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Beta Testers Wanted

I have been running a small beta test of my new task management application, The Hit List, for about a week now. Now that all the obvious bugs are fixed, I would like more people to give the application a true workout. If you have some time to send bug reports and feedback, join us here:




I would love to test this application. I have both OmniFocus and Things and have yet to find this kind of application that fits my needs.

I look forward to testing your app!!



I've used OmniFopcus and Things and neither of them are quite up to par (although I still rely on Things constantly). So I'm very interested in any emerging GTD-like apps that may be a better fit for me.


Could I please have access to the private beta ?

I am a current user of Things and Omnifocus in the past, and I would like to see if The Hit List is the productiveity application I've been looking for.

Keep up the great work,


Rami Mohsen

well , just switched from THINGS to Omni Focus , cause of the lack of folders and contexts , i saw ur screen capture , i think i'm inlove with your app .

i wanna test it

J Doss

I am looking of an Omni Focus alternative, when I heard about this from TUAW I knew I had to sign up. I have beta tested many programs and love the process in helping grow and refine a program. I hope to hear from you soon.

dan cohen

I am a writer for Gear Diary and and owner/writer for www.whatsoniphone.com. I am also a Mac convert. I am still looking for the right task management application and saw a post on your upcoming release.I would very much like to be part of the beta process. I do, of course, understand that I will not be permitted to write about it during the beta period.

thanks for your consideration.

dan cohen

Bernd Folberth

would like to beta-test the new app :)

Dan Barrett

I've evaluated Things and OmniFocus, and like features of both, but currently find them both lacking things I like in the other. I've settled on things for now, but since it's still in beta haven't made the final commitment. I'd love to test this to see if it gets closer to my task list nirvana.

Jason Floyd

I have been looking for a good task management system for my Mac but have been stuck between OmniFocus (which is more than I need), Things (which doesn't offer enough flexibility), and iGTD (which seems dead with no future development in sight). I am very interesting in testing your application suite and would be willing to participate in the beta for feature review and bug documentation.

- jason

Tarun Nagpal

Hi, I would love the opportunity to test out the Hit List. Been using Things, but its slow progress and small interface problems are really slowing down my usage. I know Omnifocus quite well also.

I am pretty exacting in my use of software but am well able to prioritize what is actually important, so my feedback as a beta tester I feel will be strong and clear.

Brian Haslanger

Would love to test this out for you...I've been searching for a good GTD app for a long time.

John Jurik

Current user of OmniFocus and would like to see what your app can do.


Hello there.! I'm a student from Mexico City and really want to test The Hit List. I already signed up on Google Groups, please accept my e-mail so I can test it.


shane Killgore

love task management apps, (and great UI's) and from what i saw in the thumbnail at tuaw.com, it looks great. I'd love to try it out.

Vincent Lee

Always interested in new Potion Factory software, loved design and feel of past apps, looking forward to this.


I am a reasonably competent Mac person. We have 8 different Macs, 2 iPhones and 2 iPod Touches in the house. My husband and I are both MD's and we have 4 school aged children. Our need to a good sync-able, share-able To Do list is immense. Things is not quite enough for me. OmniFocus is way more than I need.

Would love to beta test your app.

Roger Johanson

Big user of Omni Focus for my personal and professional GTD needs, but not 100% pleased with it. Always looking at alternatives.

Jason Sturgeon

I'm currently using Things, but we like to give anything else that can beat it a try.

Faraz Rabbani

I'm a user of OmniFocus and have tried Things. Into GTD, actively, and would like to try out your product.


Faraz Rabbani
Educational Director, SeekersGuidance

Chester Banaszak

I'm a big fan of GTD, and was looking to test your application to see how it stacks up against Things and OmniFocus. Recommended by TUAW.

Randy Bledsoe

I have tried OmniFocus and couple of other task management programs but none of them have held my attention very long. I just heard about Hit List from TUAW and I would like to give it a try. I really need something, I currently run a Flight School in Fort Worth Texas and I get several task a day to keep track of and I am losing the battle. I hope I can help you make this one a real hit.

Randy Bledsoe
Chief Flight Instructor
Skymavs Flight Academy

Robert Bernabe

I'm currently a Things user and would love to give your app a try and help to test.

steve Marek

I use Omnifocus for mac and iphone. I like to give your app a try.

Luk Dhondt

After using products like iGTD, Omnifocus, Things, Remember the Milk, I'm very much interested to see what your new task management app can offer.

