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Tangerine! and Voice Candy Updated

Tangerine! just got a minor update but for some it could be a big deal. That's because it is now localized to Japanese and that includes even the online documentation. Our Japanese distributor, ACT2, have been a great help with these.

Voice Candy had been localized to Japanese for a while but it now includes the translated online documentation as well.

If you are Japanese and bought the software untranslated, thank you. I'm so sorry that it took so long. ごめんなさい!



I just upgraded to Tangerine 1.2.3 and now I get the following error message upon start:

The folder containing "iTunes Library" cannot be found, and is required.

1.2.2 worked fine and I didn't do anything to the location and/or name of my iTunes library since then. Can you check that? Thanx! steve

Andy Kim

Thanks for letting me know Steve. The problem has been fixed in version 1.2.3b. I'm still recuperating from the mad rush to get it fixed :)


Hi there!
That's a nice app... But it would be even better if the songs were linked with something that looks like a mix! You already have the BPM, so a fade in / fade out should'nt be such a big deal, should it? (For the moment, I prefer the itunes solution that lets you begin a song when the other isn't finished..).
I don't want to use Virtual DJ just to listen to music in my sofa... So I hope that the Tangerine 1.3 will become my official player!

Andy Kim

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the suggestion. It's duly noted.