy Kim

Family pack price is discounted. Final price will probably be $99.95.


I had the exact opposite reaction. I really hoped to like The Hit List more, but it just isn't in the same class as Things. Keep up the good work though. Competition is good.


I agree with Jack re:competition. Though, once again, in the exact opposite direction. I tried Things, but couldn't get into their work flow. As well, I prefer THL features i.e. tabs, timer, and aesthetic.


What? I found Things to be so cumbersome. In my opinion (and I've tried them all for weeks at a time):

The Hit List > OmniFocus > Things.

Kaijun Hong

Have exact same reaction. Really didn't like thing, felt that the lack of contexts made a lost. So I was a omni-focus guy for the longest time. Got the Hit List from macheist, and been reading rave reviews.

The interface with the slick sans-serif Ultra-thin Helvetica combined with tabs really got me in the screen grabs. Tried it out and loved it. The keyboard shortcuts and the superior date-entry system really hooked me. I booted back omni-focus to start transcribing stuff over to THL and hit the "g" key, when the go-to slider didn't pop up was the moment I was sure I wasn't gonna look back, until either omni-focus get something really crazy, or the THL screws up bad.

Gotta be realistic ;)

Keep up the good work.

Bradley Wright

I'd like to see Mac to Mac syncing via a mounted disk (so it can be used via iDisk or DropBox) please!


yes, that would make the difference for me.

Andy Kim

You can hold down the option key when THL starts to create or choose a different library. People have said that this works with Dropbox and perhaps iDisk too (I have tried neither).


So how bad exactly will THL blow up when I leave it running at work, make a change at home, and Dropbox updates its data store while it's running?

Mac-to-Mac syncing should come along with iPhone syncing. Holding off on purchasing until those two needs are cleared up.

Joel Leimer

Yes! Mac-to-Mac syncing is key. I've got three computers and an iPhone, and keeping them up to date is very problematic. Using Things now, but would switch in an instant (along with all my staff) if you could get this working....


Yes, please!



Timer does work! What would be so, so cool... if when you hit "stop" (or some other key), the time would be included with the task. Or something to that effect.

Tom Potter

This functionality is already present, just not obvious. In the information panel (middle button on bottom left of window), look for "actual."

You can also include the estimate field in the main list by hitting Apple+0. If you fill out your estimates, it will even calculate how off you were so you can adjust your estimates in the future.

Andrew Mason

Looks good, will have a play and write up a review at www.didigetthingsdone.com.



Any screenshots? I'm stuck at work (on Tiger) and I'm curious how the workflow is. Thanks!


Iphone app? Why should I switch things?

Andy Kim

The iPhone app is not here yet. I understand that that is a huge reason to not switch to THL right now for a lot of folks. I'm just putting this out there so that people can give it a try and see how it progresses.

Luigi Montanez

I've been using this as my primary GTD app for a few weeks now. I previously used OmniFocus and then Things, but prefer The Hit List. The core workflow is what makes it a win for me. It's the easiest and most natural one to start using and keep using.

Yes, features like an iPhone version and sync would be good, but they're not deal-breakers for me.


Quick app! I'm sold, but yeah I'd like the Actual time to be a column choice as well and not just in information window.



I use the note function quite extensively. It would be very helpful to:

1) To have an icon indicating a task has a note
2) To be able to click on a note icon (while in icon view) and see said note


Uh oh. I just realized that a note pasted into one task is carried over to another. So I can't have individual notes for each task. For my work flow, this will be enough of an issue to wait for a fix, or stay with Evernote.

Yikes... almost purchased the software.

I truly need to breathe slowly and give new software a proper run though before getting too excited.


I'm not sure what you're talking about. I've had no problems adding extensive notes to tasks (one I figured out how to type a line break). Perhaps it's a bug on your system?


I'm an OmniFocus user,
but this is totally AMAZING.

I think I'm going to switch,
what I'll miss the most about OmniFocus will be the MobileMe syncing with the iPhone app (something that not even Things has).

Your app has the best of both worlds (Things and OmniFocus): a gorgeous single-window sculpted-GUI and powerful features like the virtually-unlimited sub-levels of tasks.
I'm also totally loving all the fast and geeky 'single-key' keyboard shortcuts.

Your app just feels so damn freaking right!


Does the beta have any limitations/when does it expire?

Andy Kim

No limitations. It expires on May 1st, 2009. If the 1.0 is not out by then, I'll further move back the expiration date with an update.


Booty-ful! Man, this is a hot piece of software... Nice work... My top requests? Here goes:

*iPhone / Multiple computer syncing via MobileMe
- Sounds pretty obvious, I know - but think about it... If you implement MobileMe syncing, you already trump "Things," which requires you to (as of today) update via WiFi on a local network... NOT a good idea for those who travel for business... For me, an update system on the go and an iPhone app are unfortunately a deal-breaker...

*Collaboration with other Users
- If there was any way we could share this information - or better yet - share specific TAGGED information, that would be frickin' incredible... If I'm working on a project tagged "dogwashers", for instance - and somehow, I could either email a list of the tasks pertaining only to that tag, or better yet - publish it on a site, or export it to other users within their copies of THL, that would destroy small planets. Seriously.

*Wicked Drag 'N Drop
- You may have already implemented this, because I see that if I drag a photo onto a task, it creates a way-cool alias to view that picture... Can I drag and drop pretty much anything? Having THL connected to other areas of my Mac would be very handy...

I love the ruled-line feel... It really is the synthesis of the familiar paper and sexy Mac look we are comfortable with... In fact, your workflow could easily become more useful than Circus Ponies "Notebook", which is a solid app - but feels a bit rigid...

Again - keep on truckin!


I love this app, but I would like to see one thing changed.

I have THL set to display a badge counting the items in the Inbox and Today, and currently the badge actually displays the number "0".

The badge should only be shown when there is actual activity to be notified of! Otherwise it's a distraction that asks for attention, when upon closer inspection, in fact does not. Please, could you make it so there is not a badge when the number is "0"?

This application is great, I can't wait to make my purchase! ;)

Andy Kim

This will be fixed in the next update.

Wilson Chan Ng

Man, I really want to love THL but the features that keep me glued to OmniFocus are:

1. Sequential and parallel tasks

2. Review mode

3. Recurring tasks (especially from completion date and/or from start date/due date)

Match these features and I'd fall in love all over again.

Keep up the good work.


I have just downloaded the public beta, and I think its great!
I was always looking for a tool for effective task management with time tracking.

It is great for individuals, but do you also plan to add any features for teams?
I would like to manage my team using such tool - see the progress of their tasks, add new tasks for them, see the time spent on particular tasks.
What do you think about it?

Andy Kim

Yeah, that is something I want to look into, but for a future major release.


1. Nice option will be an opportunity to block definied tabs, now, when I click for example Today in left sidebar one of my personal tabs is also changing (i have Today two tabs later), it's very annoying.

2. "Sort by / Due" option in Today list.

