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Introducing Tangerine


We're proud to announce the beta release of Tangerine, our third application. Tangerine lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. As mentioned in the previous post, it analyzes the songs blazingly fast to the tune of more than 3 per second (on an 1.83 Ghz Core Duo iMac). The amazing thing is that just copying those files actually takes longer on my iMac.

We came up with the idea after I noticed that I was spending a good 30 minutes to come up with about 30 tracks for working out. I would repeat the process fairly often and I was getting tired of it and tired of listening to the same songs over and over again. So we developed Tangerine to automate that process. The app should pay for itself for some people. It should be really handy for Nike+ users and if you're not, this app may motivate you to get one because there's nothing like running to the beat of the music to keep you motivated.

You can get the beta through the download link below. If you send us a useful bug report (bugs@potionfactory.com) we will give you a license as a thank you when the app ships. If you blog about our little baby we will also give you a license as a little thank you.

Download Tangerine 0.9.2


Wow, we just posted the beta on the blog without having anything else ready in the hopes that not too many people will see it. But I guess it's too late for that now. A lot of you seem to be having problems loading up the iTunes library. We are working to improve this, so if it doesn't work for you, please be patient. Now, some clarifications that were sorely missing in the original post: Tangerine is Tiger only and it cannot (at least not yet) analyze iTunes purchased tracks due to the DRM.

Thank you all for the enthusiastic response. We appreciate each and every one of your comments!

Update 2:

Tangerine! 1.0 has shipped and the free license promotion is over.


Chris Baker

wow...just downloaded this and it looks awesome guys. Could possibly change some aspect to the way I listen to music..and perhaps...save time creating custom playlists. Very well thought out. Does it work with the iPod as well? If not...that would be a awesome feature to have.

Scott Harris

Exactly what I was searching for! I am a part time DJ and I have been trying to find an automatic bpm reader that works well. Thanks for putting this software out! Its also really nice to have the ability to create auto playlists by bpm!

Andy Kim

Hi Chris, Thank you so much for the encouragement. Tangerine doesn't directly sync with the iPod, but it does save the playlist to iTunes when you click the Save button. So rest assured that you will be able to take those playlists on the go.


Wow! Great idea guys! I shall be downloading this as soon as I get home from work. :)

And I LOVE that cute little logo :D

Chris Baker

Andy. I guess what I mean is.... I have only half my iPod library on my machine...the other half are ripped CDs and I do not keep them on my computer just for the sake of saving room. It's be cool if it could search a iPod, analyze that and create playlists. Just a thought. Also....what does is Playlist duration and Generation Pattern. I sorta don't get that. Thanks.


looking forward to using this. also, nice led zeppelin-ish name...

Red Sweater Blog - Tangerine Dream App

[...] Tangerine has a very clear primary goal: analyzing your music’s beats per minute (rhythmic speed) and intensity. And it achieves this goal with splendor. I love how, upon launching the application for the first time, it doesn’t waste any time asking me whether I want to analyze my music, it just gets to work. [...]

Jeroen Leenarts

Just tried this little app, but it does not find any songs in my library. While I do have about 161 songs on my PowerBook. (The rest is on my other system.) Nothing strange just a default iTunes (7.0.1) install with everything on the places where it should be. All songs in library are from the store though.

Any thoughts on this? I like the look and feel of your app and would like to give it a proper little spin.


Does not work: launches. Pretends to do something. Then behaves as if I had no song (instead of 5904) in my library. I tried disabling the "default rule". Nothing. (MBP intel 10.4.8 french).


Looks good!

For those of you interested, this version of the beta seems to automatically grab all songs (not podcasts) between 1:00 and 15:00 in length from your iTunes library and analyze them. On my 2ghz Macbook, it looks like it's taking about 30 minutes to analyze 3850 songs weighing in at 19.44gb.

To the devs, for future betas you might not want to start analysis on launch - I wanted to poke around and set up prefs before analyzing. :)

Tyler Kieft

Congratulations on the beta, I'm very impressed with what I have seen so far. I am one of those people who is terrible at creating "mood" playlists, so I can't wait to try it once it finishes analyzing my library. By the way, I love the orange - maybe Apple should replace Aqua with Tangerine for 10.5? ;)


Neat! Maybe I'll finally be able to fulfill my dream of being an MP3-based DJ...(or maybe not, but hey).

[...] If you are a Mac user, check out Tangerine, a beta app from the Potion Factory (sounds like something out of Harry Potter, right?). By going through your iTunes music library and analyzing all of the songs to determine their BPM (beats per minute) and beat intensity, Tangerine hopes to simplify the creation of playlists for all your different moods. This is something that I am notoriously bad at. And even if you have meticulously organized playlists, you’ve gotta love the orange theme that this app is built around. [...]


one song has 54683 beats and the app keeps on crashing

nice interface though


great app! thanks

Mike Nilsen

I was looking for something just like this. I'll try it as soon as I get home. Idea: maybe it could set the songs star rating according to it's intensity. One star for relaxed, 5 stars for frenetic, etc.

ps - I'm always interested in BPM software. Would you guys like to share your BPM detection algorithms? :)


Nice! I've been wondering when something like this would come out. Checking it out now, and will spread the word about it on the blog.


f**king brilliant guys :)

amazing app


Hey Hey

We got a beautiful About Window now :)

Well played, its looking good so far

One critique though, not so excited about the custom control buttons on the buttom. I sure you'll give them some more polish by beta end. They're looking very Weby at the min.

I always shit myself when I see you got a new app out, you are true stars of the mac world now. Keeps them coming.


blogged it!

looks juicy. it'll come in handy for my own personal use, but i think some of my DJ friends might like it too....

James Orewiler

I don't know why that hasn't been thought of before. Thanks.


Oh man oh man... I have been waiting for an app like this forever. Thank you thank you.

Tangerine at ZeroNave.it

[...] Clicca qui per visitare il sito dell’Autore. (Nessuna votazione)  Loading ... 0 Visite [...]

James Orewiler

This is a beautifully designed program. Snaps to the engineers.


Will this work on < 10.4 ?
This would be really cool to show off at work, where 10.4 is still not used.


I wanted to test it but when i launched it, it didn't find any tracks whereas my itunes library is full of music. What's the matter ? Is there a specific location for the tracks ?

How can I do to test this app ?



Also when your using control buttons. It would be nice it would automatic scoll the artwork panel instead of manually doing it, if you know what I mean

n8gray.org: Tangerine - A BPM Tool

[...] to do with this post ) Check it out! October 19th, 2006 [Apple/os_x • music] permalink TB « Pragma Mark:: [...]


i love the playlist window. i'm not sure about how useful the analysis is though. Is "Boxing" by Ben Folds Five really all that "upbeat"? And Made for TV Movie by Pulp? Apparantly they are, but i can't imagine either on a workout list with the rest of the songs in that BPM & beat intensity range (178/36 & 179/40). Maybe I don't understand the relationship between those numbers.

is BPM supposed to be higher for upbeat songs? if so, why is 'mis-shapes' (again, a Pulp song) only 74 (though it has a 75 Intensity)? It's much more upbeat than any of the songs with high BPM & intensity #s.

Anyway. Maybe I just need an explanation of what these numbers really mean.

Great looking application!

[...] So, I’ve downloaded and installed Tangerine. So far, it seems ok. It doesn’t seem to have done a bad job of setting the bpm, though granted, I didn’t check many yet. Annoying thing is that I can’t seem to make a playlist. It gives me the dialog to, but then doesn’t seem to actually be creating anything. I will have to look into it. It seems to work for Otto ok, although I think it’s crashed on him a bit, but he’s tried to do more than I have. I’ll give it a bit before saying yea or nay. At least it has set my bpm, which is niceish. Now if it would just make the playlist so I can test how useful it is to actually have. [...]


Tangerine for iTunes BPM Analysis and Mixing...

Like many, I've not cared about the "beats per minute" thing in iTunes largely because I didn't want to go back and enter all the crap in myself. A new app, Tangerine, will do this for you. It will also......


Tangerine ignores my iTunes files completely, no matter what I do it just doesnt find them. Am I doing something wrong?

joe d

can you give us any suggestions for how to use the data the app comes up with? is it as simple as, the lower the BPMs, the more appropriate that song is for napping to; and the higher the BPMs, the more likely it is to be a good workout song? is that it? what about beat intensity? how can that help me?

