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Shanghai, Connecticut

Imagine my delight when I found out this morning that my ICBM (Intel Chip Based iMac) is finally shipping. I was half asleep after having woken up at noon as usual and after grokking and parsing out the fedex tracking number out of the shipment notification email, I proceeded on in excitement to the... Oh! it's shipping from Connecticut. That's weird, Shanghai, Connecticut. Oh, wait a minute... Nooooooo!

So now I have a widget sitting in my Dashboard that I will actually use, like every freaking five minutes.

Package Tracker Widget

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I am waiting for my new mac book pro,,,,,and i got a notice it shipped today as well from shanghai, cn. i was so upset when i just checked the tracking number and it says, 'delay beyond our control.' did you get that??? my husband says its probably because the rain up there. anyway, i typed 'shanghai conneticut' in my search engine, and it took me to your blog. lol......small world huh? anyway, good luck on recieving yours on time. i am counting the mins until i get mine. it will be my very first mac.
my email is: janetsue.227@gmail.com


Wow, this is funny. I pretty much did the same thing as you guys. So I guess my silly hope of my computer being in the US is dashed, oh well.


And just to support the theory of the Small World. I too am waiting on my Mac Book Pro, saw Shanghai CN on the Fedex tracker and went straight to google. (I thought by CN they meant China!)

Andy Kim

They do mean China.


An even smaller world. I thought what is CN? Then I looked harder and thought there's a Shanghai in Conn? LOL Guess I gotta about a week before my shipment arrives oh well just as long as I get it by 21 Dec.


Even a smaller world! that's how I got here and the macbook pro is what I'm waiting for!


Uh-oh, the world gets ridiculously smaller...waiting on my MacBook Pro, and my name is also 'Al' (Allister). I find it somewhat depressing, however, that my computer is more travelled than I am...it left Shanghai, was in Japan for a second, and is now on its way here.

Steven C

OMG, even micro smaller! Im waiting for my ipod touch, saw Shanghai, CN on my email. I was like, ok Connecticut. But then I googled, "shanghai, CN" then i saw CHINA! omg hexa far. Oh well its coming in about 5 days. And the Apple branch is barely like 20 miles from my house. Crazy


Jees o peet.. I got the 17 inch macbook pro and it is coming from China. That pisses me off.. It will take a week to get here. Its driving me insane.. Next mac im driving 60 miles to the MAC store and bring the DAMN thing home with me that day.


Ditto! Y'all enjoy your new Mac!


hahah SO this is a tripple play same thing happend to me,..And im hopeing it doenst take 4 years


Is it me or does everyone first think that Connecticut is CN. C'Mon now, this should have been in your brains from kindergarden, Connecticut is CT.

Ok well I guess I can see your excitement overshadowing your brain as I also found this website doing a google search. CN, I guess when you are excited you don't think straight, but what about the SHANGHAI, and you still thought Connecticut??? Hmmm... lol


yeah we're probably a dumb population lol they're messing with our heads and know exactly what we're doing, when and how.. we're puppets! =( anyways, awaiting my MBP i use the tracking number to see where it is (and if maybe i could cancel?); my thought process is as follows (keep in mind im Canadian):

1. UPS Tracking: Shanghai, CN (i first notice the CN)
2. CN?.. Canada? Shouldn't it be CA? there's a Shanghai in Canada?!!! .. didn't the processing email say it's shipping from the U.S.? Apple's headquarters? California.. ALSO 'CA' .. ? Hmm.. probably Connecticut then? Nah... what the hell does Connecticut have to do with Apple.. and Connecticut isn't CN either....
3. SHIT.. shanghai?? REALLY?!
4. Google (stumbled upon this website, read post + comments)

Now number 6 of my thought process i'd like to share .. WHAT THE HELL IS CHINA DOING SHIPPING APPLE PRODUCTS TO AMERICA???!!!!!!!!!! Computer parts may be purchased from there, but the whole assembling shit can be (should be!) done in the States.. no?!! My, my, my

I should stop writing now and go crazy in my own little corner. I wish it weren't too late to cancel my MBP! =(

Andy Kim

Hi Janet,

At least you'll know that your new Mac is as fresh as technically possible. I'm sorry about the "delay beyond our control" part though. I didn't get that and from the time of my email shipment notification it took exactly 6 days to get mine delivered.

