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Introducing Tangerine


We're proud to announce the beta release of Tangerine, our third application. Tangerine lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. As mentioned in the previous post, it analyzes the songs blazingly fast to the tune of more than 3 per second (on an 1.83 Ghz Core Duo iMac). The amazing thing is that just copying those files actually takes longer on my iMac.

We came up with the idea after I noticed that I was spending a good 30 minutes to come up with about 30 tracks for working out. I would repeat the process fairly often and I was getting tired of it and tired of listening to the same songs over and over again. So we developed Tangerine to automate that process. The app should pay for itself for some people. It should be really handy for Nike+ users and if you're not, this app may motivate you to get one because there's nothing like running to the beat of the music to keep you motivated.

You can get the beta through the download link below. If you send us a useful bug report (bugs@potionfactory.com) we will give you a license as a thank you when the app ships. If you blog about our little baby we will also give you a license as a little thank you.

Download Tangerine 0.9.2


Wow, we just posted the beta on the blog without having anything else ready in the hopes that not too many people will see it. But I guess it's too late for that now. A lot of you seem to be having problems loading up the iTunes library. We are working to improve this, so if it doesn't work for you, please be patient. Now, some clarifications that were sorely missing in the original post: Tangerine is Tiger only and it cannot (at least not yet) analyze iTunes purchased tracks due to the DRM.

Thank you all for the enthusiastic response. We appreciate each and every one of your comments!

Update 2:

Tangerine! 1.0 has shipped and the free license promotion is over.


[...] Recently, I wrote about a new application for Mac called Tangerine. Like I said before, this application analyzes your iTunes music library and helps you determine playlists based on characteristics of the music. I had some trouble with the first version, which has been fixed in a recent update. [...]

Ben Wood

Don't have time to read thru them all to see if mine is a dupe comment but...

Beautiful app! Looks like some major work went into this and I think many people will find it very useful... Now for my constructive criticism because there are two things this app must have to work for me:

  1. a "tap here" manual beat counter... as good as you get the automatic analyzer algorythm working, there will still be mistakes. See the other new, free, promising Mac app "djay" for an example: http://www.algoriddim.net/
  2. a manual playhead as in iTunes - so I can fast forward far deep into the song immediately; it's amazing how many songs have a really long intro with no beat, where the FF button gets tedious to hold down for so long to see if the BPM was measured correctly.

damn, too bad most of my music I bought on iTunes before I realized the enormity of what they were up to with the whole DRM thing. So I guess I'll have to wait for a tangerine that works on drm'ed songs too, since I'm not about to re-purchase all those songs. Great idea though!


I love it?Also I've blogged about it: http://blog.terac.com/andy/e_1246.html


Ok, my first post was all praise, this one has some suggestions:

I agree with others comments above that there should be a tapper for some tracks, I have some experience writing tempo tappers and they are hard to make precise, or i should say it's hard to tap tempo that precisely (for me at least, and i want a lot of precision here, i'm sure some drummers out there are already rolling their eyes).

ideally what would happen is manual tap would reference the algo derived tempo such that it uses the tapped tempo for the general range and then the algorithm for the exact tempo.
Having the tapped tempo means the algo can have a much more acurrate base to start from (including the general 'down beat' area) to derive the most accurate tempo.

of course there should be an override so you can just use the tapped tempo or just use the algo (default)..

also i second the posters comment that i would have no problem waiting for a more accurate tempo mapping. in fact i would gladly welcome it if it meant more accurate detection. maybe you could use your awesome amazing fast analysis system for the default and then have a more code intensive slow analysis mode that you could run if you were more serious about it?

Here's an idea you prolly already thought of:
Include a simple graph editor and let us draw the curve over time for tempo and beat intensity, seperatly (in playlist creation dialog). a simple bezier curve editor stylee. maybe there's one out there for xcode somewhere? please. i will throw money at you if you do that seriously..

Anyway just some ideas, keep up with the good stuff

appleseed, ???