The best iTunes add on ever? - Tangerine at Tim de Ville

[...] Download a copy here and check it out, its well worth it. [...]


Wow! Fast! Nice use of multiple threads. I have a Quad core 3 GHz MacPro and It is balancing across the Cores evenly. Not to mention the fact that I have a rather massive MP3 selection (160 GB) THis is going to be a lot of fun and very useful for loading my iPod. I will be making sure to post about this so all my friends can give it a try.


I love the idea but for some reason, of the 8000 tracks on my iTunes only 10 have any data in the BPM field so this app is no use to me.

EL Mystica

Hi there,
hate to spoil the good vibes in here, but somehow a little bit of info would be helphull, even in beta.

I downloaded it, dragged it into my Applicationsfolder, started it, and watched a small dialog window, telling me it will start analyzing my songs. The spinning tangerine would tell me more about te progress. It spinned for like one second en boem, it was done. No songs appear however in the library on top. I Reloaded my iTunes songs, did a new analysing job, nada.

Did I miss something? Do I have to drag al my songs manually in? Cause that's like 2000 songs ... :s

I saw this app mentioned on TUAW and knew instantly that it was the thing I was looking for ever since I installed my first iTunes.

I run a powerMac G5 2.7 dual, plenty of rams, and OS 10.4.8 and iTunes 7.0.1, if that matters ...

Tim de Ville

Im loving it!
I have only just started my blog, but I have written about it on there, and will be letting everybody I know all about it. Im a sys admin of a couple of hundred macs at a college, and it may even be useful for some of our studnets, we shall see. Looking good so far, looking forward to 1.0!

PS, a serial for the final realese would be cool if its not too cheeky.


Its awesome.
I already thought about a similar app but this is better =D


Could this app update the ID3 BPM tag in iTunes?

Otherwise an excellent app!


A good looking and useful app! The last time I attemped to calculate the BPM on my music in iTunes with some utility program, I had to tap the spacebar to the beat. Oh, that was fun...I did about 20 songs and went back to wishing for something better to come along...and here you are.

Thanks, and much success to you.


Chris Baker,

I just downloaded the app and ran it. It does work with CDs that have been ripped versus downloaded iTunes music. I ran it on my new MacBook, which only has about 50 songs in my library, and it took roughly 5 seconds. It was done before I had a chance to scroll to Panic!At The Disco (which is the only ripped CD). I am very excited to go home and download this to my iMac. I wonder how long it will take to get through my 5,000+ song library...

Kudos to Potion Factory! Wonderful idea!


Nevermind. I didn't see that in the file menu at first.


Does this analyze purchased songs, it doesn't seem to. It also plays music weird, I can't quite put my finger on it but it seems like an EQ problem.

Erik J. Barzeski

I sent a TrackBack from my blog (not sure where they'd appear), but I wanted to report on the progress. I have a Mac Pro, dual 3 GHz, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through analyzing 8969 tracks. I have "About 1 hour, 12 minutes remaining."

Ouch. But I'll live. I'll just... go get dinner or something.

Crazed Geek

Tangerine is, dare I say it, sexier than Voice Candy. Possibly even sexier than the sexiest app ever, Delicious Library.

(Also, I blogged about this, but the damn trackback on my site won't work. Link is in the website field)

Jesse Newland

Great app - but didn't seem to work for me. My iTunes library is stored on a NAS that's mounted via AFP - Tangerine set all of my BPMs to -1. Any ideas?


No DRM? I guess doing this kind of work requires being able to read the file. However, half of my library is DRM. This makes me sad.


You can blame apple for this since they wont allow their DRM music to leave the Apple DRM sandbox...nor license the tech to do it to anyone else.

[...] tangerine, the beat counting app! Comments » [...]

Ranjeet Sodhi

Looking forward to using this tonight - I am sick of listening to the same music simply 'cos I can't find the right tempo across my vast collection and hence keep listening to the same old tracks.

Thanks :-)



I tested the app, but apparently it will not work with my library. all songs are set to BPM -1. I have my library on a external drive that is fat32 formated. but the libraryfile is stored locally on my powerbook.



hey guys, i'm geeked about this. been looking for something like this for awhile. haha, i took you up on your offer of blogging the app for a license! i'll post again (per my post) when i give it a whirl!


So does this only work with non iTunes purchased tracks? If so, are there any plans to make it work with the purchased tracks as well? Thanks

[...] There’s a new beta out from the Potion Factory (Makers of Voice Candy). It’s called Tangerine. It’s a program that scans your iTunes library and sorts songs by the “intensity.” Essentially it’ll sort out your songs by tempo, fast songs with fast songs, slow songs with slow songs. It’s in beta, so it’s free. Looks pretty good, too. Great for finding workout music. Posted by Erasable Ink Filed in Music, Apple, Freeware [...]


Apparently it can't find your library if you're using a programm like libra or multiTunes and you have multiple libraries.
At least that's what I suppose to be the reason for it not loading my library.


I love it!

[...] Enter Tangerine from Potion Factory. It quickly analyzes your iTunes library and notes beats per minute and beat intensity. You can then pick songs and export those playlists back to iTunes. Slick! [...]


And, if the app doesn't use BPM but analyzes the songs, it still didn't work as all the tracks were given a rating of -1.

george (ty) tempel

Great idea, lovely icon--too lovely, as it's made me thirsty.

Blog entry at: http://www.tyborg.com/2006/10/19/tangerine/

[...] Tangerine. This seems like it’s the most promising, though it’s a beta, and doesn’t feel very functional just yet. It’s very nice looking, analyzes songs extremely fast, and, well, is a beta. It’s free for now; no word on pricing once the final version is out. [...]

Automatically Get the Beats into iTunes

[...] [...]


Wow... I've been waiting for a tool like this for a long time. Something I would LOVE to see you add in would be an option to match BPM's front and back... So say you had a track that drifts 30 BPM over the course of the song... And it leads into another track that happens to be around or on that new BPM. Possibly? YES? You Insist? Well THANKS! ;-)

BTW, love growl integration. Kudos.


Great idea for an app! I love the visual representation of the generated playlists including the info bubbles and the lighting effect underneath the current position pointer. One suggestion: in the playlist generation dialog put a button in under the "Beats Per Minute" and "Beat Intensity" region selection bars that when clicked let you hear the speed and intensity of the beat.


OK - it seems that when the app crashed, which it did the first time I tried to run it, that messed up the analyzing and the association to my Library.

So, after choosing File > Rechoose iTunes Library it now works.

Sorry for the panic!

[...] Ok, as some may know, one of my passions is great Mac software(ugh, that sounded nerdy). Here is a great new app that is out: Tangerine. What does it do? It analyzes the your iTunes library, finding the BMP for songs to create playlists, such as up beat ones for working out, or slower ones for when you are say, cooking. [...]

[...] Tangerine lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. [...]


crashing every 20 seconds on this macbook pro :-(


how do u show that u blogged about tangerine?


Hey, looking good.

First impressions are that it's a good looking app :)

Will deffo be some time spent taking at it.

[...] To bad there isn’t any good software out there that can do that automatically for me… or is it? Potion Factory (creators of Voice Candy and Podcast Maker) just released a beta of their latest application, Tangerine, that scans through your library and tags all your music with the correct bpm! [...]


very nice app
results so far are great ... would be cool if you could adjust start/stop times for tracks in the tangerine playlist creation window ... but you can't have everything right! keep up the good work.


This is a fantastic tool for creating workout or spinning mixes for indoor cycling. The winter is creeping in and this tool will make it easy for me to make exciting mixes to use during my usually boring winter indoor rides.

THANKS Potion Factory!

[...] Yesterday the folks over at Potion Factory released a beta of a new program called Tangerine. This app is a must have for Nike+ iPod users as it analyzes your iTunes playlists and measures the beats per minute and beat intensity of all your tunes. With this information it allows you to create playlists based on the speed and intensity of your songs and will even make playlists automatically for you. One neat feature is that it can organize the tracks into a pattern to suit your workout, cool. [...]

joe d

i have played around with it and i see that it generates a chart at the bottom of the user window post-analysis. but since i know so little about music, i don't know how to interpret the chart.

