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Tangerine! 1.3 Rocking Along with Leopard

The Leopard compatible Tangerine! is finally out. The thought of dropping DRMed song support popped into my head many times, but in the end I managed to pull through. As usual, it's a free upgrade if you bought it already, and if you didn't, you can try it for free for 15 days.

Oh, and it's got one of those huge 512 pixel icons now. I actually had to recreate it from scratch because I had lost the old one in a hard drive crash. Yep, I was one of the ninety-some percent of users who didn't backup properly. If only had I had Time Machine back then.




You are my hero.

Would you be able to shed any more light on what changed with DRM-protected songs?

Andy Kim

Hi Dave. Thanks for that. I can't really be specific about it, so let's just say that I was roadkill on Apple's march to their greatness. It wasn't anything targeted at Tangerine! though.


Excellent, though you might want to have a proper link, as the one that's posted right now has the 'n' missing from Tangerine. Right now it's spelled "Tagerine" :P


I have a doubt, will tangerine analyze remote itunes libraries? Shared over a network?

Andy Kim

Hi Camila: You will need to run Tangerine! on the Mac that has the iTunes library.


I'll second that - the link should be

http://www.potionfactory.com/tangerine/ as opposed to the one missing the n in the post!

Andy Kim

Oops, it's fixed now. Thank you.