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Best Crash Report Ever

I was chatting with a developer friend about crash reports and as one thing led to another, after a quick Gmail search, I ended up showing him this one particular crash report I got sometime last year:

A flash of lightning could be seen through the north-facing window, the squak of the dark night's crow taunted me from a distance as I just reloaded the library in Tangerine. Shortly after a masked butcher, knife and all, broke through my thrice-locked front door barking threats of murder, Tangerine! unexpectedly quit. As a father feels when he loses his son, I felt an overwhelming sadness until I was warmly greeted by Apple's "YOUR PROGRAM CRASHED, BROTHA!!" window suggesting I relaunch Tangerine. That's what brings me here, composing this message to you. I have personally attached the Crash Long Contents for your reviewal. I can only hope, pray, that you will use it to correct the wrong that I have experienced. Now I must bid you adieu.

I cringe whenever I get a crash report, but if they were all like this, I wouldn't mind so much.

It's from a Mr. Eric L. Pheterson. I hope he doesn't mind my publishing it here. Oh, and the bug was fixed a long time ago.



I agree - this was a creative and clever crash report. Thanks for sharing it and for such a great application as Tangerine!

Mr. Eric L. Pheterson

I don't mind.


haha made me chuckle