  1. the top to bottom scale seems to go from 0 to 180 BPMs, so i understand how to read that. (i just don't know the difference between beat intensity and BPM.)
  2. i don't understand how it calculates the "width" of each song.
  3. when i play a song, a yellowish guide at the top of the window moves along with the song, but i don't understand what information it is telling me.
  4. lastly, i don't understand what criteria the program is using to arrange the analyzed songs. i see that i can move them, but I'm not sure why i would want to. any i rearranging the order of the playlist if i do that?

that's all for now. i am very intrigued by this software. i just hope i don't miss the point through my own ignorance.

Dylan Clarke

Looks neat. Great idea, fairly well executed.

-view options doesn't work correctly (e.g. intensity = genre, my rating displays 0's when renabled)
-lots of strange readings... how is move by miles davis slow tempo or mellow? Funeral in the rain by chris isaac is the top track in my pyramid. Eon Blue Apocalypse more intense than the grudge? something's not right

Anyway nice effort guys. Hope the kinks get ironed out soon.


Wow. that's a great app. i love the album art feature. it's brilliant. too bad iTunes7 doesn't embed the album art into the song files...


This app is so cool I would have blogged about it even if I weren't getting any licenses. I love it, it looks nice, it's fast and it looks nice :) Great job guys!

Tangerine for iTunes at The Apple Blog

[...] Tangerine from Potion Factory is a very cool companion application to iTunes. Basically it runs through your itunes music library and analyzes the beat patterns of the music you listen to. If you’re like me - thank your lucky stars that you’re not - your music tastes are quite eclectic. Tangerine is perfect for my situation, as it then groups songs with similar beat patterns into playlists. So now I don’t have to manually go through my 3000 song files (I know, small potatoes compared to some of you out there) one at a time and decide what playlist they best fit into. [...]

Tangerine for OSX at Marc Charbonneau's Blog

[...] Potion Factory released their newest application today, Tangerine. In short, it analyzes the beats per minute of songs in your iTunes library, which you can use to generate custom playlists. You might use it to create a playlist of fast songs for your workout, slow songs to listen to before you go to bed, or just beat match songs if you want to be a DJ without all the work. [...]


Looks very nice. Seems to be only analysing about 2/3 of my library - is it restricted to non-DRM tunes?


The app looks amazing. Great job with the GUI. For the most part it looks like the beat intensity was caluclated relatively correctly, however the BPM was significantly incorrect for a number of my songs. Just thought I should let you know... Great job with the app though. Its an awesome concept!!!


[...] Tangerine scans your iTunes library and analyzes the beat intensity of your tracks so that you can create playlists based on the intensity of the music it can be downloaded from here. I will get a free licence by promoting is here and so can you by blogging about it. P.S. Only available for OS X [...]


Tangerine is not loadig my iTunes Library!!! Wich is placed in my Shared folder under Users,

any sollution?


I just recently got the nike+ kit and I was wondering why nobody had made an app like this.

Thank you! I'm gonna go try it out now.


Tangerine would work great as a cross-platform Songbird extension: http://songbirdnest.com

Songbird is an open media player. You can build Songbird extensions using the same technology that developers use to build Firefox extensions: http://www.songbirdnest.com/extensions

There is a screencast here: http://songbirdnest.com/screencast

[...] New for iTunes: Tangerine Posted by fcodc on October 19th, 2006 [...]


I'm liking it so far! It has worked pretty well, and allowed me to rediscover some of my library (it's HUGE). I'm sure this will be beneficial to college kids and how they study (working on a post about it now).

One thing - I can't seem to make a playlist longer than one hour...? Am I an idiot and missed something?

Daniel Gattermann

Great little app!

You should consider adding a "Put to sleep when done" checkbox on the Analysis Progress window. So people like me who try new software at night can go to sleep without wasting energy after the analysis is finished. Could improve the first experience with Tangerine for many.

Michael O'Brien

The app is absolutely wonderful. I love the look and the ability to set rules.

The controls on the bottom seems awkward to me though... I feel as if transfering from iTunes to Tangerine would be easier if the apps had consistent placement (both control bars on the top)


Figured out why it won't always produce the desired length of playlist.

Unless both the hour and minute fields are toggled Tangerine will revert to its last produced length.

So if I successfully made a playlist that was 2 hrs and 15 min long and then (without saving in this instance) created a new one and changed the 2 to 3 in the hours field without moving my cursor into the minutes field it will produce a playlist to my previous specification, 2:15, not 3:15 as I desired.
Make sense?

Now that I wrote this I realized it may not belong in the comments here. It is a follow-up to my previous comment but I will submit it as a bug report too.


so, what if it doesn't launch?


OK, I find the idea of this app really, really exciting. I've looked for such an app before, and I was unhappy. In that looking, I did find several voicing the opinion that automated BPM generation is a difficult task.

Well, from using the app, I guess I have to agree. For example, Jewel's "Amen" is rated at 179 BPM, 48 beat intensity. This song has essentially NO beats, and is very much lacking in intensity. On the other hand, toward the very bottom, I have Alice in Chain's "Would?" listed at 63 BPM and 35 for the beat intensity. This song seems considerably "faster and harder" than Jewel's "Amen," which is what I would guess those to metrics are trying to capture. Many of my Ani DiFranco songs rate with high BPM, too, and most of them are just sedate, guitar strumming songs with relaxed vocals.

So, is this my misunderstanding (I'm really not a music person, so maybe I don't really understand the terms), or is it expected that you're going to have to go through the library and tweak things? It seems about 50% right for me, currently.

[...] The good folks over at the Potion Factory have just released a beta of Tangerine, a song analyzer for OS X. What’s great about Tangerine (besides the ultra-cool interface) is the ability to make iTunes playlists based on BPM — perfect for workouts or calming down. [...]

[...] Tangerine Tangerine (free beta) is a smart little app that scans your iTunes library and determines the beats per minute as well as the beat intensity of each song. Why? Well it can then create playlists based on the intensity of each song. Want a playlist that starts out slow and then gets real fast passed halfway through and then slows down again? Well you can easily create that using Tangerine. [...]


Hey guys, I posted a trackback a few comments above, but I wanted to say that Tangerine looks fantastic. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see it come out of beta.


Awesome program, will definately change how I listen to my music

Ben G.

I was very, very amused to see "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" analyzed with 179 bpm. Evidently it's one of the fastest songs in my library!

Great interface, and I hope the BPM analysis algorithms improve with time.

I would really like to see a control to jump through a song, or more specifically, near to the end so I can hear how two songs segue together.

olorin took

one little suggestion: i have my itunes library on an external drive. tangerine initially didn't find the library.xml, so i had to move a copy to my home folder. it would be nice if i could just tell tangerine where to look via a menu...
apart from that: very cool app!
: )

[...] Tangerine is a really useful little OSX application that will scan your iTunes library and each individual song for beat intensity, beats per minute and other criteria, and then allows you to make playlists based on certain moods or feelings. It’s actually quite awesome despite being in beta, and it’s heartily recommended for all OSX and iTunes users. « Me, Paid? [...]


Totally fall in love with the orange!

But one request from me would be for Tangerine to scan and analyse tunes in my iPod cause I store all tunes in my iPod and deleted them from my iTunes to save space.


Love the concept. Crashed a few times while processing the songs in my library. I think the code that decides the BPM might be a bit off though. Some songs seem like they should be faster ( Paul Oakenfold - Souther Sun was rated a 66 while South FM - Seven was 176 ?? ). Also, what's up with songs that have a -1 for the BPM?

Good work so far! I am looking forward to the final product!


Very nice application. I was surprised at how fast it scanned my library.


Really awesome software a little slow at the getgo but totally worth it. Thank you guys so much.


I love the idea and logo, but the program refuses to open after I drag it into applications. Anyone have a suggestion? Is it my ibook's fault?


Tangerine Enters a Crowded Market, Pwns All...

Over the last few weeks I have talked about applications and services that enhance iTunes, such as Qloud’s tagging plugin and Soundflavor’s iTunes add-on. Get ready to welcome one more application to this group, Tangerine. Tangerine is most...


This is really cool. Analysed 9000 tracks in 14mins, one crash, but carried on where left off the second time round.