It's funny that you mention the search engine query because I did the exact same thing and went, "doh!, of course!".

Well, congratulations on your new MacBook Pro! It's good to hear stories of people like yourself switching. Now these days I have to resist my gag reflex whenever I'm back on Windows :)

Let me know if you have any questions about using the Mac. As a relatively new switcher, I know the experience first hand.


I realize this is an older blog, but it sure hit home when I read it. I of course just typed the Shanghai, CN into my google engine and here I am. Looks like I'm not the first. I've just decided to "make the switch" over to a Mac and am really startgin to wonder if it's worth it. I ordered it Aug. 19th and it FINALLY shipped out Sep 14th. I too thought it was from Conneticut (enter big sigh here). Ah well good to see I'm not the only one.

Andy Kim


The first couple of days will be like hell because you'll still have the Windows habit ingrained in your muscles. Make sure to not give up on the Mac though because once you do get used to it, there is no going back. The Mac will provide you a stress free computing experience. If you're coming from Linux, I think you're in for a treat as well. In any case, welcome to the Mac platform.


haha... wow looks like we're all in the same boat. i was so excited when i found out my toshiba was being shipped todya. too bad its in arkansas right now.. it went from shanghai to there.. and im in frickkin maryland. i dont understand this policy. really. its odd.

Shanghai, CN | Lan Halliday

[...] I am so excited Apple finally upgraded its MacBook Pro to the latest Intel processor. I ordered one Monday morning and I just received notification that it has been shipped. I immediately checked the FedEx tracker and it says that it had shipped from Shanghai, CN. My first thought was “There’s a city named Shanghai in Connecticut? How fascinating!” So I googled Shanghai, Connecticut and I came across this. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. So funny how I didn’t even consider CN to stand for China. [...]


hahaaha wow being a CT resident i'm amazed at how many people think the abbreviation is CN, i guess it's the desperation that make ppl want to believe its connecticut.. i too was hoping SHANGHAI CN meant something other than china, but w.e


I found this as you all did - going "Huh? CHINA???" I am waiting for my sons IPOD which was promised in a few days. We shall see.


HAHAHAHHA being the genius that I am, I knew this was coming from China. Then I saw this blog and quickly said phew Connecticut! LOL Then I kept reading, pulled a Homer and said DOH!!!


holy crap i was thinki this thing came from china and my friend was like no way and i was like yeah huh but i got onto this crazy site and now i know it really comes from connetcut you guys are tricky up there at apple


I ordered a laptop a couple weeks ago and is shipping from Shanghai, CN. I googled it like everyone else and found this place. The shipping seemed to be going smoothly til this morning. 2 days ago it was in Shanghai, and today it's in my home state of California... except it shipped to another city and gives me a "Delivery Exception" because the "Customer was not available or the business was closed". I'm hoping this is just a very temporary mixup and it'll still make it here by it's scheduled date of tomorrow. Based on some of your responses, I'm a more than just a little skeptical.

apple customer

OK - same story - thought there really was (or was really hoping there was) a Shanghai in Connecticut!!! OH well, my iMac has a loooooooong way to go from China.

Don Benedict

I ordered an IPOD and PROMAC and went through the same thing as above in the BLOG. Yesterday, I saw a special on TV about a lady who went for 1 year not using or buying anything from China. Her result was that it was a real eye opener in how dependant North America is on China trade. From my perspective, it's sad, that this is reality. Think of all the jobs that have been lost from Canada and the USA to China. My material will get here in due course, but the feeling would be better if my Apple products were assembled and made in North America.


