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I Love Stars 3.0

UPDATE (1/6/2011): I Love Stars is now available exclusively at the Mac App Store for the price of $1.

I'm happy to announce that I Love Stars 3.0 is out! Please consider it my small Christmas present to fellow Mac users as it continues to be free.

I Love Stars 2.0 was a little menubar application that did just two things: 1) show you the star rating of iTunes' currently playing song and 2) let you click to set a new rating.

Version 3 keeps to its simple mission but adds two important new features:

Unrated song alert

When you're about three quarters of a way through an unrated song, ILS now alerts you by flashing in the menu bar and also by playing a sound effect.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can assign custom keyboard shortcuts for changing the ratings now. I was using QuickSilver's iTunes plugin for this but I found QS to be too slow to react sometimes.

Both of these new features can be customized in the app's new preferences window. To get to it, you need to right click on the menu bar to open the menu.

There are other changes under the hood but you probably won't notice them. The animation has been rewritten from scratch and some obscure bugs and memory leaks have been fixed. It should be stable as I've been running it for months and months now, but if you find anything, be sure to let me know.

Cheers and happy holidays.

Download I Love Stars



Thanks a lot for this utility, the only one around to do just its job and not trying to offer ten new useless ways to manipulate iTunes :)


Any chance of half-star ratings? :)

Thanks for the new release! =D

Andy Kim

Simon, you can assign half-stars ratings by clicking on the last star. That'll toggle the last star from a regular star to a half-star.


Didn't know that, thanks!

Greg Abbott

Thank you so much for making this!
It's my favourite mini-app ever!

Colie brice

Hey Andy! Glad to see you doing well..


Andy Kim

Hi Colie, thanks for dropping by here.


Fantastic app Andy, I love it and use it all of the time.

Oliver Taylor

How frakking awesome!

Any chance we could get Album info in the right-click menu?



Hey Andy,
you did a really nice job! Useful and, like most brilliant ideas, simple.

I would suggest to give the option weather to hide it or not when playing tracks already rated, what do you think about it?


Pedro Varela

First of all, thanks for this really interesting app!
I have a question/request, though. I usally set all my ratings upon importing to 2stars; that way I can increase or decrease rating. All songs are good enough until I say they are bad, or great.
Being that so, "I Love Stars 3.0" won't alert me at all, because the song is already rated, with two stars. The glitch is, that, two stars for me works as "unrated"!
Am I thinking totally wrong, do you have any suggestions, or may I request an option to set our personal "unrated rate" to something else that 0?

Pedro Varela


does not seem to do anything and will not uninstall. how do I uninstall this?

Alexander William Millar

I'd like to see an added feature where I can increment rating by half stars as well, I'm pretty particular with my music. Future update?


Hey Alexander
Check the first posts and you'll have an answer ;)


Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is fantastic and just what I was looking for. What a wonderful present to those of us who can't make stuff like this for ourselves and are also financially challenged

Jak Marcel

Thanks for the great utility, it is simple and does its job well ! I have a question: is there a way to REMOVE the rating, that is set my rating to 0 stars ? I can't find that feature in virtually any rating app; I have to go to itunes, right click and put 0 stars...
Have I missed it in I Love stars?

Andy Kim

You can drag your mouse cursor to the left of the first star to unset the rating. This also works in iTunes.

craig sinclair

i'm looking forward to using this app in itunes. i am having a problem activating it in iTunes. do you just double click the app and it launches in iTunes. sorry to bother

craig sinclair

oops. it has installed no problem. it just didn't prompt me that it was there. apologies. i luv this!!!


I would like to uninstall this app. How do I accomplish this. I can not find it anywhere in my directory to drag into the trash. Help!

Grant Buell

Bobbi, just find the app (use Spotlight if you don't know where you've stored it) and drag it to the trash!


Nifty little app. Thanks.


how on earth do you install this. i've done everything but nothings changed with the logos at the top right. what am i doing wrong? anyone knows?


Question, is there a way to set the program to start every time I start iTunes instead of having to do it manually each time? This would be very beneficial.

Love the app anyway!


Add it to your login items!


