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Email Voice Candy Recordings as MP3

One of the feature in Voice Candy is the ability to add custom AppleScript actions to interact with different applications. One action that I think Voice Candy users might find handy is an action to send email with the recording in MP3 format. Currently, Voice Candy only records to the QuickTime movie format and so the "Send Email" action sends the recording as a .mov file which might not be accessible for recipients on PCs without QuickTime installed.

So, in this post I would like to show you a way to send emails with MP3 recordings by using an AppleScript action.

First, you need to download the following AppleScript file:

Email as MP3.scpt

Once you have the file, open Voice Candy's actions preference:

Action Preference

Hit the "Add Action" button and you will be presented with the following sheet:

Add Action

Hit the "Choose AppleScript..." button and select the AppleScript file that you have just downloaded.
Enter the name for this action and hit "Save".

You will now notice that a new action "Email as MP3" is available from the list of actions:

Action List

Now record something then perform the "Email as MP3" action. Tada:


Hope you find this post useful. Best wishes in the year 2007.

Update (01/14/07):

You can also make a slight modification to the script file to perform different operations such as saving to Desktop:

Save as MP3.scpt



This is great, indeed. But why does the script have to e-mail. Can't it just save?

Dj domain

Thanks this is really great. you guy's make it so simple to send over the email.
you guys rock. thank you so much.

Jin Kim

Thank you guys for the kind words.
I have updated the post to include script file that saves the MP3 file to Desktop.

Randy Harris

Hi Jin,

This is a good start, the Mail as MP3 script. But it is a bit clunky in the respect that it fires up iTunes to do the conversion.

I have LameMP3 on my system, could you help to modify the script to use LameMP3 instead of fireing up iTunes for the conversion? It would be really clean that way.

Thanks much, and keep up the great work.




Save as MP3 is such a simple thing, but very much needed for this unique app, for those users who don't want (or don't know how) to go though the motions of converting from .mov to .mp3 themselves. You should put it in the next version of VoiceCandy automatically!

Could you also add a script that allows you to take the sound you just made through another of your filters? Like, I want a Mouse to sound like he's calling in on the Telephone? (Or am I just dreaming here...)

Anyway, put it on the list of "wants" for the next version, maybe.

Thanks... Laura

new movies

This is a good start, the Mail as MP3 script. But it is a bit clunky in the respect that it fires up iTunes to do the conversion.


I agree.
It stops the song that is playing and so the iTunes opens the converted file... a little annoying...


This works fanasticly. Thanks for pointing me to this program.


I have one problem with the saving? why is not automated?The rest is amazing and it helps me so much .Thanks,

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