Jonathan Hill

I just wanted to say that, having tried pretty much everything else out there, I have absolutely fallen in love with THL! You have done a terrific job, and I'll be pre-purchasing shortly :)


Yes, I too will switch to The Hit List once the iPhone app is available. Nice work.


Nice work!

I've used Ominfocus (too much - both in price and complexity - even in the iPhone app!)

I just started using Things and and enjoying it - both the iPhone and desktop app. I haven't purchased the desktop app yet.

Now 'The Hit List' comes along and is making me reconsider whether I should commit to Things. I sure hope you come out with an iPhone app soon. I'd like to see how it looks before deciding.

Keep up the good work!


This is an absolutely lovely app, very good work.

I won't ask for any more features other than a proper way of sync. Really. I'd hate it if it becomes an iGTD or an OmniFocus boatload of features.

Again, well done.

P.S. Is there a hackey-unofficial way of sync libraries now, except from backing up and restore each and every time? (e.g. Dropbox, or something else).


It would be cool if I could get a list of archived tasks somehow :)

Andy Kim


Milan M.

The Hit List is just great! I'm sure I will be using it. It's a generation before similar applications. I was looking for this for ages. Thank you very much!

I have also a suggestion:

Add an ability to change date format (I'm from Europe and I use DD/MM/YY or DD. MONTH).

Andrew Green

It's displaying due dates in DD/MM/YYYY here -- I imagine taken from my settings in System Preferences (International -> Formats).

Are there other dates in THL that don't honour this?

Milan M.

You are right, I apologize. I didn't know it's connected.

So, it's a totally great app for me. :)


I apologize if this is a stupid question...but is this app Leopard only? I can't open it on my Mac, using OSX 10.4.11


Andy Kim

Oops, I forgot to mention that it's Leopard only.


Absolutely love it...BUT...you're never going to reach the GUI-centric folks (that includes me). Just too keyboard dependent for me...would buy it in a heartbeat if there were a button or something clickable to do all things instead of only keyboard shortcuts. If you ever change, PLEASE let me know. Thanks.



Wow, I assumed that all the little capsules along the bottom that show the keyboard shortcuts were clickable. I'd have to imagine that they'll become clickable eventually.

Andy Kim

Most of them become clickable once you have a task selected.

Brett Nord

anyone know why I get this error when trying to install The Hit List?

"You can't open the application "The Hit List" because it is not supported on this arhitecture"


Andy Kim

Brett, try downloading it again.


thanks Andy, but nope still doesn't work--same error.
Only thing i can think of is that I had the Hit List working on my Macbook, then I did Migration Assistant and transferred apps over to my Macbook Pro. The Hit List didn't work so I deleted and have been trying to install again to not avail.
any ideas now that you know more about the situation?


Bruce H

What will you be charging for the iPhone app when it comes out? Or will it be free given the cost of THL desktop app?

Andy Kim

I do not know yet.

C Hendrick

Will the iPhone App be included in the paid version for free?

Or like Omni and Things charge more?

Andrew Green

This is just lovely. Having multiple levels of nesting in such a simple, intuitive interface is a big, big win for me.

Three questions:

1 - Are you planning on adding recurring tasks? I've already found this useful in Things to automatically create a task to invoice clients every month.

2 - I quite like Things' system of being able to assign "projects" to "areas of responsibility". So, I have an area for each of my clients, each containing a mix of projects and standalone tasks. Would tags be the best/only way in THL of achieving a similar setup?

3 - I take it there's no easy way of importing an existing set of tasks from Things?

Wonderful stuff, thank-you!


It seems all the big task management tasks are missing one vital ingredient to make it cover all the big areas. Omnifocus, too complex, too clunky, no today screen. Things no nested folders, lots and lots of bugs. The Hit List is no different no recurring tasks or projects. Please pleas please make sure you tick the major boxes before tackling other issues.

If a task management app had

1. Nice Interface with Today screen
2. Nested Folders
3. Recurring Tasks/Projects

It would sell bucketloads.

That is all people are asking for!


I am loving this app. One question: Why doesn't the "Today" hit list group tasks according to lists the way the "Upcoming" hit list does? Am I labeling things incorrectly?

Jan-Willem Buurlage

I really dislike the "Inbox / Project Name / List Name" title font. Please add the option to change it :)

Bruce Garlock

Wow! I am an OmniFocus user, and after seeing the screenshot on macupdate.com, (especially the tabs) - I had to give it a try. I am seriously considering switching from OmniFocus to The Hit List. How long is the discounted pricing good for? I spent a fairly good amount of money on OmniFocus, so forking out another chunk for another GTD app, has me pausing.

Before I switch, is there any way to import my tasks from OmniFocus? I didn't see an import choice in the file menu, and I am not sure if it is on the todo list for the app, so will some kind of import be added as a feature? I just wouldn't want to retype all my current projects in OmniFocus into The Hit List. I would have to turn that into a project of its own :-)

Also, one thing that OmniFocus lacks, is true template ability. I often have software development projects (web based, using LAMP), and many of the projects share the same set of tasks. Are - or will - templates be supported?

So far, I love the GUI of The Hit List. It uses a metaphor that I am more familiar with (love the tabs). I also like the input much more than OmniFocus. I don't like having to press CMD-] to indent in OmniFocus. Pressing TAB makes much more sense, as so many other apps follow that method. I even remember using OmniFocus for the first time during the beta, saying on a board or forum somewhere that "The TAB key doesn't indent, like it should"

Anyway, The Hit List really looks like it could become my primary GTD app. If there is going to be some kind of support for templates, importing from OmniFocus or OmniOutliner, Some kind of export feature, syncing via MobileMe, and syncing to iCal.

One more question: Would I be allowed to use this on more than one computer (but only my username)? Nobody else would use it but me, but I do have both a laptop and a desktop.

Best of luck, and hopefully you can answer some of my questions.

Best Regards,


spice weasel

Great app, im really enjoying using it. An iPhone-Sync-Tool would be awesome...
Just a couple of ideas:
- Please add a "Sort alphabetically"-option in context menu when right-clicking folders (for sorting task lists)
- I'm a sucker for keyboard shortcuts, so it's greatly appreciated how many are already implemented, also I think the implemented help is a great way to learn the software without being obtrusive. One thing is missing keyboard accessibility imho: coud you make the calendar in the "Start" and "Due" fields (when entering a new task) accessible with shortcuts (down/up/r/l-keys + enter)? Currently, the up+down arrow keys navigate you to the task above/below, left+right have the same effect as tab or shift+tab, and you have to use the mouse for entering a date. if the current date in the calendar is the default position from where arrow key movements start, entering a task due tomorrow could be as easy as - enter text - tab tab - right arrow. for a task due in 3 days, it would be right arrow x 3, and so on. Also, it would facilitate date enty if you could just enter the date of a day, e.g. "20", and press tab, and THL would automatically set a date for the next upcoming 20th of a month.