Potion Factory ????? Beta ???--Tangerine ?????????????????????????????????????BPM? ??????beat intensity???????????...

mip's scan

Tangerine - An Interesting Way to Create Playlists...

I've been testing a great little application called Tangerine, which integrates with iTunes. I have so much music on iTunes that I live and die by my playlists. I create custom playlists like Kids Music for the Car, or Music...


Blogged it.

Well, it's a great idea, but for my music it only hits it to the infield. I have a lot of folk dance music (contra dance, modern squares) with even beats. It's fooled by:

  • beats carried by alternating instruments
  • beat variation during a track (multiple tunes per track, speeding up the dance as it progresses)
  • jigs where the BPM is really 115 but Tangerine thinks its much faster.

I think folk dance callers (contras, squares, rounds, international, and English country) would all go for this if it were
- a blend of automatic and interactive beat finding
- allowed for multiple BPMs per track to account for changing tunes and speeds, even if iTunes/MP3 tags can't cope with that info

This could be the foundation of a good DJ tool if it weren't so simplistic.


[...]Tangerine is a beautiful beta application for Tiger OSX that creates playlists for you based on beats per minute & beat intensity of the songs you choose. You specify the time, and the playlist is layed out for by cover art at the bottom of the application, where you can drag the album covers to reposition songs, or click "Save" for the playlist to get saved to iTunes so you can use it everywhere.[...]


This tool as a really nice interface and a lot of potential.

I had some frustrations similar to eBob's. I was hoping to use Tangerine to make me a playlist of popular songs that my friends and I could tango to (which usually range in the 80-90 BPM range). But, for example, Tangerine thinks George Michael's "Jesus to a Child" (which is a great song to tango to) has 173 BPM. But it's obviously counting 8th notes. If you listen to the song, it is obviously in 4/4 with a strong down beat; it's just that the drummer is playing running 8th notes on a snare.

Also, I don't understand the Generation Pattern options and what they do. So, I could use a wee bit of documentation here.


[...] I really love some of the softwares coming out for Mac OSX, and this is one of them. Tangerine is currently on beta and it is done by the same ppl who did Candy voice. [...]

Tangerine, iTunes best friend

[...] Via pfig, iTunes best friend: Tangerine lets you easily create playlists based on the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. It allows to save the playlist on the iTunes (which is great for my iPod playists), is free, and with a lovely design (click the image below for a bigger picture): [...]


Tanzbares Obst....

Letztens bin ich via iUseThis über ein Tool namens Tangerine gestolpert. Tangerine analysiert Songs und liest die BPM (Beats Per Minute) und "Intensität" aus - etwas, was ich mir schon lange gewünscht habe, sowohl für Playlists wi...


Man, this is a really nice app - just blogged about it. Version 0.9.4 killed the "No songs in Library" bug, and it's very usable and fast (~2 songs per second indexed on a 1,33 G4 Powerbook). The only glitch I found was that the slider used to resize the playlist window in the lower right sometimes does not appear while hovering over the area. Also, the indexing seems to have slight problems with punk and accoustic numbers (Fenix TX' "Pheobe Cates" was rated with 75 BPM, but is closer to 130, while the ~90BPM-"Halo" by Oleander got 137.)

I'm really looking forward to the final version :)


Hi !

I have just tried Tangerine and I found this app amazing. So easy to use, and the interface is one of the most beautiful I saw.
Great job !

I have recommended your app on my blog (in french) :


[...] Potion Factory: Tangerine Tangerine is an OS X application that analyzes mp3 for beats-per-minute and other factors to create workout soundtracks. (del.icio.us tags: useful mp3 exercize OSX) [...]

Non Stop Mac

Interview: Tangerine for Mac...

Jacqui Cheng writes: "When Potion Factory announced on their company blog that they were releasing into Beta a new software called Tangerine, the eyes of OCD exercisers lit up. We asked the guys at Potion Factory, Andy Kim and Jin......


I love the idea of Tangerine and the interface is so great!