Lovely user interface, but a bit confusing. It wasn't clear initially that the
second panel was the current playlist and that the scale was time. Once I
got used to it it was quite elegant.

The BPN/Intensity analysis all worked quite well for me. I like the different
playlist intensity patterns that can be selected. I'd have liked to have seen a "party" type shape, slower to higher with a plateau at the end. Maybe we could be allowed to draw the shape if we want?

I was really bummed that I couldn't select a playlist that the songs were picked from or remove songs from the auto-picked list that I didn't like. I was expecting to be able to select and delete any song from the playlist and have it automagically repopulated with another song.

Personally I'd like to see this integrated tighter into iTunes - or have Apple
license it.

Good work. Ed.


Love the idea for the app. Really innovative. I will download and report when I get home from work!! Great Job!!


Great idea--I'd love to see it again when some of the bugs are fixed. Like some others on this forum, I couldn't see how certain songs had a higher BPM than slower ones...My playlists ended up looking virtually the same.

Keep up the good work!

[...] By the way, I wanted to give a shout out (and I’ve added a new blog category called “Shout Out”) to Potion Factory for their new beta application, Tangerine. Sadly, while I have a penchant for delicious-looking applications, I don’t work out with an iPod. However, my wife is already saying how much this will help her with her workout planning. So, congrats to Potion Factory and keep up the good work! It’s great to see new, innovative applications for the Mac from lots of developers — everybody wins! [...]

Justin Perinotti

Great app....not only did it let me organize my library by BPS and BI, but it did it wicked fast (2000 songs in 8 min). My girlfriend is a dance insructor and she already put it to use making warm-up and cool-down playlists. I can't wait to see what's in store for it in the future....

Keep the apps coming!!

inactive life


I was just browsing on digg when I saw a new application. Always ready to try new things, I checked it out. It’s called Tangerine from the great people at Potion Factory. It scans your iTunes Library to group music together so that you can have a...

Patrick Triggs

:) Neato guys :)
I <3 automation.


Suggestion for reading the DRMed files, though y'all may not want to be subject to the GPL... http://hymn-project.org/


Can’t live without my Tangerine...

Over the last few months, I’ve been digitizing my House music vinyl collection so I can use Traktor 3 full-time. Moving away from my Technics after 17 years of jamming with them is not easy but not having to carry bags of records does have its...

PhillRyu.com - Tangerine: Juicy On The Inside

[...] The juicy, square Tangerine icon beckons... (And by the way, where can I get me some of those crazy Korean square tangerines?) Check out the blog post and download the Tangerine beta here. your ad here [...]


Tangerine does not seem to find my iTunes library. (Nothing hppens when I analyze.)
I have it on an external drive.

Can it handle that?

If not, that would be important to add.


Sweeten your iTunes Library with Tangerine...

Found this nifty app (Mac-only, sorry Windows users!) called Tangerine via Digg tonight. It scans your iTunes library and determines the tempo or beats-per-minute of each song, allowing you to create playlists based on the intensity of the music. I&#...


I know this is a beta and you have had comments about loading the library, but I have a slightly different twist.I have over 12,000 tracks in my library. I know. Crazy, wot? But my thinking was to let Tangerine go for hour, an hour tomorrow, and so on.Well it was a good theory. I ran it for an hour then tried to stop. Except for a "Force Quit" no other way worked.How about a way to stop the analyzing for us avid collectors?Great fun guys!


This programs is tight! Love the icon!
Blog Link: http://drewjames.blogspot.com/
free programs = woot!


You really, really can't beat a spinning orange slice as a progress indicator.

Can't trackback w/ TextPattern, but:



it keeps crashing on me!


Awesome, can't wait to see the finished result!

Brian Floyd

I just tried it out. Amazingly fast. No problems so far and I've already mentioned it in my blog and linked to it as well.
I've been creating mixes with Garageband for use in the gym and this will make the process a lot easier.
Thanks a lot.

Good luck


First of all, this is not the first app of it's kind. BeaTunes beat it (haha). But it is however the most deliciously looking of the two (also BeaTunes is in Java). It's also currently free. Kudos for that!

For the people who have problems with it's algorithm, keep in mind that it IS an algorithm, not a person listening to every track deciding whether or not it is "intense" or "mellow". Computers WILL make mistake, even a person would if it had to analyze three songs per second!

Ryan Briggs
Tangerine is a Peach at whatevernevermind

[...] Potion Factory released a beta of their Tangerine application yesterday. It analyzes the BPM and beat intensity of your iTunes library and gives you a gorgeous interface in which to create mixes based on the info. It’s another example of simple functionality executed in an interface my mom could understand without reading the manual. And the icon is just as beautiful as the application. [...]

Rich B

The ability to create longer playlists would be very nice. Unless it's already there and I missed it. As it is, Tangerine has a lot of potential. Excellent work!

Tangerine at Targuman

[...] This is a cool little app that I would like blog, even if they weren’t offering a free license for all who blog about it. Tangerine “lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing.” [...]


Ooh, I'm very excited about this, as I was wistfully hoping for something like it a few months back.

One feature I'd love to see is to be able to say how long to stay at a certain BPM level or above, so that you didn't spend more than you wanted coming UP to your rate ...

thanks for the neat app!


good idea, but after looking over the results, i think the algorithm needs alot of work. I won't go off listing songs, but i don't think the resulting information is actually very useful. Too bad, b/c i was really looking forward to making some mellow and hyperactive mixes.

I'll keep an eye out for updates.


this won't analyze Apple Lossless encoded files either...

[...] The third potion from Potion Factory is out in beta form - Tangerine. I helped beta test this cool little gem. Its beautiful like Podcast Maker and Voice Candy. It also fills a need I didn’t realize could be filled. [...]

[...] One of the things I love about OS X is that there seems to be a plethora of cool apps available. Tonight I came across Tangerine which is by far the most convenient playlist creator for iTunes. It works by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. It is speedy as advertised - on my rather anemic 1.2 GHz iBook G4 it took only 12 minutes to analyze 573 songs. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with DRM encumbered files at the moment. [...]


It is quick! Even on my rather anemic 1.2 GHz G4 it took about 12 minutes to analyze 573 songs. Any idea if being able to analyze DRM encumbered files is on the roadmap for the future? I'd love to be able to use it with the songs I've purchased from the ITMS.

Steve Makofsky

[...] Tangerine is simple, effective and beautiful. Check it out. [...]


Brilliant! This is my dream app. The only thing better would be analysis of DRM'd songs.

And fyi, this thing's faster than you think at least on 2GHz 15" MBP. It analyzed 8.7 songs/sec (on battery power!). [1500+ songs in 3 minutes]

Great stuff, very well done. Thanks!

Justin Blanton | Tangerine

[...] Tangerine “lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library.” © 1999-2006 Justin Blanton                    e v e r y t h i n g i s r e l a t i v e                    In partnership with DreamHost //'); //]]> [...]

Michael Greene

The app looks interesting, although I'm not sure why you chose the name of another iTunes-related piece of software:


That's going to create some confusion.

[...] So along come an application that makes the creation of playlists an absolute joy. Potion Factory has released the beta of Tangerine, an application that scans your music collection and creates playlists based on the intensity of the music. If you need a selection of music to rock out to, or some tracks to kick back and relax, Tangerine will randomly generate a playlist that fits the bill. [...]


oooooo this loook hot!


Tried it on 3 different Macs, Tangerine can't find the iTunesLib on any.
Nice idea but useless app.

[...] Here’s the money shot: Tangerine does cool stuff with your iTunes library that would have taken you way to long to do yourself. Sort of like SoundFlavor (I guess… my PC owning buddies have been rubbing that one in my face for a few days now). Get on the free beta here or better yet, get yourself a license for blogging about it. [...]

Tyler Blakeman

A quick comment about Tangerine... Awesome GUI and I love how fast it analyzes songs, but when it displays the library it doesn't show songs on an external hard drive... which kinda stinks. But, I'm sure that'll be fixed on the final version.... right?

Da Dog House

Tangerine beta...

Potion Factory just released the beta version of their third application, Tangerine. "Tangerine lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iT...


Excellent program and a really smart idea.

Consider yourself blogged!