Cheers, s-w

Josep Ortega

Just started using it today and it rocks. I miss a collaborative option to update team projects and share them and also a text export for lists, but that would mean perfection.

Keep up the good work!


This is really nice. I'd like the ability to hide Someday/Waiting On projects to help with focusing, and maybe a reviewing mode.

Cute easter egg. If I had a business contact named Mario, I would probably start to giggle every time I completed an action that involved him.

Andy Kim

If you don't want the Someday/Waiting on lists, you can delete them altogether. It's not the same thing as hiding, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.


I do want the lists, but I don't want items on them to appear when I'm looking at my context lists. Like, if something is tagged with @home, but it's in an "On Hold" project, I don't want it to distract me when I'm looking at my list of next actions in @home.

Scott Wheeler

The killer feature for me would be explicit support for synching to a CalDav server (Chandler would be a natural fit) since then The Hit List can also be used for group to-dos and basic task tracking. Right now this can be done if you use iCal synching, but it's clunky.

Ideal would be having it create and remove the appropriate calendars on the server matching The Hit List's folders; essentially that you wouldn't sync to individual calendars but have a mirror of the content on the server a la an "account" in iCal.

Extra special bonus points if this was for Chandler and there was support to access the exported iCal / CalDav / RSS / Web tickets directly from The Hit List (i.e. "sure, I'll send you an RSS feed for everything on my 'FooWorks Integration' tasklist.")



Just discovered THL today and liking what I've seen so far. One big feature request: a way to export the entire database in text format. If my Mac dies I'd like to at least have a plain text copy of my life on my backups to print off from a PC


So far I am really liking this. I have been using Things but it seems like I am clicking too much to get anything done. I really like your keyboard nav system.

A few questions/comments:

- Will there be a trash?
- The way the tags work at the moment is a little sloppy. For example if I have this as an item, it looks like this: - Meeting with Client /meeting /clientname - maybe a different way to display the tags would be nice.
- Recurring tasks are important. I assume you are adding this.
- The price you're asking for is too high, especially with the current state of the economy. If you look around in other places where The Hit List is discussed, that is the number one complaint. If you really want to compete with Things, lower your price. You will make a lot more money if you sell this for $20.

I look forward to your official release.


The print feature needs layout/font size improvement. List view could print a lot smaller; card view should print the whole card, not just the left half.
Dedicated archive folder, like in Things. All completed tasks are automatically moved there either once marked completed or at the end of the day.
Repeating tasks; however, this requires a *highly flexible* calendar function when setting up the repeat pattern, similar to gcal and ical.

Matthew Schinckel

w-a-s-d keys to move things around isn't that cool for those of us that use non-qwerty layouts.

Otherwise, everything looks pretty good.

JooYoung Park

Today is my day 1 to try the Hit List. Overall I like it for its design and functionality. One thing I don't like about it is that I found out it takes A LOT of CPU resource, therefor produces A LOT of heat (probably with A LOT of battery consumption, too). Hope that it will be resolved soon with the next update.


I've just started playing around with The Hit List, and I'm liking what I see so far. One thing I'm concerned about is iPhone syncing. When it is implemented, will it be MobileMe-based or Wifi-based? One of my major sticking points with Things was that it had to be synced over Wifi, which meant that when if I left home and forgot to sync it, it was all but useless.

I'm seriously considering doing the switch over the The Hit List (I've been having a lot of problems with OmniFocus lately and I love THL's relative simplicity), but I don't want to make the investment unless I know that the iPhone app will have OTA syncing.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!



Question: For one of my tasks, I had typed in the notes a page's worth of important information that I needed for the task. I completed the task and marked it accordingly. Today, I went back to the task because I needed that information, but everything in the notes had disappeared. Please help. Is there any way to recover this?!


I thing The Hit List should has Someday hitlist. It would be absolutely great then.


Great program, I have already pre-purchased.

Not sure if these are bugs or just my ignorance:

1. Why are some tasks in bold and others are not?
2. Timer - GREAT feature - but the data is not saved? I start the timer, finish the task, stop the timer, check off the task. Later, when I look in Information, I expect to see the time recorded - that would be SO helpful for client-billing purposes - but it is never shown? (I thought it was once but I cannot find any timer records now)
3. Archive - some completed tasks have a check mark, while others have an "x" in the box and the task is crossed out - what's the difference? I couldn't see any pattern.

Thanks in advance,



1.) Bold items are active items. So the start time is the present or older and the haven't been completed or cancelled.

3.) X = Cancelled and Check = Completed

Ben D.

Wonderful app. Works really very well, and I think will be a STRONG competitor to Things and OmniFocus. Yours feels much simpler and is nicer looking/feeling.

One quibble I've got: price. $69 is just too high in my opinion. I realize these other apps out there are charging that much. But I think you'll be pricing yourself OUT of a lot of business by taking that route. Something like $20... I think you'd find a lot more takers. I personally won't shill out $70 for a to-do app (even one as awesome as The Hit List).


The Due In the Next 3 Days section needs to learn addition. 21 hours of tasks to do does not equal 2d7h.

Andy Kim

THL treats 8 hours as 1 day, since that's the standard work day


One more thing - flexibility in print date. I want to print off my To Do list for tomorrow before I go to bed tonight. Impossible to do so now because there is no way to adjust the dates and stuff I need to do tomorrow is still in the Over the next three days list.


is mail integration there? Can I sync my Palm LD and use it as Data Acq. terminal?


Any thoughts on an API for push/pull/sync of tasks to other systems?


Great software,..
I used Things software... and Omni (ADD) focus software.
you package seems to hit on some sweet areas where the others are
trying too much and are out in the weeds.. Keep it simple.. everyone would like to have everything include in your software,.. so please do not try to make everyone happy :-)


Any chance of it be sync-able with an online service?

Remember, a professional's to-do list is his lifeline, and it is is lost, serious disaster can happen. Therefore, an online sync is a safety factor to ensure we'll always have access to the to-do list.

Walter Paliska

Just started playing with this - I've been working with Things and OmniFocus and I have to say for now I am relatively impressed by the simplicity and the flexibility of the app. One things I would like to see is a "people" aspect that lets me sync with selected people or groups from my apple addressbook - I like to associate tasks with people they are dependent on and while I can do that with tags it would be even better to just have them "show up" as I add/remove people in a specific group in my address book.

Iphone app would be great but it's not a deal breaker

Besides that, just keep it simple ...


When in list view, I can click on a folder and see the tasks for all the lists within that folder. I want to do the same thing with tag bundles. If I need to go on a bunch of errands, I want to click on Tag Bundle: Errands and see everything tagged hardwarestore, grocerystore, etc. so that I can print that out and take it with me.

Sorry for the multiple posts (this is what, my 6th?). After test driving THL, Things, and Omnifocus, I have decided to purchase your product. I hope that all of these great ideas people are posting can be incorporated into the software.

Do you have a list posted somewhere of what fixes and new features have been included in each version thus far?