I blogged Tangerine in my blog too

Tangerine - Automagic BPM for your iTunes library - MacNN Fo

[...] An interview with the author of Tangerine: http://arstechnica.com/journals/appl...006/10/24/5721 Quote: [...]


It's nice idea and beatifull lookings! I blogged it ,but can you read me in Japanese?

But, I'm regret to say Some Japanese charactered MP3 tags turned into Unreadable Characters , when I Saved BPM Values to my iTunes ! Ooops!


Thanks a lot for this!

One thing that would be nice is if the left and right arrow keys would skip backwards and forwards to the next song in the playlist. It's intuitive, and I was wondering why it hadn't been thought of earlier.



I just realized that apple-left and apple-right do this -- but why not just left and right? iTunes does this..


[...] This new app from Potion Factory looks very interesting. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Tangerine analyzes the Beats Per Minute (BPM) in each of your songs and creates a new playlist based on similarly intense tracks. [...]

Kyle Korleski

This is pretty sweet! Thanks!

DJ Dialekt

I see major potential in this app, as I work with several Djs that manual tap. Rarely do we see PC users on Serato without a PowerBook or Mac Based laptop. Tons of potential with this program. The "Halve BPM " option is just down right genius! ... KUDOS





Justin Hamilton

It's a good looking app but there are a some BIG bugs that need fixing. Namely, the bpm detector had about a 25% reliability rate for me. A vast majority of the songs were listed at 51 bpm, which they most certainly are not.

I love the UI and the concept. It's a really great idea and I've been (as have a world full of DJ's) looking for something like this for a long time.

Great first start. I wish you guys luck as you move out of the beta stage and thanks for giving this a shot.


The tool which by your want is here. The function which is thought until now dissatisfied, got near perfectly with this.

It can enjoy iTunes life more.

You are great!!!!


I've really enjoyed playing around with the app. I've got some bugs to file for you; where should they be sent?


A great app, no bugs, as of yet. A Brilliant idea, can't wait to see the final product. Well Done !


"I admit it. I am addicted to software. Well designed, efficient and effective applications made by small third-party developers for Mac OS X get me going in a way that would make your mother blush.

Well, that's an exaggeration. Not by much though.

So I'm trying out the beta of an app called Tangerine, built by the awesome folks at Potion Factory. For those of you who are not freakishly obsessed with the third-party Mac software scene (like me...sigh), the beta was just released within the last week or so, and it is pretty damn cool...."

Javier Morales

My wife asked me for software that did just this when I bought her a new iPod. This is phenomenal! There is one feature request I (she) would like to see: Can you either add an option for 3 hills on the workout or better yet, add an option to specify the number of hills?


[...] Now they’ve made this thing called Tangerine, which analyses your song files to determine their beat and beat intensity. Then, Tangerine can create playlists based on what kind of playlist you want to have: upbeat or relaxing. [...]

Introducing Tangerine...


????????????? iTunes ?????????????? Tangerine???????????????????????????????????????????????...

[...] So I installed tangerine and it totally kicks! I’ve started to tell everyone about it. My friend just picked up running with his new Nike+ kit (we’re currently in a tight race using the Nike+ challenge!) and I told him about it and he is all about it. As am I. All my tangerine based playlists are named “Tangy X.” I’ve only made a few, and it’s dope that they have built in profiles for different kinds of playlists (BPM rising and falling, “hills,” etc.). Though if you want to talk about party/jam mix cds, according to Barney of “How I Met Your Mother,” it should be “always rising!” [...]


Tangerine ...


Pieter De Decker

Mac only? That's too bad... :-(

[...] Today is the first of those… It’s fortuitous that this application is actually music related as well. Check out Tangerine from the folks at Potion Factory. It organizes your music into playlists based on tempo for working out or just chilling. I hope it becomes the “MoodLogic” of the Mac platform! [...]