Well isn't it a small world after all? after 4 days of waiting for the notebook to be built, HP finnaly shipped it out today. I could've sworn CN was conneticut, but something in the back of my head told me this didn't look right at all. Then I googled it and guess what I came up with? Well if you're thinking it was this blog, then your right. Seems like Apple and Toshiba aren't the only ones trying to save a few bucks :(


Yup, I ordered my HP notebook and they said it expected to ship on 9/7 and I was excited to see that it shipped from Shanghai Connecticut (lol) yesterday (9/5) morning, I figured hell i might get it by Friday... :^( yeah, anyway, I bought HP because i figured i was buying American and Gateway just got bought out by Korean Acer... All that leaves is Macs (snicker) and Dell's and HP as American companies. But i guess no one manufactures here anymore... Gotta love capitalism... We are swiftly losing the ability to employ non-professional Americans... Glad we can help out China though...


I guess I will just add my list to the people that were hoping beyond all resonable hope that the CN really stood for Connecticut. I am finally getting my first Mac. I work for Marshall University's IT department in their graduate school and everyone is switching over. I'm glad I made the switch, but the wait for the computer is killing me...


Haha funny, I did the same thing everyone else did (googled Shanghai CN) I'm patiently waiting for my new iMac...Its good to know I'm not the only one who hoped for a moment that CN meant Connecticut...


All I can say is that I recently ordered my macbook and they promised it'd be here in two days.
how the hell does something get from China to Wisconsin in two days?
so I googled like everyone else... this is a little ridiculous!


Maaaan. I just ordered a laptop from Gateway and thought/hoped CN was conneticut. This is wack. I went with gateway because on their website it says the customer service is 100% in US or Canada. I was hoping it would come from North America but that's not the case. So this just means more money going into other countries and less jobs for US and Canada. I'll just hope it arrives in 2 days like some of you lucky people.


It's Saturday and I was wondering if anyone had any idea how long it would take for my MacBook Pro would take to get to NJ from China.


LOL yes I too googled Shanghai CN (though to be honest i didnt know what the CN was spose to be) as for HP.I had to call thier customer service several times i think there was one time i didnt have to work thru a heavy accent. <.< Not rascist or anything was just surprised.


Haha, wierd.I got here the same way as everyone else. I'm waiting for my gateway and the tracking number says Shanghia, CN. So I then typed it in the search bar, and I'm here as well. It's wierd how we're all coming together in the same way. But seriously, we need not help out China.. so they can do what? buy MORE lead paint? How many recalls have we had? and all from China. I'm wondering if I should definately NOT lick my laptop now. (j/k)


Well, same story here... As a European I was ashamed of myself to ignore there was a Shanghai in the US too. Turns out I was all wrong, but pleased to hear I'm not the only one. Have an uncle in Memphis who'll bring me home a fresh new iPod for Xmas (well, I still paid for it myself), seen the fact that a 160G US iPod costs me less then a 80G european iPod. Lucky Bastards. The waiting has started... China-US-Belgium, my God, what a world!

Hector Romero

I as well was disappointed to know that my Macbook Pro was shipping from Shanghai and not Connecticut. I could've saved myself the anxiety from the anticipation by going to the mall and buy it directly from them for instant gratification!!
Lesson learned.


I did the same thing as you all, however, I didn't think about Connecticut at all. I thought Canada. The reason is when I saw the packing route, it was already in Anchorage, Alaska. So I said to my wife, that's odd, I had no idea there was a Shanghai in Canada. She smacked me and informed me there wasn't. So to prove her wrong, I also Googled it, and tada, here I am. LOL I'm in Utah and ordered an HP Pavilion. Thankfully I ordered it during their $500 of coupon code promotion! It should be here by Friday! Fingers crossed!


I never realized there were so many chinese restaurants named shanghai in connecticut....I too have made the switch to mac and when I saw shanghai, cn I looked up shanghai connecticut on google maps.....when i had no luck i came here! lol! It's kinda like a limbo for people who want their new mac!