Andy Kim

Can we adjust the count on the dock icon to today only, or maybe even today and still working on. Stop including what's due over the next three days in the dock count please. Heck, you can take "Due in the Next 3 days" off of today altogether, since that info is in reality Upcoming.

Andy Kim

I've already fixed in the yet unreleased next build.


When you say that, you mean a completely new/unreleased build? I just noticed this was posted back in January, but it's still not in the current betas? I hate seeing all my monday tasks on a friday when i just want to clear my task list down to "0" on a friday, if you know what i mean...


Not to salt the wounds, but i just realized Things has this already. Pce.


I really like this. For me, its key contribution is the Card view, which allows one to easily focus on one task. More importantly, it allows us to escape from the tyranny of lists, which I think are overrated and reflect a slavish aping of paper conventions.

But I think you should take this a bit further. How about, say, a grid of 9 or 16 cards, each with one task?

Billy Rittwage

Forgive me for asking but when exactly (or about) will 1.0 be out?

Andy Kim

When it's done. I'm sorry that I can't give you a better answer.


till now I'm testing the beta and am liking it very much.
I had the idea which was already mentioned here to implement 'repeating' tasks (for example 'Inbox Zeroing' which is for me a everyday job).

And what about the iPhone app?
What will it cost?

I'm now going to buy my license of The Hit List! *jay*

I like the application much more than others cause of the simplicity but in my eyes some details are not there which should be there (like the repeating) but I'm confident that they hopefully come.


Is this a beta test? In other words, do you want us to report problems and bugs, or are you still in a stage where I should assume you already know about it?

If you want us to report bugs, what's the best way to do so?

Andy Kim

It is a beta test. You can send bug reports to andy@potionfactory.com, but I think I know about most of them in the latest build.


I like the drag and drop from email, what other integration is there? Specifically with the To Do list in mail.

I couldn't find a how to area...that might answer this and more.


Christopher Humphries

Great job! I instantly fell in love with it from growing frustrated with Things.
These are the pros and cons for me for THL.

- tree sidebar view similar to OmniFocus, it fits my brain
- back/forward buttons, great for digging in and out of stuff
- keyboard shortcuts for everything
- priorities
- nesting for folders
- nesting of items in a list
- intuitive
- tabs, so I can have multiple lists open at once
- printing of a list, lists or folder of lists is awesome
- nice icon

- no iPhone app, this is a big issue for me
- printing of a list, the list name doesn't fit in the "line height"
- no option to not display a list like notebook paper
- no (obvious) way to not /tag or @context an item if it has a / or @ in the string


I don't like lists like notebook paper too. I think that an option to display it or not would be better.


I have to agree with christopher's comment on the notebook paper display - it's probably the ONLY thing I don't like about the product. From that regard I much prefer the simpler view that Things offers. On the plus side I find this app fits my working needs a LOT better - having an iPhone app would definitively be a huge plus.

Keep up the good work though - overall this app is a lot more flexible than things is fo rme

Clayton Borah

Looks good, it's fast, different UI than other GTD aps. It takes a while to remember to use different tabs, but a good idea non the less. My favorite thing is Quicksilver integration!!


I just want to add a counter-opinion to Walter and Christopher - I personally love the notebook paper display, as well the notecard display. In fact, I'd prefer a checkbox that's just a black frame to better fit with the metaphor, instead of the silver square.


great app, major potential. I have to agree with others about the steep price though. Things sells for $50, and you got THL for $50 right as a promotion. Why not undercut the competitor and go for atleast only $40 as the promotion? or maybe atleast give the iphone app free to those that buy the full THL. I have not fully worked with THL or Things yet. I wonder if anyone's done a full comparison between the two yet? decisions, decisions.

Tommy Falk

Love this App and i use Remeber the milk at the moment. When is this released as a real app?

Andy Kim

I don't have a set release date. All I can say is that it'll be released when it's done.


I love The Hit List. (We've already bought the family pack!) The only thing that I'm really wishing for . . .

Recurring tasks? Is that feature for a future release? (It's the only thing I miss from Things.)



As someone who's looked at GTD programs in the past and been underwhelmed, the feel of The Hit List is just right. One niggling feature that I'd like to see, is to do with the way you add dates via the calender pop-up (which is way superior to the competitions already, 2 months vs the usual 1 is great). I'd love it if it'd be possible to scroll through the months using either a scroll wheel or even more intuitively a sidescroll on my trackpad, maybe accompanied by a sliding animation.

A preference to tone down/adjust the colours would be welcome too. Not that THL isn't awesome enough already.


Good stuff. I'm not use THL for anything professional, I was just looking for something to help me plan when I move into my first home in a couple of months. This app is pretty darn simple to learn how to use and it's exactly what I was looking for.

One thing I was looking for, however, was a graphical representation (chart-mode) of the progress/time-line of tasks. MS Project and Primavera have this feature I'm looking for, if you need a reference. The companies I work for have lots of projects and scheduling is a big part of the planning process and I just love the graphical timelines.

And one thing I discovered during my (limited) use of THL was that when I create a task and then I nest child tasks under that parent, the parent task does not inherit the start/end dates of it's children. What I'd like to do is set up a parent task like "clean house" without any start/end dates. In that task, I'd like to nest "vacuum" and have it start and end on Feb 1. Then, I'd also like to add another task for "clean washroom" and have it start and end on Feb 2. Finally, I'd like to add a third task for "mow lawn" and have it start and end on Feb 4. With all those start/end dates filled in, I'd like it if the parent task "clean house" would inherit a start date of Feb 1 and an end date of Feb 4. That would really make the nest task feature useful.


@p: In general, I think that the parent task should inherit the start and end dates of the sub-tasks, but I would like to option to erase them too. If I am working in a very large list (I have one that is nearly 300 tasks) I like to leave off the parent dates so that it is easily found in the 'without due date' section. Otherwise I have to hunt for it in the huge list.

Christoph Spiegl

I just was using The Hit List when an Idea popped into my head.
What about an callender view. With all 'due' dates as events or like in iCal with start/end dates as a bar. I don't want to sync them with iCal (well ok maybe that would be handy too) but just in The Hit List it would be a great help for me to imagine the dates better especially when planing some projects (due dates, start dates).

And than there are some little *bugs* in the Today / Upcoming views. If I want to expand a task located in the 'Due in 3 Days' the courser will jump down to the 'Still on Work' and expand it there? I just want the things expand where I clicked and not somewhere else.

Love the app so far, will there be any update in the near future?

Paul F

Whilst I'm sure some of the suggestions above could be useful, I implore you keep THL nice and simple. It does pretty much everything it needs to already.

I love it and have purchased a license. I would be happy if the feature set remained the same.


This is my first and last GTD software. So glad I found it. I love it.
I would love to see some of the suggestions above especially the iphone app. I would also like to see password protection on the file and/or different profiles.

This software is so good I feel sorry for windows users.