A truly beautiful UI, and the best icon I've seen since Cyberduck.

blogged at http://perplexigon.livejournal.com/196197.html


Another great application with a flawless UI. This fills a huge gap for me.
Blogged here: http://home.comcast.net/~dpowers90/Blog/84C84DD4-42D4-40C9-A0BD-2C91E777...

iTunes Songs nach BPM sortieren mit Tangerine auf StyleSpion

[...] Für Freunde der elektronischen Musik eine wunderbare Ergänzung. Tangerine sieht auch fantastisch aus. Die Applikation liegt in einer Beta-Version (was sonst) vor, und ist als freier Download erhältlich. [...]

[...] Ein Geniestreich aus dem Hause Potion Factory: mit Tangerine werden in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit alle Titel der iTunes-Bibliothek auf Beats-per-Minute (BPM) und Beat Intensity analysiert. [...]


I hope this great app will be available very soon in a final version.


Great program, it analyzed many of my songs correctly, although it seemed to have a bit of trouble with acoustic ones. It is a beta though, to be expected.

I just have one request for the final version: That tangerine includes genre in it's playlist making. l listen to a lot of different music; a playlist with some hard rock followed by some intense rap is slightly jarring.

Other than those two minor complaints, it was flawless.


Hi guys. I wrote a review on Tangerine but I couldn't get the trackback to work so here is the URL. You can also click on my name above to get there. Bye and thanks again! http://ryan.frih.net/2006/10/29/the-incredible-and-tasty-tangerine/


An idea for getting past the DRM (depending solely on your method of analysis) is to have it pop up iTunes and play the song long enough to get a solid analysis going. You could set it up so that it requests the user to allow it to play songs until they have been properly analyzed.

On a couple of side notes, I love what you've done with the icons but it might be a good idea to incorporate the ones that iTunes fetches (dunno if you can or not).

Also, I'd love to see the ability to customize the method of the songs, so you aren't limited to 3 types. I, for one, kinda like having it a little more build up and then just one or two songs laid back to end on. That's personal preference, but I'd love to see that implemented somehow.

Thanks again for the great App and I hope I can/have be/been of some help.

[...]it analyzes your entire iTunes library gathering BPM (Beats Per Minute) criteria, then when it has finished, you can generate playlists based on a certain speed (maybe a fast BPM playlist for running or exercising and maybe a slow BPM playlist for just relaxing). Generally it did a good job at selecting songs that I thought I would enjoy, but I think it could use[...]


I've noticed that particular kinds of rhythms seem to confuse this app:
for instance, a shuffle blues that is no more than 100 bpm made it think
it was 175 bpm in the application.

Also, beatless tunes with no drums created some unusual results. I'll
keep trying, if I never have to press "next" while working out at the
club to get a "workout worthy" tune I'll be ultra-happy.


[...] Tangerine is a fantastic side-car app to iTunes. Basically it creates a playlist based on the beats per minute of the songs in your iTunes library. So if you want a fast, dancy hour of music just tell Tangerine and it will create it. [...]

[...] So I ran across a little program this morning while surfing the Web. It piqued my interest since it does something that I’ve been trying to figure out for quite a while. It’s a cool program called Tangerine! by the self-proclaimed “impossibly small software company” Potion Factory. [...]

[...] Tangerine is a new Mac program from the Potion Factory that will analyze the music in your iTunes library for BPM (beats per minute) and beat intensity. It also has a gorgeous, intuitive interface. [...]


This a cool app, but it won't be useful to me until it can analyze Purchased music, most of my library is from ITS. When you guys hook that up I will defiantly be using Tangerine.

Not because it's free (though that helps): Tangerine a

[...] I’ve been hoping for a good iTunes plugin/addon that would help group music by mood. Adding to my desire is my un-deniable ‘Reuben-esque’ physique lately. Toss in a huuuuge music library (currently pushing 50 gigs) and my inability to create decent playlists and you can see why I’ve fallen in love with Tangerine. [...]


I put up a post on my blog about tangerine as well...can't seem to get a good trackback to this post tho.

Thanks for making a great app guys!

[...] Right now, Tangerine is in Beta, so it is currently free. So if you want to pick up a copy hop on over to the Potion Factory, and download Tangerine. [...]


