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Potion Factory and Leopard

I just released Voice Candy 1.2 with Leopard compatibility. It actually took more work than I anticipated, but it's finally done and it even has a 512 by 512 pixel icon now. As usual for a .1 release, it is a free upgrade so if you're a Voice Candy user, you should get it.

Tangerine!, however, is taking longer than expected due to DRM protected song support. For the time being, if you are a Tangerine! user, I suggest filtering out protected songs using the rules in Tangerine!'s preferences. It works OK otherwise though. My original plan was to have both apps ready today, but at this point I'm hoping to bring full Leopard compatibility to Tangerine! by the end of next week.

Leopard looks pretty sweet and I hope a lot of you get it because my next app will be Leopard only. It is just too hard to pass up new technology in Leopard for the sake of Tiger compatibility.



Leopard only rocks


Do you realize how cool you are ?

Andy Kim

Dad, is that you? ;)


I got my copy of voice candy through Macheist ... now after upgrading it shows that I have to purchase the app .. and it also shows that it's just a 15 days trial ... how can I get my License back ... ???