I 've been on mac since '84 and this is the most beautiful, useful interface I've seen: the best of Things, Omnifocus and TaskPaper rolled into one. I will definitely buy this and the Iphone app.
My only problem is that I want to use it for much more than GTD: THL could be the core of a great notetaking/outlining/writing app that would knock the socks off Omnioutliner, Notebook, even Scrivener. But is it robust enough to take on really big documents?
Hope the final is not too far off.


Any ideas on when the next update is coming out? I'm in desperate need of recurring tasks.

Andy Kim

I'm working on recurring tasks right now. I think it'll be a kick ass implementation.


I didn't think much of a small screenshot I saw somewhere but when I downloaded it and saw in full view it's got a quality about it. Like a nice notepad, which I wouldn't have thought I'd like but I really do.

There are some quality GTD apps out there for Mac but I think you're the first to really hit the "look & feel" sweet spot. You've clearly put a lot of thought into the user interface too, and I look forward to digging deeper.

I've always used Omnifocus, as it continues to be the only app that does some key things I need (such as syncing via MobileMe to my iPhone and work & home computers). I've never really enjoyed the look and feel of Omnifocus though, it always feels untidy to me with all the Styles of text.

If you can implement syncing over MobileMe between computers (e.g. my home and work computer) you can count me in. I'd also like to sync to my iPhone but syncing between home and work is the most important for me.


Just a point on MobileMe syncing. Omnifocus is the only app to have got this right that I know of.

Other apps, such as Yojimbo or Together, seem to use an Apple API to do the syncing but that requires that you enter your MobileMe account details into the MobileMe preference pane on your work computer. Many people aren't in a position to do this, for one reason or another, so the syncing needs to be independent of Apple's MobileMe preference pane, as it is in Omnifocus.


I've been in the process of looking for a new task manager. I'd been using Things, which is an amazing piece of software, but needed something that made more sense to me as a borderline project management tool as well. Things just felt restrictive, and OmniFocus lacked intuitiveness in it's approach and GUI.

I just started using THL and I've gotta say it seems like the perfect balance between Things and OmniFocus. Although I, like many others on here, am accustomed to buttons, it didn't take long to [ick up on the keyboard shortcuts and in reality it's much faster. THL just makes sense for the way my brain works. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


Very nice product. I am enjoying it. Two things: First, I would like to see, or have the option to see, a monthly calendar or calendars in the left-hand column. To me, being able to see down the road a month or two is very important, even if it is just a plain calendar with no dots or events on it.

Second, the ability to sync with both iCal and gCal it would be great, really great. (not syncing through ical to get to gcal, but honest to goodness gcal AND ical syching).

Thank you, Keep up the great work.



Well, I've tried it out for 10 minutes. And paid to register. As an paid-up omnifocus user (and omni iphone), I'm very satisfied with the app so far. As a keyboard jockey I just fell for the keyboard/quicksilver integration.

However, while I've paid for the app as a sign of support, the price is waaaay too high. Knock it down to usd 20-30 and you'll make a lot of money and fans.


Ack! Leopard-only :( Understandable, though, from a design perspective. Can't wait to upgrade so I can see this - sounds amazing. The timer, especially - testing estimated time vs. real time is so important in my work (all of ours, probably).

Alan Flum

This program is fantastic. I have tried many To-Do programs including iGTD, Things, and Apple's To Do list (in iCal). I found myself not using any of these after a few days. Right from the start, I have been using The Hit List to manage all of work and personal projects.

One of the features that the Hit List has and most other GTD or To-Do programs don't have is the ability to add meaningful time estimates to items. Terrific!

I am so happy with it that I went ahead and pre-purchased a family pack.

Thanks for a great product!


I love this THL! Easier to use than Things and iGTD, and I like the layout, the tree sidebar, and the nesting of folders. But I think the price is too high, paying around $50 for the application (even it's a fantastic one) is still a burden for a student. Or maybe you can consider to have a student discount?


A student discount, sure, but for those of us who can afford it I'll happily pay $50 for the love and effort that has gone into this app.


Great work with THL!

Do you intend to do phone (iphone and mayby other) app? any widgets? google sync?



Still on my journey to find a Mac app that parses stuff through quick entry and also has reminders built in. This is missing from every GTD app I've come across. If you integrated this into The Hit List then it automatically puts you on top in my book. Parse quick entry and reminders simple but oh so brilliant. MyLifeOrganized for XP does it well but the app could use work.


Hi - absolutely love this program. One thing I would love to see (or figure out how to do with THL as is) is to sync to iCal only tasks marked as 'today', and have them show up in their appropriate for each of my 'areas' get synced to iCal, & their appropriate calendars. For example, I have a folder called "Finance", another called "Work", another called "Household", and so on, and I have the same calendars set up in iCal. I would like to be able to sync each folder to its corresponding calendar, but have the option to filter those results further (in my case, to only sync items marked 'today'). I think this is a VERY useful feature, which makes iCal syncing a LOT more flexible, and overall would make THL a lot more adaptable to different users' systems.
For me, it would mean I could collect, sort, & prioritize tasks in THL, and use iCal to schedule them in to my day, without the distraction (or anxiety!) of seeing dozens of future tasks. It also means that all the different things I sync with iCal - geektool, islayer's lovely 'organized' widget, Today app, and most importantly my handheld - are nice & tidy, showing only what needs to be done today.
It's possible that this can be done already with THL, but I just haven't figured out how! Is this the case? Or can anyone suggest any workarounds or alternate workflows?


I love this application, started already to use THL instead of my registered OmniFocus, Things and TaskPaper. Your GUI concept is the best what I've used. Funktions are somehow hidden and so it looks simple and easy, but actually it has all the funktionality, that can be reached thru typing and also clicking.
I'm just waiting for iPhone version.

Paul O'Hanlon

I really like the look and feel! I'm almost silly enough to go with something that looks better, than something that works better for me..

... almost. I was using omnifocus, too complicated, but loved the sync, now using RTMilk, almost too simple... but that seems to be the point. It works really well for me between the iphone app and google integration. It works well enough for me to look past the droll interface..

I think to be a serious option in the GTD market, an iphone app is mandatory!

Hit list is dead sexy, and if I did all my work at a desk, never had any errands or need to pick up family members or meet friends or do anything away from that desk, it would be the perfect app!

paul O'Hanlon

Only a minute after my last post I noticed that an iPhone app is in the pipeline... great to hear! In my humble opinion the sync needs to be ..... what are we calling it these days... over the air.... syncing in the cloud, but not a tethered or LAN sync.

Also, I will second the notion that Omni's sequential vs. parallel tasks are a great option to have. perhaps Hit list has a work around, but haven't found one in RTM.

while we are on the wish list, it would be nice to have a web portal. My Girlfriend spends a lot of work time on a computer that she can't load applications on, so the fact that RTM is web based is almost necessary for her, and helpful to me, since we tend to go with the same program. Which leads me to my next point of agreement with a recent post...