"The good people at Potion Factory have just released the beta version of Tangerine, a way cool application that analyzes your iTunes library for bpm and beat intensity (at a fairly fast rate, too!), and then helps to generate a playlist to your beat preferences with just a couple of clicks. Good for those who labor over creating the perfect workout mix, and also for people like me who like crunchy upbeat music to listen to while coding or working."


Was looking for this type of app and found this one. Downloaded and in just over an hour, my entire library (over 4000 songs) was scanned and BPMs were determined. Worked GREAT!!

Next improvement? Be able to get BPMs for music purchased in iTunes store!!!

Otherwise - it works great! Love it!

Ramrod Newell

Needed to find the bpm of a piece of music written by a friend, as I am planning a remix of it. Stumbled across this app, and hey presto, job done... Nice one, great little app... Now for some beat-matched mix CDs!


My first install could not find my database, so I uninstalled it. Now, a mere week later, it works. And it works absolutly great so far...


I was wondering if the tags are saved so that the bpm's are shown in iTunes also?

skiinh avocado

please get a windows version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beta period has expired....can't use the app anymore. Is there a new ver?

Andy Kim


You can download the latest beta here:


Tim Rand

Wow - I've been thinking about something like this for almost a year now. I'm a spinner and want easy ways to build these tracks. This may be it.

SUGGESTION: Default mode should be to analyze a Playlist. Certainly when I start using a product like this the first time, I don't want it to go change my entire iTunes library - thats scary. Also, I'd like to be able to build a playlist and then "save it to iTunes" using Tangerine.

SUGGESTION: Right click on Playlist in the Source window could bring up a contextual menu to analyze just that playlist.

SUGGESTION: When you select a playlist on the left, the default sort order should be the playlist order. Don't re-sequence the playlist based on one of the clicked columns.

SUGGESTION: CMD-i should bring up an info box like iTunes does so you can edit info.


Hey, That's awesome, and TOTALLY GOOD LOOKIN'!
At last a BPM meter that is free and easy to use! AWESOME!

Andy Kim


Tangerine! is only free during the beta. We will start charging for it once the 1.0 ships.

[...] [...]

[...] Received my Macworld today (yes, nerd.) and came across an article featuring a free music sleep timer called iTunesShut (4.4.2). iTunesShut paired with Tangerine makes life so much easier. Let me tell you why… [...]

Mr. Brian

Install was quick. UI is clean and straightforward. Though most of us won't use Help, you should probably add it as some idiot will scream without it.

"Analysis" display initially said it would take 35 minutes to scour my ~3000 songs -- but it only took about ten minutes.

Measured several of your BPM reads against my metronome -- some were close, some weren't. For example, Tangerine tagged Zwan's "Ride a Black Swan" at 90 BPM but it's 132 BPM in reality. Just scanning the list of my songs, I suspect I'm going to be seeing a lot of these kind of discrepancies.

Saved BPM tracks to iTunes. Said it would take 30 minutes for ~3000 songs. It was moving through at a much faster clip and then just crashed after abut 5 minutes.

Overall, great idea. Run it through a few more cycles -- this is product development . . . keep up the good work.

PS - Looking forward to see your 1.0 release (and any interim patches). Thanks.

Mr. Brian

PPS - After the crash, I restarted the app. Bug report came right up (good). After I filled it out, app came right up. Then I went back to Save BPM tracks to iTunes. Frankly, was expecting Tangerine to start all over again. To my surprise, Tangerine picked up where it left off, but it crashed again after writing another ~1000 songs (about the same number of songs it completed before crashing the last time).

PPPS - Repeated the process above. Tangerine finished the BPM writing on this attempt. Memory leak of some sort?

Anyway, upon checking my iTunes library I noted that many of my songs had not been updated. That's likely because Tangerine thought I had only 3000 songs, but I actually have 4300+. Still, all the songs are stored in the same directory structure (nothing non-standard), so I'm not sure why it wouldn't see them.