George Sudarkoff

Awesome!!! I was thinking about writing a similar app myself, but I really-really suck at math and phrases like "noise subspace projections" scare me to death. I wonder what algorithm you guys using?



Nice APP (nice name, nice icon...heh)


promising app, i like it. consider yourself blogged here too!

[...] Well, it really doesn’t matter, of course. However, there’s a neat app called Tangerine that tickles my music-lovin’ soul. It scans iTunes for songs with similar beat patterns and groups them into playlists so that you get automagical mood-based playlists. [...]


Pretty awesome idea, guys! Anything to promote my laziness is pretty sweet. I went ahead and posted a thing about it on Facebook for my college.

George Sudarkoff

Oh man, your algorithm is waaaaaaay off. I just checked a dozen of fast Electronica songs and on all of them the error was more than 30%. Do you calculate the confidence score? How about spitting it out into the Console, if you do?

[...] De programmeurs van Potion Factory (de makers van PodcastMaker en VoiceCandy) hebben een nieuwe app uitgebracht: Tangerine! [...]


[...] The coders of Potion Factory(the same coders who made PodcastMaker and VoiceCandy) introducing a new app: Tangerine!

A really kewl app which you can use to check your iTunes Library Songs on BPM's. You can also make playlists of songs which has more or less of the same BPM-rates. Extremely kewl when you're jogging with an iPod on and want to listen only to songs with 185 BPM or more! :-) [...]


Cool interface... I threw a little on my myspace blog. Does that count?

If not i posted it to my website as well...


Any chance there may be a windows version in the future? I would love to have this...


What a top app. Good work!

Yong Hwee

I love the idea and I'm gonna blog about it! Rock on!


I wrote a review of my first impressions: you are invited to take a look at daily.dwizzy.nl


Super app, big thumbs up for this one.



Nice Icon, Nice Site, looks promising! But does not find my iTunes library, even tho it's in some fairly standard location (/Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music)


I tried running Tangerine on my G4 PB with OS X 10.4.8 and iTunes 6.0.2 and it wouldn't import my songs.
Longing for an update!!!

Lard Designs : Tangerine

[...] Mac Users - If you are like me and struggle to be creative with your playlists in iTunes or just can’t spare the time, you have to try out Tangerine. This app lets you create playlists for fast-pace music, or playlists for a more chilled out evening. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. Then you can save the playlists from Tangerine straight into iTunes. [...]


cool thing to have the bpm, looking for it quite some time. but tangerine wouldn't read my library and didn't accept any songs when dragging them onto it....

is there something to fix?

greez dan

Andy Kim

The library reading bug is fixed and will be released soon. Thank you everyone for your feedback and support.

jay vaughan

this looks great .. my only request is that you add the option to use an mp3 collection from a folder as well, not just from the iTunes library .. the reason for this is that i don't really use iTunes as my 'main' music library (i use my 80gig iPod with Floolah for that), and thus it'd be very handy to be able to tell Tangerine "analyze the mp3 files in this folder" as well ..

other than that, great app! looking forward to its continued progress ..


Nice to hear it works for you guys. For me (iTunes 7.0.1 and OSX 10.4.8) this is useless software, just like all the other BPM analyzer/MP3 tag software out there.

Some 400 of my 6 000 songs were analyzed to have between 4000 and 58000 BPM. All the Beastie Boys is in the range of 171 to 192 BPM (dude wtf?) and when I checked the downtempo and ambient genres they are all off target by a kilometer.

It did manage to rate Pendulum's Tarantula at 175 BPM but hey, I can do that. Just tag all your drum & bass with 175 BPM - better accuracy than this software.

[...] Tangerine lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. [...]

Jamie Cho

Would it be possible to have a list of songs next to the Beats Per Minute and Beat Intensity sliders that updates as the sliders adjust? Or perhaps this process can be integrated into the main window somehow.

This App is great!


This is a great start. Yes the algorithm could be more robust, but that will come with time.

In the next iteration, I'd like to see a way to limit a playlist it to certain genres or smart playlists. For example, I often want to listen to mellow instrumental music while I'm working. I'd like to be able to cull through my jazz, soundtracks, and classical smart playlists for slower tracks.

Love the interface, btw.


I've "tangerized" most of my collection. Can't live without my Tangerine.


Would it be possible for the developers to post up a quick explaination of the app for those trying out the beta? For instance, I don't understand the different generation patterns when I am making playlists. Are certain generation patterns good for running or relaxing etc? I know it's early days yet, but I'm not really sure about a lot of the settings. Help please!

(Good work, by the way. The interface looks AMAZING...)

[...] Introducing Tangerine Beta Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

Justin Beals

This app is amazing, please keep up the good work I look forward to the following:

I want to add my files from Serato Skratch
OGG support
Read in the MP4 files

Excited to support you guys by buying a license!!!!



Now it works, perfect!

Kevin Reilly

Cool app. I blogged about it here: http://web.mac.com/kevrei/iWeb/TwaddleBlog/Blog/Blog.html

[...] Potion Factory Blog: Tangerine chill sound mixer goes beta. [...]


Pretty cool app. Pretty spiffy UI as well.
I gave it a small mention my blog..


Keep up the great work gyus


I would love it if I got the app to do the job but it keeps crashing on thread 7 whatever that means. :(


This is amazing.

Analyzed 19,855 songs in 3 hours 52 mins.

Although, when I try to save to iTunes I get an error of "AppleScript Error Code -609 iTunes got an error: Connection is invalid"

Kevin Mitts

Love the idea so I downloaded it to my laptop that has only a few songs on it.

The BPM that was determined for each song was not correct though. Perhaps it requires heavy use of drums in a song? These were all acoustic folk with no drums.

I do hope you get it to work...this would be a wonderful thing in my musical life!

If you need a beta-tester for this type of music...I'm here!


This application is really clever. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I've blogged about it, so hopefully sending some interested parties your way.

As a suggestion, I'd love to be able to drag a song into the window and click a button to give me a "similar songs" playlist.

Tangerine at starshun.com

[...] Tangerine is a new music analysis tool for OSX and it addresses my two biggest gripes about these kinds of applications: [...]

[...] Potion Factory Blog: Blog Archive - Introducing Tangerine [...]


great app!!!
blogged about it here: http://blog.flo.cx/index.php?entry=entry061020-164924

keep it up!

Eric Alessandrini

Great app! I love the album art feature. I like the fact that it actually shows the album art, although I wish there was a way to see the enitre picture without getting rid of the easily identifiable BPM feature of it.

Tangerine tastes good at Funky Speaks v2.0

[...] I am entirely certain that Tangerine exists because of me. You see, the morning before I found Tangerine as I was listening to my iPod on my commute to school I was skipping songs left and right because none of them had the oomph I require to wake up in the morning. [...]

[...] I get sick of finding suitably upbeat choons for running — and then get sick of running to the same songs over and over again. Enter Tangerine — a BPM analyzer that allows you to create playlists based on how fast (or slow) you want your music. [...]

Dan Mulroy

Great idea, great app.

I really like your UI, and it works really well on an iMac G5, 10.4.8.

Feature requests:

When a new playlist is generated, please give the option to highlight a song, and replace it in the playlist, either via contextual menu, or menu/UI.

It is really frustrating, as some of the songs in the playlist match the beat intensity & BPM, but are not right for workout, and currently there is no way to .

Leanda Ryan

I've been looking for something like this for ages. I spend more time looking for the right work out tunes than I do actually working out! Nice icon too.

I've added it to my faves list on my blog.

darrin horn

great app, though not sure why if doesnt grab all my music... my library is about 4300 items.. maybe 50 purchased, but tangerine only analyzes about half of them... and that is after removing the filter


[...] Anyway, it’s a beautiful app and you should definately sheck it out if you’re too lazy to pick out the tunes for your relaxation/falling asleep sessions like I am. Get it here. [...]

John Oram

Hey guys-

Nice idea. What's the probability of getting DRM'd songs? 50-50? 80-20? 20-80?

I sent it over to Macintouch -- they put it in their iTunes reader report:


(Hopefully that counts as a blog entry?!?)

Josh Rosen

The ability to right click and have an option to show the song file in the finder or drag the song file into another application from Tangerine would be great for beat matching tracks for mixing. Great app! Runs pretty fast on my 1.8ghz G5 too.