Collaboration, the ability to share projects that we are both working on, or even just a grocery list is really nice...


Donatas Jonikaitis

Just found mention of this software on TUAW, and it is totally great! Where Things failed (and stopped me from purchasing a license), this one totally rocks!
Thanks for a great app, waiting for a 1.0 release!

Paul Gauntlett

After the slew of GTD apps (of which I registered for Omnifocus and just stopped short of doing so on Things) this has the greatest promise and nicest interface.

Andy - I'm very nearly sold! May I ask about the tag/context (focus) bar though? It seems to get very muddled, very easily. For example if I forget to cancel a filter and select another one, the information it filters comes out all wrong. Is this a known bug?



I love The Hit List. Its part of my everyday routine.
One thing I would love to see is a "Today" app much like that can be found in Entourage.. So that my calendar and "today" to do things are converged in one desktop interface.

Ive looked at how I can get to work with an app called "today" but im not really happy with it.

All in all, just need my calendar. Or perhaps it doesnt belong in there?
Maybe my methodology needs tuning.

Example, I wanted to be reminded of a show i was going to go to today. I should have put it as one of my To Dos.

Ok so i have answered my own questions.
So add my family and friend birthdays to my To Dos also. got it! Never mind!


This is a great application! I'm loving it. I'll probably purchase it, but there is one thing you might want to change, and that would be the tagging system. Yes, the tags are nice, but they seem sort of odd, showing as regular text with a '/'. My suggestion would be to box them, as Apple Mail does when you add an address to your message that is in your contacts already.

Just a thought,


The shortcut hints was a brilliant idea. So often we lack the patience to look up the shortcut keys and that can mean the difference between loving an app and hating it.

I'm going to continue using/testing this software, but it seems to be hitting a sweet spot. Things' simplicity feels almost restricting, but everything else feels like too much. I think you hit it right on the money, in my opinion. It feels simple and expandable/flexible.

One thing that cropped up immediately.... I wanted to simply press the right arrow while on a highlighted task to pop open the note I had created to accompany that task.

You've done some excellent work here, congratulations.

Austin C

I am willing to wait to purchase an organization program until Hit List has an iPhone app, as I like it the best by far- I know you can't make any time-based predictions, but is there one actually in the works or not?

Daniel DeBerg

I Love your App!
I'm pretty sure i'll get a licence soon.

Just one little question: Beside the "Estimate Time" function, will there be a "elapsed Time" function also in further realises? Any plans for that?

Christoph Spiegl

Love the app, and now it's on MacHeist great! Love it!


Looks really great!

Two features and it'll be perfect :
- iPhone app (I think you understood that)
- OmniFocus importer

Thank you!

Chris I

Gorgeous app. I also love how much I can do with the keyboard.

One thing I noticed, sometimes I accidentally start to overtype the title of a to-do item, and then want to cancel by pressing Escape. But instead of reverting to the previous contents of the field, Escape acts as if I pressed Enter to confirm. Is this intentional or an oversight?



I found the Hit List via Macheist, and I have to say that I love it! I have spent the last couple of months looking for a good task management program and found all of the programs either too light [Anxiety] or too ugly and too heavy [Things and Omnifocus].

What I love about your program is its incredible ease of use. I opened it up and was ready to use it without any tutorials and have turned to the built-in tips as I have grown more comfortable and more curious about the abilities of the program. I pretty much keep a list of tasks for teaching, university service, and the like. I will never need or use the more complex features requested by others. As you develop the program and as it becomes more feature rich, I hope that you will strike a balance between the two groups avid daily users who have basic needs and more power users. It really is the best program I have ever used or seen [love, love the gui] for task management.

Kudos! Vivian

ps will you have a discount for teachers?

Matthew Tully

Just bought The Hit List, was sold on it after doing the tutorial list. How long before we can expect the iphone app side car. Please don't make the app a premium add on...please.


I must say that I absolutely love this application. I'd never got into any of the available GTD applications but this just works perfectly and looks gorgeous.

Two things for the moment:

- Is it possible to set the calendar week to start on a Monday? I believe this is how much of the world sees the calendar anyway (and I'm not in the States), and I find it very disorienting!

- It would be great if it were possible to assign tags to an entire list - or perhaps I am just 'using' them wrong...

I just love it though - so beautifully designed. Just bought it too!

jose jasso

Great app, but I would like to be able to sync to google calender , without sync to ical and then to google calender

Sterling Zumbrunn

You had me at tabs!! Not to mention smart folders! And smart keyboard usage!

Seriously Andy, this is a brilliant app. I've been a user of both OmniFocus and Things for both Mac and iPhone, and neither has been quite up to scratch, which caused me to bounce back and forth between them.

UI matters. And to me, this is where OmniFocus really falls down. The app has lots of power, but it not the least bit intuitive or pleasant to look at. Things has a polished UI, but lacks organizational capability in some areas. THL is a great blend of elegance and functionality.

I really look forward to seeing it develop, and to getting the iPhone version. I'm grateful to MacHeist for introducing me to this great app. For all the naysayers against MacHeist, this is exactly why it works - I'll likely be a customer of THL for years, and buy ancillary products such as the iPhone client as well. I wouldn't have heard about it for awhile otherwise, and may have been reluctant to switch at full price. It's a great marketing investment.

Well done!

Michael Holdren

This is simply awesome. I tried Things and OmniFocus and while both were fine, I'm really excited about Hit List. I've just started putting it through it's paces tonight and I have to say it's incredibly easy to start using (unlike the other two apps). Do you have a forum for accepting feature requests? I have two I'd like to throw in the mix that, if implemented, will make Hit List THE GTD app to have.

Oh what the heck, I'll toss 'em up here and see if I can get them on the Google page too.

- it would be swell to be able to view items in a Gantt chart mode
- It would be swell to be able to view items in the desktop at all times, like what GeekTool does

Why? I crave a visual representation of what my projects look like. An extra view mode like the Gantt chart will do this for me. I also like to have my MITs (Most Important Things) available at a moment's glance. Currently, I have GeekTool showing a text file with my MITs on my desktop. Implement these two things and I'm a Hit List user for life.


Gantt charts get my vote.
I've been using The Hit List for project management and would love to be able to view my projects in a like this. If it could also allow for adjusting start and due dates in the Gantt chart well that would be the icing on the cake.


Any ideas when the iPhone App will be released? I'm just looking for a ball park range. Would like to buy this, but not if the iPhone App will be a while.

Andy H

I just bought this app finally in the MH bundle. I was a free beta user for a long time. One thing I would really appreciate is if this app could complete my tasks for me. ;-P

Thanks for a GREAT app. I look forward to iPhone and MobileMe syncing.

Jerrod Rumley

Bought it in the MACHEIST bundle, love it...Will 1.0 be available for us Mac Heist folks?

David W.