Now, question: Let's say you update your BPM engine and get more accurate in your BPM estimates. Will Tangerine ID & overwrite only incorrect BPMs or every BPM?

Robert E. Gadling

I have tried out Tangerine on my medium sized collection, and although I am quite enamored with its basic idea, I have encountered the following problems:

  • when I compare the results with the ones that are manually obtained either with the BPM Calculator or Tangerine or with BPM Inspector (http://www.blacktree.com/apps/iTunes-BPM/), the automatic Tangerine result is usually a few beats (1-3) slower. Since don't have an external reference, I do not know which is correct, but it the fact, that both manual results are faster, indicates, that the automatic result is suspect.
  • I do not know the algorithm by which Tangerine analyzes the songs, but I'd like to have the option of a more thorough analysis with better results, as Tangerine fails completely for some songs...

Other than this, I like Tangerine, and I am seriously considering a license once it is released.




I blogged about this one a while ago but the trackback doesn't seem to have found it.

Absolutely love the thing! Though there are still a few tracks it doesn't work for - not sure what it is about them that upsets it (they aren't purchased or in any format different to the rest).


[...] Use Smart Playlists — Of course, every time you use the scroll-wheel to navigate or skip songs you’re using battery power and Smart Playlists exist for a reason, so use them! Instead of skipping songs often, utilize Playlists to create collections of songs you love and further extend your battery’s life. You could use Tangerine, which is currently in beta and free to create playlists for you. Paul Stamatiou wrote a review of Tangerine. And here are some guides as to how to construct Smart Playlists. [...]

[...] Visit the website [...]


Nice App, Thanks a lot. Like many others I was looking for this kind of application to create nice playlist for evening parties.

One comment. The app supposes the iTunes library to be located in the folder ~/Music/iTunes/
However the iTunes library can also be located in ~/Documents/iTunes/
ITunes look to this too directories to locate the library.
Apparently Tangerine only recognize the first directory and I had to move my iTunes folder from ~/Documents/ to ~/Music/ To make it work.



so, so useful.. and there i was using a bpm app to go through tracks individually.. aagh.. THANK YOU.



Cool!! Works well, and really fast...!


Hey guys, been waiting for something like this for ages... Before Tangerine! I had to copy my songs and use a windows app to calculate the bpm and then copy them back... This app saves me a lot of time... Its really useful for DJ's and especially anyone who uses Serato's ScratchLIVE. It would be handy to have a progress indicator, I have a huge library and the first time I launched Tangerine! I had no idea how long i'd have to wait... Awesome app! Thanks

Chuck Humbertson

I saw the blurb about Tangerine in my new issue of MacWorld and will have to check it out.


I would buy this if it could organize within an already existing playlist, or sort within a genre of music... for the most part i don't want to have radically different kinds of music bumping up against each other just because tangerine thinks that they have similar BPMs...


This little app is one of the most useful things that i have come across for Itunes. I works great when I create playlists for my workout music.


sounds very promising i do hope it can deal with varying sound texture's accuratley i will back with more feed back

many thanks jam scones

Edward Groenendaal


Thanks for the license :)

A feature request. I've ended up using Tangerine as my front end for playing music. I can't be bothered saving playlists. It would be nice to minimise Tangerine to take up less screen real estate.

1) View option to remove song list pane at the top
2) View option to remove song picture pane
3) Allow resize less than current minimum ~640p

Cheers, Ed

Edward Groenendaal

Agghh :)

I can't update "My Rating" for songs from within Tangerine. This is a pain as I'm
using Tangerine as my music player - and update Ratings when I hear songs I
like. However I now have to cross reference and search for the song in iTunes
in order to update the Rating.


Still won't stop me using it as my main music player though.

Cheers, Ed.


Just tried it out. Great app, guys! This thing rocks! I have this feeling that it's gonna change the world's way of listening to music;)

Justin Everett

Well everyone seems to be in love with it. Maybe they're not musically inclined and are not checking the numbers this thing throws out. Neil Young, Dire Straights, Joni Mitchell, all clocked at over 170bpm and then a bunch at the bottom all claim to be 24bpm. Interface is great, but algorithm needs much improvement.