Dave Warwak

I ended up here just like all the others. Yeah, all the crap coming out of China, now I am not so happy - lets see how long from China TO Wisconsin. Today is the 30th.


I ordered a macbook pro too, and I searched shanghai connecticut. It truly is a small world, and by that I really mean this world is huge... but you know what I mean anyway. I am eagerly anticipating my macbook pro, because Macs are awesome. Not that I would know, because this is my first one, but everyone I talk to who has a mac recommends them highly.


It's crazy how small the world can be, huh? Like all of y'all, I instantly got excited when I saw that my new Toshiba laptop was in Shanghai, CN. Googled it and found that CN wasn't Conneticut and was China instead. It's Tuesday now.... *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping it'll be here in Arkansas by Friday (I'm a rather impatient person :P)! :D


I saw my shipping info on HP from fedex and I saw Shanghai CN and was like there aint no state with that abbreviation and I was like I kow its coming from overseas, but where? So i googled like everyone else and saw the answer in the little page summaries they give before you click the site. The I noticed this said Conn. So I was like conn has the same city as china so I had to read. So ya hear I am yammering on aimlessly. The one thing that gets me tho is that I ordered one Pc a week ago and had it sent to me and then 24 hours later I went and ordered one for a friend and mine is being shipped 2 and a half hours after hers? Thats what I dont understand and both pc are identical and going to the same address I just had to order seperate because of bank says no more than $1,500 can be spent on account in a day. So I'm a little upset she might get hers first. I never understand them in china. I have 2 pc made the same way and one has a day head start yet the other one is done first and sent first? To me thats messed up. Well enough yammering before I end up wth a novel here.

Hp might hear from me on that note.



yup... i'm here just like everyone else.

all these stories seem identical

i just ordered my first macbook pro the other day and didn't spend the extra 15 bucks for expedited shipping because i thought the apple store was notorious for quick shipping.

then i see shanghai cn in the fedex trackin... well, i expected the worst as they estimated it would take 5 days to get here. so, i put in shanghai cn into my google search field and noticed the suggestion "shanghai cn fedex" and went with that one... now here i am, just like everyone else!

well, i'm really excited to get my first mac, so this is going to be a painful 5 days i tell ya!

New Apple Owner

check this out....my new macbook is going from shanghai cn to ANCHORAGE, AK then back to INDIANAPOLIS, IN and I am in Washington State.....does this make any sense??? wouldn't it just make more sense to put the macbook on a jet and fly west.........why the transfers and run around?????

Third Mac for me

Wow, this is crazy! I can't believe how many new mac buyers have happened onto this site.. just like me I guess. This however isn't my first rodeo. I am here because my Macbook Pro just shipped from China as well. I would think as liberal as Apple is, they wouldn't contract out of the country, interesting. I own an iMac and another Macbook. The iMac I bought online. It arrived Dead on Arrival unfortunately. I sent it back and just called the Apple Store and had them ship one to me, MUCH QUICKER! The Macbook I bought at the store in person, but I decided to try this way out one more time with the Macbook Pro. I love Mac's though! Duh! They just work! I am a graphic Design/Video/Photo Editor, so it is imperative I use Mac. All of you who are new to the world of Apple, Welcome!!! You won't be leaving!


Just another person to seriously think that there was a Shanghai in Connecticut. How insane. I ordered an HP Pavilion laptop. More waiting.... :o(


Ok. So. Like, meeting of the Mac minds here I guess (for the most part) i checked my order status with apple and then the FEDEX tracker...my macbook pro left SHANGHAI on the 28th. like everyone else, i was like "CHINA?" i almost felt betrayed!!!


Such is life!