The Hit List looks very promising:

- The clean, simple interface is terrific
- Tabs are intuitive and appealing
- You can have multiple lists within multiple projects
- Infinite nesting of hierarchical tasks is great
- Repeatable tasks appear well implemented
- The program is not too heavily GTD for those who don’t care for it
- There’s an ability to assign future due dates to tasks

Key features that would make this a must-have include:

- Shared lists (to securely publish/subscribe lists — critical)
- iPhone version (with data on iPhone, not requiring WiFi to access)
- Syncing (to iPhone and among multiple desktop installations) via MobileMe
- One license fee for all installed versions (iPhone + multiple desktops)
- Ability to see & sort tasks by due date (e.g., today, tomorrow, this week, etc.)
- Built-in backup mechanism (including to MobileMe and to desktop) for data file
- Built-in export function to export to text file just-in-case app is unavailable

Would love to read others’ comments (especially the developer’s) on these feature requests.

It’s amazing to me that there hasn’t yet been a program that includes what I’d consider these core requirements (above) for a great Mac task app. The Hit List could be it.

I am going to follow this app closely in hope that these features emerge in the final version, which I would readily adopt on my family and business Macs and iPhones if so.

Many thanks for the great work on this — and good luck!

DW, Boston

p.s.: One thing about the tab implementation — it’s not clear how to re-label (i.e., re-name) tabs, based on a custom “view” preference — e.g., if I want a tab for “Today” and a tab for “Next Seven Days” or a tab for “Personal” vs. a tab for “Work,” with only those relevant tasks showing, it’s not clear how to save those preferences a particular, custom-named tab.


The repeating task implementation is great. I use it to keep track of electronic bills, among other things. It would be nice if THL were to allow me to enter the "Due date" as the repeating date (since it's the date that is firm) and enter the start date relative to the due date, instead of the other way around. But it's obviously easy to work around, and it still works great (yay! greatness - File 1040-ES "Every year on each 10th of January, April, June, and September")

It would be great if the drag-and-drop implementation allowed me to drag files onto the icon, and THL would swallow the file, not just create an alias. With this version, I cannot seem to really clean up my Desktop because THL needs the original file.

I might just have overlooked a way to do this (but I'm sure documentation is forthcoming for the 1.0 release).


I've been using the app for the past few days after purchasing the MacHeist bundle. I saw the public beta announcement on Tuaw back in January and while it looked intriguing, I loathed switching to a new GTD app. I've used several in the past OmniOutliner with Kinkless GTD, OmniFocus, and most recently Things. While I thought Things was going to be a final solution, I still have not been satisfied.

After using The Hit List for the past few days, it seems to work like my brain works :) I can't wait to see how this product further develops. I would say that a iPhone app is a must. I'm on the go quite a bit and I need something to capture my thoughts at a moments notice!

Nice work.


I've saved my .library in one of my folders on my iDisk and thanks to automatic sync, I can use the same .library on each of my macs.


This is the first GTD app ive tried, so for the time im mostly trying to get the feel of THL. Looks good so far. :)
But having some problems with hotkeys/quick entry. Ive assign hotkeys for the quick entry, and I seem to remeber to have read somewhere that with the hotkey for quick entry, I can use that without having THL as the active window.
That doesnt work for me. So am I doing something wrong or isnt it possible do add quick entrys without having THL as the active window ?
Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards


I've bought this software, enjoyed it and, one day, typed "Star Wars" in a task I checked as "completed". At this precise moment I discovered the best easter egg ever ...

Bravo, Potion Factory !


Lol thats a good one! Thanks!!

Jeff Mandell

I'm a paid, registered user.
The 100 item Hitlist I painstakingly created last week has vanished from my MacBook Pro running 10.5.6, for no reason I can identify.
Using Time Machine, I located what I believe to be a version of the lost list (or close enough). I moved the TM version to my documents folder. But when I try to import it into THL, the imported, older database is grayed out. Am I doing this wrong or is this a bug? If so, it's a gigantic problem for me, as I tossed out most of the origninal paperwork that formed the basis for the list - it cannot be reconstructed.
Please tell me this is not a catastrophe. I've been using OmniFocus for a year and don't recall this happening.


The same thing happened to me (Inbox suddenly went blank even though it showed the task indicator at "29"). In my case, all the data was still there. Here is what I did:
1) Quit THL
2) Navigate (in Finder) to ~/Library/Application Support/The Hit List
3) Backup "The Hit List Library.thllibrary" (just in case)
4) Show package contents
5) Rename "options.plist" to "options.plist.old"
6) Restart THL

The actual data is held in a sqlite3 database and that is pretty robust. Even if the above step doesn't restore everything, you can still get to it (using "sqlite3 library.sqlite3 .dump" in Terminal)


I like this a lot - but the estimated time function is buggy which is very annoying.

An improvement - color coding?

john Philpin

Big Fan - KUDOS.
Looking forward to iphone app ...
in meantime - i like idea that any task can be made into a link - but how about in a task you can add a link to (say) a doc, or a web page - or

so task is finish off sales report - and in there is a link to the sales report


iPhone app is critical. Is there at least an ETA?


THL looks awesome!! I was just to buy OmniFocus but now i better wait.

Three things i am missing:

- Display of elapsed time (recorded by timer or by hand) to finish the task

- A quick-add-tool like in omnifocus (a global shortcut to add tasks while you are in other applications)

- Printing-Options, so i can use the task list as a protocol for clients (like "Tasks finished in this week for project X") - for this the timer values would be great, so invoicing gets easier and more transparent (i would simply attach the THL print to the invoice)

That would be soooo great :) (and of course the iphone app!!)

You rock man! Exspecially cuz of the modern use of tags (like twitter) and the WASD controls (like in games). Thumbs up!!

Best regards,


this is great, i'm just getting into things but its not as great as i had hoped. downloaded your to try and love it. when will it be available? great job!


I tried downloading The Hit List, but got a message saying it won't work with my version of MAC OX. What version is required?

Irene Brodt

I bought the Hit List as part of the MacHeist bundle and am loving it except for the two Today tabs? Is that a bug or am I missing something?




The first steps on a mac led me to THL, being a all-time-favourite OneNote GTD user. I wanted to find a suitable MAC equivalent to the OneNote thinggy, but THL did a better job IMHO.

Will the beta version still expire on may, 1st? Will there be a difference between the BETA version i have now (116) and the final version (1.0 ???)


Carlo Laitano

I have Leopard 10.5.2 and it says The Hit List can't run under this version. Any way to fix this? :(

Grant Buell

Carlo - updating your operating system will fix it ;)


Yeah, i'm pretty sure it will. Problem is I can't update it. The computer I use doesn't have internet access. It's for security reasons since we have a lot of production archives. Guess i'll have to do without on that desktop :(


Any screenshots?


Amazing application.
Too expensive.
Do you offer student discount?


Are you planning on sync capability with services like "RememberTheMilk"?Plz mail me or answer on my blog

Nicola Philbin

I have trawled through several GTD Mac applications, and am generally impressed by The Hit List - it certainly looks great.