Michael DiMaria

This is a very innovative program which may change the way i listen to music for the better!


NEED HELP.......

i downloaded it,it installs but when i tried opening it nothing happens, the tangerine icon ghostly opens but no program appers!!!!

im using a imac OSX 10.3.9 G4 with, iTunes 6.0.5

ANY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andy Kim

You need Mac OS X 10.4 to run Tangerine!


thanks for the help andy kim!!! saved my life!!!!


Its a nice lill' program for amature DJs like myself, but i still find that if u can get hold of Ableton 5.0.1 (or even version 6) u'll be laughing at the comparison to tangerine.-

Tangerine is definitely a mac program with the intent of easy use and accessibility of ALL ur music. but i find that there is NOT enough control over the the sound emanating from the speakers, ie-

phasers, auto filters, resonators, track echo, and advanced EQ controllers.

In my eyes (and ears) there is vast room for improvements. Hope this helps as a guide towards commercial manipulation of music.



I found an interesting bug in that Tangerine could not figure the beat for some songs that had been converted from iTunes fairplay DRM to MP3. No matter what I did I could not get it to figure the beat

DJ domain

Great I just downloaded it! It works wonderful. thanks so much I'm going to tell all my friends about it they are going to love it! I think this could work great for DJ. I have a couple of friends that use MP3's in their sets. thanks guys!


This is quite an awesome application, it's the next step in creating good playlists and allowing for people to find music that they might be interested in by automatically showing people how fast, slow, intense or not that song may be, allowing one to create the mood they want. Awesome.

Stephen Ip

Great Program! Saved me countless hours of manually putting it in or making me mess up while I am djing. Works great with Serato!


I just bought it. I dunno why but I just needed something to bpm my ish right now. Went through most of the bpms and i guess there is about 80% on the mark thereabouts.

Now all I need to do is find out what else Tangerine does apart from the obvious?

Everything else works as it tells me to so happy.

Julia Wuesthoff

this program is awesome! it's much easier then to arrange them myself and it even makes more sense...:-) don't know anything to make it better yet.


This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have spent good money on crud apps that did not do what they said they'd do.

Tangerine is currently analyzing ( I have more that 13,000 individual tunes in iTunes. This will take awhile.) Looking forward to having a program that, from all reports, does what it promises!

If it delivers, I will most definately blog about it!

Lynn M. Geisen

I want to make blue potion

Jona Weyermann

I love that software


Tangerine looks really promising, but I need two things before I can use it properly.

1. Last.fm support
2. Airtunes support - if this can be done by playing through iTunes that'll be fine with me.

julian Fuller

I am using a Powerbook G4 1.67GHz running OSX 10.4.8 i currently have installed iTunes 7.0.2 with 4139 song loaded in it mostly MP3, AIFF & AAC (hip hop with BPM's of about 80 - 115). It recognised all tracks instantly and detected 500 in about 5 mins with only one error (a seven minute end of album hidden track so completly understandable).
personally i would appriciate it if we could be even more accurate (example. 79.46BPM) but from the looks of things a really good start.
it looks like if your system is fully up to date there is no issues
i saved a playlist to itunes (3 tracks) and i took around 30 seconds which i thort was a long time for three tracks.


Looks like one really nice and useful application and I'm looking forward to test it.

Peter Burkimsher

Love it!
Just been told at school about how music affects learning, how 60 bpm songs are the best, beyond 80 starts to get distracting. So now I have an easy way to find songs to listen to while doing h/w!
[Off topic] It's also a good companion to my Apple computer, Orange PDA phone, strawberry...just kidding. Sounds kind of fruity, but I do like eating tangerines. [/Off topic]


I cant believe how fast the program is! I was using another one a few weeks ago and it wasnt even a 10th as quick as Tangerine!
Nice work crew - keep it up !!


This seems like a really great app with a lot of great potential. I read that it doesn't work with iTunes bought songs and downloaded it anyway, but being able to work with those songs would be a great addition as most of my library comes from there. Other than that though, I love it!