Great App! I post it on my Blog, it is in Italian!
If you want to see...


I have been dreaming of an app like this for so long
PLEASE release a windows version!!

Patrick Haney

I was just thinking about how useful something like this would be for iTunes a few months back. I have a lot of music, and sometimes I don't feel like creating a playlist for things like "Sleepy Music." I'd rather just have iTunes play all the songs, on shuffle, that are chilled out. Or, when I'm working out (I've got the Nike iPod kit), everything fast paced.

Looking forward to giving Tangerine a go.


Are you still giving out licenses to people that blog about your app?

[...] Creating a playlist in iTunes is quite a task if you have a lot of songs in your library and you are trying to create playlists with just relaxing songs or upbeat songs. Luckily the people at Potion Factory have introduced a new application that lets you automatically create playlists according to their BPM and beat intensity called Tangerine. [...]

I think Tangerine is fabulous. It works smooth im my computer. One of the best software for itunes.

Great work

Tangerine - The Playlist machine at zamwi.com

[...] I have been tracking the playlist machine front for quite some time and really did not see anything I liked until I saw Tangerine. [...]


Spreading the word!


I've been waiting for this FOREVER! Thank you guys so much. I also posted it in the macaddicts community on LiveJournal to spread the Potion Factory love.


OS X Freeware

Tangerine - genialer Playlist-Generator...

Ein Geniestreich aus dem Hause Potion Factory: mit Tangerine werden in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit alle Titel der iTunes-Bibliothek auf Beats-per-Minute (BPM) und Beat Intensity analysiert.

Dies allein ist schon beeindruckend genug. Aus den neu ge...

brilliantdays.com | BPM for your iTunes songs

[...] So when I heard about Tangerine, an application that scans my iTunes library and figures out the BPM - Beats Per Minute - on all my tracks, I downloaded it immediately. [...]

| CarlDesigns

[...] Another great application from Potion Factory is in the beta and its called tangerine. Tangerine scans your iTunes library and analyzes the beat intensity of your tracks so that you can create playlists based on the intensity of the music. It does this by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. It analyzes the songs fast to the tune of more than 3 per second (on an 1.83 Ghz Core Duo iMac). [...]


[...] database directly No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI Leave acomment [...]


[...] So I will admit, i don’t go to the gym all to often, but if i did then i would use this app religiously. Tangerine replaces the need for the iTune Music Store’s new feature of selling rythmically similar songs. It certainly isn’t a iTunes killer, but Tangerine proves to offer great features for a beta. Check it out at: Potion Factory. [...]


Umm...didn't work for me.
All my music is on an external, and all the BPM is set to either 0 or -1, with one ballad set to 11245

What a cool application -- Tangerine

[...] Part of the reason I love using mac is the mac software developers are so talented, and they can always create slick little applications which not only have stunning interface but also are very very useful. Tangerine from Potion Factory is a good example. What it does is simple but extremely useful. Tangerine creates music playlists by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. You just need to choose the length of the list you want to create, the BPM and beat intensity range, then you are done! It always cost me way too much time to create music playlists for trips, or simply to find some music that fit my mood. So I’m really excited that now I have Tangerine to help. Besides its functionality, Tangerine has a very beautiful interface, especially if you’ve added cover artworks to your songs. The first impression Tangerine is very great, although it took a relatively long period of time and one crash to finish the initial analysis of my iTunes library. After all it’s still in beta and currently free. I’m just glad I found Tangerine. ha. Comments [...]


[...] Zum Abschluss des Tages gibt’s noch ‘nen Software Tipp, natürlich wieder für die Mac User unter den Lesern. Sorry, Jungs. Heute geht’s um Tangerine, der neuste Sprößling der Potion Factory Familie. Die Software bedient die Audiophilen, wie bisher jede Veröffentlichung von Potion Factory. Sie analysiert eure bestehende iTunes Bibliothek und erstellt euch Wiedergabelisten mit unterschiedlichem Tempo. [...]


I don't know if the trackbacks works or not... but just in case :)


It's an interesting and very good looking random number generator.

[...] A slight change in angle, just so I can mention Tangerine. This is a great little app, that is perfect if, like me, you are anal about creating playlists. As is more and more common in the Mac world, it does one thing, and one thing well, analyizing the BPM of your every song your entire iTunes library. And it does it fast. They claim about 3 seconds per song, and even on my G4 PowerBook (my old G4 PowerBook), it comes pretty close to it. [...]


This is a great idea for a program. I gave up creating playlists a while back because I had such a big library that it was difficult to get through and still have intrest in making a playlist. That said, I did notice that sometimes when I had multiple windows open, when I clicked on the Tangerine window, it jumped into the lower right corner of my screen. Also, there were tracks and albums that didn't show up, and some of them that did had a BPM : 0 BI : 0, which I thought strange seeing as though most of them where Hip Hip tracks. Overall, very nice layout and very functional, the additions of both BPM and Beat Intensity help to make more fluid mixes. It would be nice if genre showed up, for more options on mixing it up.

Again, thanks for working on this, it's long overdue.

Julio Biason

The name "Tangerine" seems to be already taken by an open source project: http://freshmeat.net/projects/tangerine/
(although it does something complete different)


Great app. I've been looking for an app like this to generate playlists that i could listen to depending on my mood, without having to go through my entire library. I can get a good mix of songs that are not the same songs over and over. thanks.

[...] Tangerine is a new application from the company Potion Factory. These are the same guys that made Voice Candy and Podcast Maker. A quick description of what Tangerine is all about comes straight from the horses mouth” “Tangerine lets you easily create playlists with upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It does that by analyzing the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library.” [...]

[...] Tangerine - Build playlists by BPM (beats per minute). Very nice. [...]


I like the idea and this certainly is much easier than listening to everything myself and trying to decide BPM. While I understand this uses an algorithm (and I wouldn't even begin to understand how that works) I'm not sure that I understand the relationship between BPM and and the beat intensity. While I have a relatively small library there seemed to be a number of tracks that I felt (as a musician) were not accurate as far as BPM was concerned. Not sure how I would use Beat Intesity. Really though, a good tool! I like the way you can create the playlists. First product I've seen from your little company but the logos on all three products are great!

Christian Handley

Wow, this program works great! You guys have really donea great job. Little bugs here and there, but otherwise I am enjoying it a lot! Linked it up on my blog and some other places, and my friends enjoy it as well. Thanks guys!

[...] Tangerine for your iTunes Library Tangerine is a Mac OSX app which analyses the BPM of your songs and creates playlists based on this, great for workouts or relaxing playlists. (tags: apps apple mac osx freeware itunes music) Spread the Joy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

[...] Go download the demo. —Cameron @ 02:00. 200 Characters. Filed under: Music, Cool., OS X Software, iPod + iTunes [...]



Tangerine is a new beta app for the Mac that has one major aim - to create playlists for iTunes based on the Beats per Minute (BPM) of a track. It also wants to do that quickly while looking good at the same time. First impressions are that it manages ...

[...] Today I noticed Chris Messina–whose blog is worth reading if only to see examples of great design–mention Tangerine. [...]


This sounded too good to be true. On my iTunes library the analysis was nearly completely off track - the BPM found often seemed random and had little relation to the analysed songs. Maybe the algorithm should spend more time on each song - I would rather wait a few hours longer if I could use the result afterwards.

[...] E’ uscita la beta di Tangerine, programma che consente di costruire automaticamente delle playlist in base al ritmo e all’intensità delle tracce. In tal modo sarà possibile creare delle playlist rilassanti oppure ‘energizzanti’. La beta è gratuita, quindi potete pure procedere con il download: questa l’home page. [...]


Clockwork Orange?...

Here’s a neat little free Mac app that’s getting some attention: Tangerine.
It analyses the music in your iTunes library and works out the BPM (beats per minute) of each track. It’s in beta at present, but works really quite well....