But the one item I really need is to be able to look at a long list of to-dos in Today and drag and drop them into the order I want to do them in. Am I missing something? Manual Sort seems to be possible in individual folders but not in Today? I feel like I am overlooking something, this seems so obvious - can anyone please help??

If not, will that be coming? If not, I am going to have to move elsewhere.




You are right, i have the same problem. it works in every other folder but not in TODAY.

Does anyone know why and a how to......???


Agreed. I also would like to be able to reorder the Today list. Is there already a way to do this????



I have "rested assured" for some time now waiting for an iPhone app to complement this application...is there any indication of when this will become available?

Menno Bieringa

I wish, I wish... I wish this was an open source project that got ported to Windows.. :(


Bravo on making the most beautiful, satisfying todo app I've ever used... went from Remember the Milk to OmniFocus to I Want Sandy (and nearly cried when the service stopped) to Things, but I think The Hit List is going to stick for good. I've been using it for a few months now and love it as much as I did on the first day I used it. The one thing I need is an iphone app... even a super bare-bones ugly one, though I'm guessing from The Hit List's polish that bare bones & ugly is not your style! :) I'm away from my home Mac for most of the day, so I really do hope that an iphone app is a priority. I'm a total The Hit List fangirl! Thank you for keeping my brain uncluttered in such a beautiful way!


This is a great app, but seriously. You need to get the iPhone/iPod Touch version out there otherwise its just pointless for many many people.

Just a time estimate would be great. But not saying anything, not even a jpg screenshot seems bad.

I love The Hit List but I'm loosing faith in it and I'm thinking of moving over to 'Things'.


I strongly agree with the essentiell need of the iPhone App for a daily usage of THL!!!


I just downloaded Things - I'm going to use it for the 15 day trial period, then if there is still no word on a Hit List iPhone app, will buy it and move on with my life.


I hope you will release an iPhone version soon. I love this app. I bought it in one of the MacHeist bundle and I must say I definitely prefer it over Things. But, Things has got an iPhone version, which really improves the productivity.

However, I am looking forward to the news about your app, which I find far more comfortable to work with.



nice one but without the iphone counterpart this software has no value for me. if it comes along then I will switch from omnifocus/things to the hit list


How about the OmniFocus feature "clippings". I used iGTD, then OmniFocus, went to Things, and then The Hit List, but without the feature of shortcut-key an entire email to the Inbox I cannot use anything but OmniFocus.

OmniFocus brings the text of the email in to the note, and then stores a link to the original message in the task.

With Things and THL if you drag an email to the dock it bounces the first time and only grabs the email the second time. However, I lose time and focus by having to drag and drop and a quick shortcut-key like "clippings" is perfect.

I even use a THL Theme in OmniFocus now to remind me of the beautiful and simple tool.

Please fix this and iPhone sync and you have a new customer.


This program is still the best GTD app for me, but the wait for the iPhone app is getting a little excruciating (as far as 1st World concerns like these go...). Any hint on when that may come out?

Greg Loesch

iPhone app... iPhone app... iPhone app! :)

Yeah, I also would like a rough time estimate for the app. I'll even settle for which quarter of the year.

Awesome application, by the way.

Paul R.

I tried to open The Hit List on my Mac and got the message "You cannot use the application 'The Hit List' with this version of Mac OS X." Weird because my version of Mac OSX is not horribly out-of-date (version 10.4.11). What gives? Too bad, I was just about to buy Things tonight and saw a post about this program. I didn't get a chance to compare.


Fantastic app! Any idea when the iPhone app will be ready?

Oscar Avellaneda

End of day one with Hit List and im hooked.
Good job. Ok on to business.

iPhone app related...
I am a GTD fan. For the past year my workflow
has been gmail based with gmail GTD inbox. Just recently
i integrated Remeber the Milk service w/ my gmail.
And now i use RTM through twitter to set my reminders
& tasks in combination w/ gmail.

Word to the wise...
I no longer have any use for RTM iPhone
app because my preferred method of creating
tasks & reminders is through the twitter api that
works with RTM service. This is hugely important.
Don't make an app just for those who like scrolling & clicking.
Make an app that also works around a common service with
simple character syntax. U folks rock. Thank you for what u do.

anxiously waiting,

dimitris Coustas

Please do as quickly as u can with the iphone app! your desktop program is extremely useful and it would be 3 times more useful when integrated with mobile life!

Well done!

David K.

Just found this app today. I have been using Chandler for a few months and am looking for something more robust and faster.

Many great suggestions have been made above.

(1) One of the absolute most important features for me is collaboration. If tasks can be synced to shared collections (e.g. CalDAV), that would add great value. E.g. be decisive in my choice.

(2) Chandler has an interesting model where items can be assigned dates as need be and "flow" between the concept of tasks, notes, and calendar items. Quite powerful. To use THL or Things, I would need to build a hybrid workflow with iCal. This is not unreasonable, but greater flow with calendaring could be very helpful.

David Kim

Edward Avila

Been trying out a number of solutions:

OmniFocus PROS:
- Nested tasks/folders allowed me to organize my various job titles
- Misc task lists is a good catch-all for non-project tasks
- Details/Notes allow many options
- Innactive projects "stay" in their hierarchy rather than moved to another folder
OmniFocus CONS:
- Missing a "today" as everything is based off of "due"

Things PROS:
- Love the 'Today' functionality; easy to set items todo today
Things CONS:
- Everything listed under Active Projects rather than allowing user to organize
- Lack of nested folders/projects/tasks
- Innactive projects moved to 'someday' folder

The Hit List has the best features of both of these except:
- Move innactive projects to On Hold folder rather than pause in place :(
- Notes not as flexible as other solutions

I like The Hit List much more than both of the others, though as many have stated it's just shy of a few little details, the biggest one being the accompanying iPhone app. I'm going to stick with it and hope the iPhone app comes soon...


The download link doesn't seem to be working - it just times out for me. Anyone else having the same issue?


I have used things and liked it but ultimately found myself going back to pen and paper notebook. I have started using THE and it is the closest thing to a piece of paper I can find - I love it.
There are two features that will decide whether this fits my needs long term. One is an iphone application, the second is the ability for my two colleagues to see my to-dos and vice versa.
Can you integrate sharing???


I was going to buy OMNIFOCUS for the iPhone today, when I came across a review of TheHitList. I need an app now, but do not want to spend $15 on OF only to find out this was a week or so behind.

Is there any update on when the iPhone client will be released?

martin fancher

I too was about to purchase Omnifocus until I found you - - only decisive factor is when will the iPhone app released?!? Thanks for your help; and the program looks great so far!


Just found this, don't know how I missed it before. This is a great looking piece of software. Also, I'm a lawyer, and I can love how it keeps track of estimate time totals. I'm actually going to use this for total time, to keep track of how much to bill throughout the day. Only suggestion I have so far is if there were more choices for columns you could show, that would be really great. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work.