Nick Flannery

I have just tryed out the demo and it is great. It will save so much time it's amazing


WOW, this is perfect!!! Just the thing I needed. Thanks!!!

Rodrigo Peraza

Tangerine is the answer to my BPM tagging nightmares. Thank you Potionfactory.com, Tangerine Rocks!


I love what you'e doing!
Don't ever change and best of luck.

Raymon W.

Andy Kim

Thanks :)


Great app guys, i find when i'm tring to fill the shuffle for the gym it's a great tool so u don't get stuck with the auto fill and on the cross trainer listening to "your beautiful" haha
thanks guys, great job


I'm not normally one to criticise anything, but this program really isn't as good as it's been hyped to be. I analyzed some 2500 tracks and I'd say probably 10% of the BPM values are correct. Many of the faster tracks also received a half-time BPM value. I know this can be changed by doubling the value in Tangerine, but when hundreds of my tracks need to be manually doubled, I start to wonder why they didn't receive a correct analysis in the first place. All in all, I was disappointed with the accuracy of this program.

Peter Lustig

Works fine with Low-BPM-Tracks but lacks terribly with BPM > 140

Micah M

I work for a small/medium sized radio station. We do not have the funding for a lot of the fancy audio editing suites to do much of the production work we need. Using Tangerine, I was able to get beats for songs we use on the station. I can now create great promos and mix various songs in a snap... all with an entry level mac and this great little piece of software!

Thanks for the great product!


Andy Kim


It's great to hear that you are making use of my product in a way that I hadn't even considered. Thanks for letting me know!


LOVing it guys!!!!! nice and helpful for a dj like myself creating playlist for my gigs out! thanks a lot! much love, always, A8


OK OK, I know mac is better but seriously "throw me a friggin bone here" daddy needs this for his windows machine.


I was excited about the idea of the software, but like others have found it disappointing. Many of the beats and intensities are off and when I create a list I have to go through all of the songs to verify that they belong in that list. So far during my 15 day trial, I have had to tap out my own beat to over 250 songs, not too much fun. and do not relish the idea of doing 2500 more.

I like the overall simplicity and look of the program but wish it had a couple other features such as when you click a song on the playlist that it automatically goes to the song on iTune list above so that I can see what intensity has been added. I would also like to be able to change the intensity as I found some to be questionable.

I am going to wait awhile to see if there is any improvement before I buy this software.

Jeff Goodall

This is quite possibly the greatest program i've seen for BPM detection, as it quickly and effectively sorts through all your music and makes my job as a DJ hundreds of times easier, as well as, saves me tens of hours on sorting music and manually setting the BMP for each song. AMAZING PROGRAM AND A MUST GET!!


Hey, Tangeringe! works great! But one thing.. how do I get iTunes to automatically fill in the BPM-space for me - so that I don't have to go through my whole library myself? :)

Andy Kim

When you purchase a license, you can export the BPM values from Tangerine! to iTunes. The option is available in the File menu.


Why won't this app read the bpm's on most of my collection? It says "unknown" on most of my tracks.

Tara M

I just downloaded the app and many many of my songs are "unknown"! Kind of disappointed - is this unusual?

Andy Kim

You probably have to wait until the analysis is finished.

Cindy Wonderful

This tool saved me hours of counting bpms. Tangerine is totally awesome. I recommend it to any DJ who uses a MAC and works with digital files.
Thanks potion factory.

xo Cindy Wonderful


great stuff, exactly what i was searching for. i'm a part time dj and the possiblity to create playlists by BPM and sort songs automaticly in iTunes i was looking for a while. thank you very much and i'm looking forward for the upcomming license key.

greetz from germany


Get Free iTunes

We're going to run an entire review on Tangerine when we roll out of pre-beta. We'd love to collaborate with you guys! Analyzing bpm will change the way people listen and feel about music.


I want to try out for some research I am doing. If I can have a "gift copy" then I can see if it does what I need.