I just downloaded and installed this app based on a recommendation from MacWorld and I can't get it to run. It's in my application folder and I double-click on it with no results. A fresh boot doesn't make a difference, nor does it matter whether or not iTunes is already running. What's the trick to get it to work? Thanks :)


I noticed the stars in the menu bar don't show up until you launch iTunes and start playing a track. If iTunes is open and you select a track but don't click play the stars in the menu bar are still hidden.

Hope that helps some. Cheers,


There might be an iTunes 9 related bug. I am just listening to a Genius Mix and I cannot assign ratings to tracks (stars don't "stick").


I also noticed that you can't set stars on Genius Mixes in iTunes 9.


This application is amazing. The missing piece of iTunes.


Unfortunately the application doesn't work with Genius Mix. It would be awesome if the incompatibility were remedied.


Hi there,

I can't seem to quit iTunes as long as I Love Stars is running. If I quit it auto-relaunches immediately. This will happen indefinitely until I kill I Love Stars. Then I can launch and quit iTunes normally as many times as I like. As soon as I relaunch I Love Stars I can no longer quit iTunes.

I'm running the previous generation 17" MBP with Snow Leopard and iTunes 9 with all updates in place. I am running I Love Stars version 3.0.

Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior without a code fix to the app or is it in fact a bug in the software?


Andy Kim

The latest version fixes this problem.

Andrew B

Hello! :D I love I love stars!

But I'm disparity :-O I find no key-shortcut for applying 1/2 star ratings. :(

Please have mercy and put in that option :)

Thanks for a great piece of software, and hey, put it on the front page!

Andrew B

Also, it could be an option for the increase/decrease rating shortcut-key to go in steps of [1/2] or [1].

john W Bjerk


Thanks for a well-thought out and useful little app.


I would also like to see support for half star ratings. There is a terminal command to get half star ratings in itunes, It would be cool if you could add that to ilovestars.

thank you


Great app, thanks for making it.

Is there a way to disable the mid-song 'reminder chime'? I'm a musician and thus, do not rate my own songs, but while I'm listening back, the chime tends to be distracting.


Andy Kim

You can disable the chimes using the app's preferences window. You can right click on the stars to get the menu to access it with.

Robert Ameeti

Why am I now losing my icons for iTunes, Tune Up, and other programs since having loaded I Love Stars? Does I Love Stars play with icons in an attempt to hide its icon from displaying. Is it possible that my iTunes is now missing its icon due to I Love Stars?

Andy Kim

ILS does not mess with any icons. I doubt that ILS is causing your problem.


fuckin aces mate! this is awesome

Caue Ito

Thanks for all your work! We really appreciate that.


I love it! But all of a sudden it won't open. Do you suggest I download it again? I have Snow Leopard. Thanks.


Love this app! Is there a way to show the star ratings of podcasts? I subscribe to a radio station's song-a-day podcast and the song ratings are recognized by Apple's smart playlists and CoverSutra but the ILS menu item disappears when those songs are playing.


Oops, this is actually changeable in the preferences. Sorry!


I love this, but it happens sometimes that it applies the rating to two songs, not only the one playing but the one following it also. I noticed this when using it on a smart playlist which plays only those songs which are not rated yet.
I can reproduce this error but am not sure why it works most of the time and sometimes rates two songs at the same time. Any ideas?


Nice work. Thanks for sharing.


I had to uninstall. I use a "magic" mouse, and found myself too often accidentally changing the rating of songs by scrolling.

If the scrolling feature could be made an option, that would be great. I just want to click . . .


Hey Andy,

Thanks for the great app. I just installed it and am loving it.

I was just wondering whether there is a way of launching the app in sync with iTunes. So far I can't tell if it's already an integrated feature or one of the up and coming ones.

Any help on this would be great. All the best and Happy New Year everybody

Richard Zimmer

Is it possible to have I Love Stars always stay far left, no matter what other menubar apps load after it/left of it? Would love to always have it far left. Great app, small footprint, perfect! Keep up the great work, Love you guys. I also wrote a review & rated in the App Store for you.


Hi Andy,

im using your tool every day, but since i've updated iTunes, i crashes after a few seconds. I'm happy t write a possitve review as soon as that issue is fixed.