I received my ipod from shanghai in 36 hours. a flight takes longer than that


I too thought Shanghai, CT.... Wishful thinking I suppose! :) I ordered a personalized tx2000z from HP (I am so anxious to get it!) I saw that it shipped and I of course went to fedex.com to track it and saw the Shanghai, CN and thought there was a city in the US named Shanghai..as I said before, wishful thinking!
I saw that someone else said that they had thier product in 2 days from China. And just a few posts before this one, someone said they had it in 36 hours. That rocks!! I am not a patient person...lol, I have spent almost $1500 on this laptop and accesories for it, I want it so badly!
Hopefully all goes well for everyone!


Ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto!

Is nothing being made in America anymore?


Same here I just ordered my first mac book and i was pretty Pissed off when I heard It was in china. Wouldn't it be easier to ship from like NY, or California?


Oh my gosh! Hi guys got room for one more. Ordered my MacBook Pro on May 27th. Today the 30th I see Shanghai CN and on the email alert and wanting it so badly my mind wants to think Conneticut, but my gut knows it means China. Jeez $2300.00 total & taxes, plus $15.00 extra for 2 day shipping!? because I can hardly wait to fondle the thing.
I feel like I'm in an episode of Groundhog Day on The Night before Christmas. I gues we should look on the bright side, we'll just appreciate it more when it arrives. Good luck guys happy Mac-ing!


i am also recieving a mac...but at the same time im wondering why when i look up shanghai it comes up with this thread as the first selection...lol


This thread is hilarious. i ordered my MacBook Pro on the 16th. needed authorization on the credit card. and shipment date is June 23, 2008, delivers by June 26, 2008. I obviously googled shanghai thinking it was in CT. I cant believe how many people have done this though.


Here's a cool story. I LIVE in China. But, in case you didn't know, if you order a Mac through the US Apple Website, you must ship it to a US address. Yeah, so, I shipped my MacBook to my mom who lives in South Carolina. She's planning to visit me in China 2 weeks from now, and will bring my new computer as a carry-on item. As I was tracking the package, I noticed that it was in Shanghai. I couldn't believe it could really be in CHINA!! So close to home! I immediately checked for a Shanghai, Connecticut as many of you did. But it really is in China! Why wait another 2 weeks for my computer, when it's in a nearby Chinese city. I called FedEx to ask them if I could change the destination address. They said they couldn't do that; only the sender (aka, Apple), could do that. Another phone call to Apple got me no where. They said that for security reasons, they wouldn't change the address once the computer had been shipped. Now, the computer will leave China, to go to America, only to come back to China again! I will wait impatiently for the next two weeks and my mom will have an extra 5 lbs to lug along with her across the world. It's kinda funny, actually. Don't misunderstand my tone.


This is too funny!!!! I googled Shanghai, CN and came up with this page too. I ordered a HP tablet PC and was excited that it was shipping out earlier than the estimated date (July 7th). When I saw Shanghai, CN, I thought.....wait I know there isn't a Shanghai in the United States!!! So now I'm like, 'How long will it take to get here?!?!' I want my new laptop!!!! (smile)


Same as all above.. Just ordered a Macbook, my first Mac since I was a little kid. It will take some getting used to but I'm so excited. My Dell has been nothing but problems. Yay. I'm also getting a 160gig ipod since I filled mine up.. =X Hope it gets here soon as I got expedited shipping!


ARGH! Connecticut never even crossed my mind as CN. I was thinking more along the lines of some suburb of Cincinnati. When I found this blog for Shanghai, Connecticut, I shared the same fleeting sense of delight as the rest of you...one thing I can't reconcile, however, is why did I spend an extra $18 on expedited shipping only to still be waiting for my MacBook a week after ordering? OK, so they had to load the iWork software. How long can that possibly take?! We ordered 3 PCs from DELL a few weeks back at work. They required all sorts of custom configurations. They arrived ready to use 2 days after ordering without any expedited shipping fees...
I really hope making this switch to Mac is all it's hyped to be...


wow....i feel special...

got to this page the same way as every one else...

was wishing that my new laptop was closer to New Orleans than china.....

and the whole made in china does piss me off just a tad.... x_X

Cole Walker

Yeah... I googled Shanghai,CN Only to find out it was indeed CHINA!!
I was OUTRAGED!! I called 1-(800)-MY-APPLE and talked to a person and asked them if it was gonna be covered in LEAD he said No...