[...] ??? ????????? ???????? ??? ??? Potion Factory ?????? ???? ?? beta ??????. ?? ????? ????? Tangerine ??? ??????????? ?? ???????????? ??????? ??? ?????? ???????? ?????? ??? ?? iTunes, ??? ?? ???????????? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ? ??????? ?????. ???? ??????? ???? ??????? ?? BMP ??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ?????????? ??? ????? ??????????? ??? iTunes. ??? ?? ??? ????????? ????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?????????? ???? ?? ?? ??????????. ?? ????? ?????????? ?????? playlists ????? ???? ???????. ??? ????? ?????????? ??? beta ?????? ??? ???????? ???? feedback, ?? ???? ????? ??? ?????? licence ??? ??? ????? ??? ????????????, ???? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ?????. [...]

[...] den tangerine download-link gibt es in diesem post am potion factory blog. [...]

Thomas Aylott

I've been looking for something to automatically set my BPM forever! This should be awesome


nice app, how about a windows version??

[...] Well, this is partly a blog post with ulterior motives - it seems that if you blog about the thing you get a free licence…so always eager to get free software, I’m blogging about it. Tangerine appears to be a pretty nifty accessory for your iTunes library, which will scan all your songs, analyse the speed and intensity of them and then create playlists for you accordingly. It does sound incredibly useful, and I can’t help absolutely loving the orangeness of the interface. Aqua is all very nice, but after a while you just get fed up with blue blue blue everywhere and all the time - I would absolutely love to have burgundy scrollbars on my mac, but does it support it? nope…not unless I want to spend hours trying to make a skin. You would have throught with all the core graphics technologies apple are putting into the OS things like this would be on their way. [...]



Mac OS X and other applications are not affected.

Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple."

Andy Kim

dee and everyone who just updated and got crashes,

I made a slight mistake in leaving in testing code that makes the app crash on purpose. Please relaunch the app. It should update again to a fixed build.

Sorry about that! It's been a looooong day.


I've having issues. Script times out then goes into limbo. More details:



Wow !!

I made it analyse my entire library of over 11000 songs end made it write the bpm values to itunes.
It all went without a hitch, and both processes took little under 1,5 hour to complete.
Now i need tips an tricks to make good smart playlists based on BPM.
Time will tell if the BPM is accurate an does really produce the ability to create playlists of similar music.

Thanks guys,
Apple should buy this, as they did coverflow and integrate it into Itunes.


Nice App, Nice Idea!!

Can we have some pre-defined playlist? cuz' I have no ideaa how to use it.... if you guys do it for me and set the slow list and the fast list...it'll be a killer app....

Keep up the good work!!

[...] I want Tangerine from the Potion Factory. In fact, I have been wanting it for quite a while. It is currently still in beta, but Tangerine scans your iTunes music library and analyzes the beat intensity of the your tracks. Then you can create playlists based on the intesity of the music. Cool. [...]

Tangerine beta at MacVik.com

[...] Información y descarga  [...]


Great app! I was thinking the same thing as Martin about this being integrated into iTunes just Coverflow was. Some little suggestions:

Re-analyze selected tracks option (maybe you can already do this I dont know how)
and maybe a little manual BPM counter so you can tap the beats on the keyboard and it will calculate a BPM for it aswell.


Silly question perhaps, but what exactly is "beat intensity"?


Fantastic. Looks great. Works fast. I suspect apple will be knocking on your door within 3 months.

2106 tracks in 56 minutes. PowerBook g4 1.5ghz Glad to see the 1/2 BPM option... will play with to see if it works for "mood"

Beat intensity is still a bit confusing. Trying to save BPM values to Itunes get
"Apple script Error code - 1731 Itunes got an error.: Unknown object type"

Figured it might be because I had ITUNES open.. closed Itunes and retried.

Tangerine opened Itunes on it's own and appears to be working on the write function.

Great stuff!

[...] I say all that to say this: I have found a new application. It’s called Tangerine. This app scans your iTunes library and brakes it down by beats per minute (BPM) and the intensity of the song. Why would I need this? Well, working out to a song that has a really slow beat and small intensity wouldn’t really provide you with a lot of motivation while on the other hand something with a high intesity and BPM can really get your heart pumping. Now try relaxing to that same song that got your heart pumping, not really fun, eh? [...]


Okay, sorry guys, seemed to be a bad video-file I got there. I deleted it from iTunes and now it seems to analyze the other ones smoothly. So you could delete my above post if you want to. Thanks.

[...] Ever wanted to use that feature of iTunes where you make a playlist based on BPM because you want an upbeat playlist to run to or a mellow playlist to chill out to? What’s that? Didn’t wanna bother with calculating the BPMs yourself? Well, perhaps you should check out my featured link then: Tangerine. [...]

For The H*ll Of it


The only complaint I have is that it should give an option to choose which where your source songs come from when generating a playlist. You can use a rules list from the preferences, but this is cumbersome. There should be a popup list in the playli.....

[...] The third thing I downloaded is Tangerine. It got mentioned a few times this week in the blogoworld and I thought I’d check it out. What it does is it scans your iTunes library and analyzes the tempo of every track in it. It also has a neat tool for automatically creating playlists based on tempo with different types of slopes. These would be ideal for designing a work-out playlist, for example. If you’re a musician, it’ll give you a starting point for doing tempo analysis on a given track. It’s pretty neat, has a great interface and does its job really quickly. [...]


Love it so far. Only thing I would change is the ability to pick a specific playlist to analyze instead of the entire library. I won't be working out to anything from my Classical or Smooth Jazz playlists.


Love the idea. It just does not seem to work...

The BPMs that were given to the somgs in my Itunes library were WAY off. Any ideas when you may have a fix for this???

Really wrecked my workout today...

[...] dizem os boatos que, se escrevermos um post sobre o novo produto para o itunes, o tangerine, que os senhores que o fazem nos dao uma licenca de borla, quando o software sair de beta. espero bem que o boato seja verdadeiro! [...]


OK, my last post appears to have been deleted so I'll try again...

This will be great when it works. At the moment the BPM's generated are little better than random numbers (including if they are halved or doubled). No way to create meaningful playlists from these results. Fantastic shop window, but nothing in it.

dan at innocent

Smart thinking. Linked to it from my blog http://dangermain.typepad.com/dangermain/2006/10/heresaclever.html - hope it helps.


Oh, I'll DEFINITELY blog about this. Thanks for the great app!


As quite a few people have mentioned, the algorithm seems to be off on songs with no discernible beat (all my Celtic dirges are rated at around 177-179). At this point, it seems to be most useful for reminding me of faster/slower songs I would otherwise have overlooked when compiling a playlist; it doesn't do all the work for me, but it's still helpful.

One thing: it freezes every time I try to interrupt playing one song and start another.

But yes: overall, it's fun, gorgeous, and has its uses. Well done! :c)

[...] [...]

[...] The new app, dubbed Tangerine, is still currently in beta form. What it does is it scans your entire iTunes library at a blazingly fast speed, and analyzes the Beats Per Minute (BPM) and beat intensity of your songs. So, you can create playlists based on the intensity of your music. While working out, you can listen to fast-paced techno songs, and when you’re set to relax, you can listen to something a bit slower. [...]


Just sent a trackback. It's such a great idea. Thanks!

Here's my blog post, also in comment-3676:


This is a great idea, but not accurate! I installed the app, all went fine with the analyzing and BPMing!! but when I manually checked the BPMs of the songs, most were way off!!
For DJs using MP3 options like Serato and Final Scratch, this isn't going to make your day!!
Unless I am missing something else I have to do????

Dan Germain


Here's a clever thing. Admittedly it's only a beta release at the moment, but it's called Tangerine and it helps you create playlists in iTunes. Specifically, it analyses the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library,...

[...] For those of you who are Mac users out there, there is a spiffy little device being developed over at The Potion Factory called Tangerine. It calculates the BPM and Beat intensity of your music library and then can build playlists that flow effortlessly, or playlists with the whol gamit of energy levels for running or for mourning a loss. Its quie spiffy. It has an interface not dissimilar to that of iTunes itself, but with more tangerine-ey orange goodness. You can tell they’ve put a lot of work into it so far, with subtle details such as a gradient that follows the play bar in the coverflow-esque playlist oraniser. Ive made a few playlists so far, and its been rather handy and accurate. It does take quite some time to scan through a library though, which is annoying, but I suppose ultimately unavoidable. Fortunately though, once its been done, you no longer have to do it again so I suppose its a trivial issue. [...]


Hi, awesome software!

