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Voice Candy 1.1

Voice Candy 1.1 is out!

The major new feature in this release is the voice note manager. After recording a clip, use the Save as Note action. After that you can access the recording through the Notes window (⌘3) that looks like this:

Voice Candy Notes Window

It should be self explanatory, but here are a few things that might not be obvious:

  • You can change the playback rate. You can vary the playback rate between 0.5 to 2.5 times the original speed. This should be a big help to those who use Voice Candy to record meetings or lectures. This will allow you to review it much faster or examine specific portions in detail. The great thing about this feature is that it does not affect the pitch despite the speed change. Incidentally, holding down the next button will also fast forward through the recording.
  • You can perform actions on these notes. You do so through the Actions menu or by control-clicking them.
  • You can rename a note by clicking on its title. Double click plays it
  • You can control the volume with your mouse wheel (and if you didn't know already, a bonus tip: you can adjust the clock in the remind action with the mouse wheel too)
  • Although these are called "Notes", feel free to record much longer clips and save it here.

The other new feature of this release is the ability to monitor the recording--you can now listen to the effects live as the program is recording. Laptop users shouldn't record from the built-in mic and monitor using the built-in speakers though, as that is a sure way of getting feedback noise. You can set the monitor device in Voice Candy's Recording Preferences.

All in all, we're proud to offer you this significant upgrade for free.


Steve Harris

Hey, well done, the new version looks great!


forgot the about window


Very cool. Even more reasons to keep using it.

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Andy Kim

Thank you Steve, Jimi, and Oliver. Thank you Daniel for the link. More cool things will be added to Voice Candy to make it a more serious recording application in the future.

Rapitse Montsho

I need to purchase voice candy

Kat Ford

You are a lifesaver! i am an educator of special needs children and periodically, I have to "rewrite" stories for differentiation. Voice Candy is a hit with our students. I wish there were more voice choices, though. Thank you for this program. It's difficult finding Mac programs of this magnitude.