Brand Howard

I would like to sign up for the private beta

Michael Joseph

Very excited to see what this has to offer, and see if I can help

Nate Orloff

I'm an editor at a film school, managing multiple projects simultaneously at different states of film production. I am constantly seeking a better task and project management application. Currently Things is my weapon of choice but no GTD app has been perfect. I'd love to give Hit List a trial run.

Ted Witt

Beta tester for Pathfinder, Camino, Firefox.

Jay Welshofer

I was on the beta of both OmniFocus and Things. I own both for both Mac and iPhone but am still looking for something better and would love to help test.


Christian Petersen

I am really trying to find a suitable (for me) GTD Application.
I have tried OmniFocus several times and it is to complicated....
It forces me to much in a given way to organize and doesn't follow usual Mac user's expectations (Apple-N doesn't create a new task etc...)
Now I am using Things on my Macs and my iPhone, but it's too limited!
I can't see all pending tasks in a single view and the whole feeling is, that the application ist too limited.

So I am really looking for an easy to handle GTD ubiquous idea-catcher which let's me organize the "Modes" I'm in or the ressources I need later

Thanks in advance,


Brad Levinson

Looking forward to trying it out!


I've read about your new app and am very excited to give it a whirl. Just from the screenshots it seems to seamlessly combine many of the features I need!

Franklin McMahon

Would love to test it!


Jason Alexander

I'm an OmniFocus user but I don't like it. I would be willing to be a beta tester for you. I would love to help you test your product.

Frank Heurich

I used OmniFocus for a while, paid for it and lost patience with it. I now use Things on my MacBook Air and iPhone. I like it for small tasks. For projects with a number of steps over many days, however, I don't think it helps me much. I think I would like to see greater outlining capabilities or some other way of keeping track the progress and recording that progress. Of course, reminding me of the next task is important as well. The reminder must be in context of the project as well.
I would be willing to try Hit List and report. Thanks.

Joseph Tosi

Sign me up!


Let me know when Hit List comes out of beta



Please sign me up !

Lars Hedemann

I am a graphic designer and I have been running things for a while now and I am pretty happy, but this looks exiting. I am all game for beta-testing if possible.

Lars Hedemann

Dan Pfefferbaum

hey there -
I'm an attorney and rely on GTD for all aspects of my life. I'm currently using omnifocus (after finding things to be too simplistic) and would love to test HitList.




I'd love to test this app, have used both things and omnifocus and miss features from both.


Ryan Faubion


I would love to beta test your new GTD software. I beta tested Omnifocus through there rather long and extensive beta.

All the best,

Russ Wittmann

I'd love to test this app, have used both things and omnifocus and they are truly lacking features, I would be more then willing to provide feedback :)

Kieran Rees

Hello, I would love to test this application too! :)

Will Hoag

Same. Would love to test this app!


I'd love to test this great app!

John Rust

Signed up for the Google Group a few minutes ago. This app looks amazing, and I'm looking forward to beta testing!

David Smith

Add me to the "wanna-be-a-beta-tester" list please.


I would like to test the software.

I'm currently a TaskPaper user.

I'd like something more, but Omnifocus is far too much, and Things lacks critical features and seems to be a long way from being ready.


I'm currently an Omnifocus user but hate the syncing features it offers for iCal, they're simply too minimal. I've been looking for a solution more robust than Things but with just as elegant of an interface. From the screenshots I've seen of The Hit list I'm extremely interested in helping this piece of software survive, it looks astonishing!

Would love to help you test.



I would strongly desire to be a tester


Just started using The Hit List. I'm impressed so far.

As a Things user, I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a quick way to import items into The Hit List.

Great work Andy!

Andy Kim

I hear that you can drag and drop them over


I'd like to sign up for the beta too, please.

Todd Johnson

I would love to beta tester as well. I would greatly appreciate it!!! thanks!!!

T Caleshu

Love this. All these folks lining up to evolve their GTD management systems. It's a blast.

Andy, thanks for taking things one step further, for those of us who may not be satisfied by current offerings. The minimal info that has leaked out sounds promising - and I like the personal touch you've made in reaching out to the community.

I know your work from Tangerine - did beta bug reports on it back in the day (well, one good one anyway). Count me as interested in getting involved w/Hit List!

Srinivas Rao

I'd love to get an invite, as well.


I own a small organic functional drink company, called Brain Toniq, and we're currently looking for a better task/small project management software. Would love to be on your beta group.


I would like to join the beta for Hit List. I have used Omnifocus and liked it pretty well. I also used Things, iGTD, and iGTD2; but I haven't found any of them easy to use or all that compelling.

Andy Kim

Everyone, thank you for your interest.

However, as mentioned in the blog post, you can sign up for the beta here:


I have enough people for now, but I may approve more people as needed.

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