I just tried it and mixed a playlist for running and it was great to find gems from my music library all neatly mixed with the same BPM. THANKS!

Just one wish:
For running (I will be running a half marathon next week), it would be incredible to have an additional profile: Flat with rising BPM from a given time on: Example: 80 minutes with 110-120 BPM and than rising to 140 BPM. Is that possible?

Additionally it would be great to limit the mix to certain genres and years (i.e. 2000-2006).

Keep up the good work, I will be one of your customers!

Regards, pretzelmonster.

Andy Kim

pretzelmonster: You can append songs to the end of the current playlist by option clicking the plus button. Using that feature you can create more complex playlists. Give it a try.


Great looking software but useless for me because I purchase all my songs iTunes Store. I hope you are working whit DRM track features also..

[...] Find the perfect beat Tangerine iTunes scanner Cause intense playlistsread more | digg story Related Posts Using sails to move big ships, with a twist « Firefox Development Team Aided By Steven Colbert [...]

Phillip W

I have a large library of music, and scrolling through looking for the right song is more or less a hassle. Can you imagine scrolling through 11,000+ songs looking for music to get hyphy with yourself? Tangerine has made my life as simple and efficient as my mbp has made the rest of my life. I absolutely love and adore this app!

Chris B

Interesting idea, but it does need some refinement (is that some kind of random selection of album covers at the bottom of the screen?) and maybe an option to extend the amount out the song that is analysed at the sacrifice of speed of analysis.

The numbers it comes up with seem to be eccentric in many cases. Arthurs Theme by Christopher Cross is apparently over 170bpm, along with anything reggae or anything that has marracas in and quite a few Gershwin tracks (for some reason)...Three Little Birdies Down Beats by the Chemical Brothers and Jump & Shout by Basement Jaxx come in at 61bpm - they're two of the more frantic tunes I know, but both start off with some sparse drum beats, which may be confusing.

I'm guessing that only a small percentage of each tune is sampled which may be responsible for these (and many other) eccentric choices, and I also guess it's very difficult to come up with something perfect, but this is such a good idea that I think it's worth trying.

[...] [...]


awesome program and had no problems yet! the album art on the bottom half of the screen is an awesome feature. makes playlist for running so much easier. thanks!!

[...] I have stated using Tangerine from Potion Factory. The tool works out the BPM and intensity of each song in your iTune library and then allows you to build play lists using these two pieces of data. [...]





Nice! Now it loads in Japanese too!


Initially I didnt think much of the tangerine idea. Now, after downloading it, I cant live without it. Thanks potion factory, awesome application, works great for a beta, no problems so far.

Mark Scrimshire

I tested this app on a PowerBook G4 using a library which has a significant portion of the 3,500+ entries accessed over a network rather than on the laptop hard drive. The scanning of the library was incredibly fast taking about 35 minutes. The writing of the information to update the iTunes library took longer but worked without a hitch.

This is a very smooth and polished app. A definite iTunes must have application for us music lovers that are musically challenged.

I am recommending it in my blog at http://ekive.com/blog/2006/10/22/the-color-of-top-itunes-add-ons-is-tang...


Brilliant simply Brilliant!!

[...] Tangerine is a great new application coming from the Potion Factory. It is currently in beta. [...]


Posted this in a blog on my DJ myspace. Love the program but have found that it isn't necessarily accurate all the time. I've had certain tracks bpm at 63 when I know for a fact that the song is actually 101 bpm. Even does this on an instrumental which is nothing but a beat loop. Also have had similar experiences as others with importing into itunes. It'd be nice to have a manual override where you can input your own bpm if you know that the program is incorrect. Also, it would be nice to analyze individual tracks instead of having to reanalyze the entire library, or reanalyze the tracks it hasn't already. Even though it's a beta, this program is a great tool. I've already recommended it to quite a few other djs, and will continue to do so. Perhaps just a standalone bpm analyzer without the playlist generating could be ported out of the program, maybe with better bpm analysis so that mistaken are fewer and farther between.


Holy Funk this is a great app, it's.. it's... it's like a paradigm shift in meta dj tools.. It's like the app many of us always wanted and many of even knew we wanted and talked about wanting but here it actually is!! and it's FAST! amazing!! doing it based on actual song data is really nice generates a much more varied and interesting collection than say services like moodlogic or lastfm were capable of (based on meta data).. Brilliant, keep up the great work!



Echoing others' comments, I wasn't sure about this but having played over the weekend I think this is indispensible for large itunes libraries. I'd like to see closer integration with itunes (perhaps Apple will offer you pots of cash for it? ;-) )

Non-techie post here: http://quitegoodthings.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/making-sense-of-my-itune...


Wow, this is great! I've been looking for something like this for a while.

The algorithm needs a little work though. Lots of 999's, 0's, and 75's. I wouldn't mind slower read time for more accurate beat detection.


Another feature you could add is a "beat intensity" tab in iTunes. If I were able to use the program to simply input this data into iTunes and then I could use it to manually create playlists, using the extra information.

I'm not sure if you can do that however. Can you add a category with a plugin?

Otherwise, I'd advocate the option suggested earlier: higher beat-intensity = 5 stars, lowest = 1 star.

Create playlist depending by BPM and intensity at edsmiley.c

[...] Tangerine is an awesome little app that goes through your library in Itunes and analyzes your music and determines the beats per minute (bpm) and intensity of each song. Then you can create a playlist based upon these values. [...]

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I'm just a plain end-user, not a geek/programmer/developer, and I downloaded the beta (0.9.4 (2887) just out of interest to see if it would help me to identify tracks for my daily run (I usually just shuffle tracks at random on my iPod, and the theory is that I try to remember which tracks had the right tempo to run with, and at the end of the run I put those tracks in a "Running" playlist . . . but I either forget the tracks, forget to put them in the playlist, or find they are already there from a previous run).

Comments /questions so far (perhaps these will all be explained in a future "Help" file or some other documentation?)
- it all looks beautiful
- it sure is pretty fast (on my G4 PowerBook - about 2 seconds per song! 2011 tracks in 26 minutes, it now tells me)
- as soon as the program is loaded it runs, and it is not clear to the user just what it is doing and why
- what is the "New Playlist" that appears, and why would I want to save it?
- and why does an apparently random series of about 10 boxes representing tracks appear in the window? They don't change as the program continues analyzing, so what does it mean and what is its utility?
- what is "beat intensity" by the way (I can kind-of guess, but I wonder how you define it and measure it!)
- the vertical scale of 0 to 180bpm is self-explanatory, but it disappears off the left side of the window as you scroll - some horizontal scale bars going all across the window would make it more informative
- when I "Save BPM values to iTunes" where does this information go exactly? Will it also be on my iPod? Will it use up a significant amount of space on my iPod?
- it is analyzing 2011 songs out of the 2368 in my library . . . reading the diggit entries, I guess the others are DRM-protected songs from the iTunes store?

Thanks for a great idea and a great product!

Now to go running and see how it goes!

[...] songs in your iTunes library.” (tags: audio software mp3 music) Add to del.icio.us  Add to Digg      [...]


Only about 20 to 25 % were scanned cerrectly in my music library! Electronic stuff is quite good analyzed, but the Rock-Songs were full of mistakes. I taped them in with a metronome. Please tell me if I am the only one who has this problem.


Will this overwrite the BPM tags I have painstakingly added manually? I desperately want to use this app, but I have no desire to lose hours and hours of work. Regardless, thanks for noticing and filling the functionality gap. Double plus good!

Andy Kim

Josh: Tangerine will not overwrite any BPM values already present in iTunes. That said, it is beta software so backup the music library before trying it.


incredble...thanks for the time saving program...

C Harrison

Haven't read every comment but would like to know what you consider a "beat" and how that relates to time signature. The way I count rhythm, I come up with a number that's generally 1/2 what Tangerine computes.

Pete Clark

Love the app. Blogged about it. Looking forward to updates and the release!

David Rademeyer

I find that Tangerine can't detect the BPM of songs over 10 minutes long. It lists BPM as "Error."

Also, there is no way to "re"-analyze a song if there is an error during initial analysis.

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[...] - Tangerine is an application that is very useful for those folks who like to listen to their iPod while running or exercising, in addition to just sorting out your music by beat or speed. Great job on the UI, by the way. [...]