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My friend Steve Harris over at Reinvented Software has just released Together 2.0. It's a data organizer that does with files what iTunes does with songs. You can group, tag, rate, preview, encrypt/decrypt, and even edit files in some cases without leaving the application. It also has an automatically hiding shelf that you can quickly drop files to and add quick notes through.

This might sound a lot like Yojimbo, but Keep It Together—the previous name of Together—actually precedes Yojimbo by about two years. The just released version 2.0 takes it up a notch or two beyond Yojimbo, in my opinion.

Check out Steve's announcement post and the application itself.

DISCLAIMER: I helped with the development of this application, albeit a teeny bit.


Justin Williams

Looks nice. I'm growing tired of the slow pace of development on Yojimbo. I might have to take a peak.