I thought macs atleast were made in america.... but NOPE!!!

Ghost Faction

I fell for the same thing

Let's hope the wait is still two days and not two months


Wow, I never expect to find a page with a bunch of people confused just as much as I was when I saw Shanghai, CN lol. When I first saw that I was like Shanghai..thats prolly like some wierd city in the U.S or some stupid name for a company. My gut told me it was china, but my brain was like..hey it couldnt be, because why would your new Macbook be in china, thats just silly. Then I found this page while I was desperately googling where Shanghai was and trying to find a map, and I was like SOB! CHINA *shakes fist at apple*. Says it shipped on the 4th and will get here the 7th...guess we`ll see just how that one turns out.


I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I ordered a Macbook Pro from Apple, and saw that it was shipped, and the tracker said Shanghai, CN, and I thought it was China. I live in Connecticut, so I knew the CN wasn't here, because the next stop was Anchorage Alaska, and that'd be pretty messed up to keep hopping back and forth across the country to make sure I wait the scheduled delivery time. I googled Shanghai CN just to make sure Fedex didn't have a unique state abbreviation scheme of some sort. I aught to get my MBPro by thursday, but like an above poster, I have a "delay beyond their control". Must be a customs issue. I hope it doesn't delay my reciept. If the delay is so regular, they must account for it on any order from Shanghai.


Wow! I am getting a MacBook, and thought...Wow! Conneticut! It will be here in a couple days. Then I thought...there is no Shanghai in Conneticut. It's China! When I realized it I almost died...I hope it doesn't take a decade to ship!


I ordered a HP dv5z, and it shipped 2 days before expected (same as the person above) but now it's in china lol. Hopefully it won't take that long.

Mac Addict

Look like Shanghai, Connecticut is more relevant than Shanghai, China but indeed my MacBook Pro is coming from the other side of the globe. No wonder, there's no such thing as "Next Day Air" when it comes to choosing shipping method.


hahahahaha, i can't believe how many people did the same thing i just did....fuck i wish there was a shanghai connecticut because its getting shipped to rhode island. that probably would have been alot faster.

and now we play the waiting game


Yeah, I ordered HP, and it said shipping for Shanghai, CN, my first thought was China, and unfortunately it is..... So I googled to be sure, and found this blog...


Yeeeahhh... seeing this post made me feel 1,000,000 times better knowing I wasn't the only one confusing the abbreviation for China with Connecticut. For the past few days while I've been waiting for my iPod and MacBook Pro to get here I've been saying "sweet Connecticut thats not far!!!"... Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong...


well--I didnt really think it was gonna be US made--I saw shanghai and thought of the movie Shanghai Noon!! lol I just hope my hp lappy gets here in one piece--with all that throwing from one truck to another and the altitude from a plane flight--hell we arent suppose to even touch graphics cards without being hooked up (grounded) Crazy Stuff!!


I guess I jinxed myself--Got it on the 3rd and it was broke haha!! now i gotta wait till SHANGHAI sends me another i mean HP--I really dont care whos sending it now--just send me a working one--Too bad there wasnt an HP in shanghai conn---then we wouldnt have to wait 2 weeks--plus americans would have jobs--good luck!! with overseas orders--


Well I guess it's safe to say where all slaves to the age of information..lmao. You can guess how I got here and it's pretty sad that most of us don't know the abbreviation for a north American state. Bet the Chinese do! Hahaha


I must be an idiot. I ordered a macbook pro and was stoked when I got the email saying it has been shipped. I was thinking it was coming from California and was a couple days out but then I saw Shanghai.. What a bummer.


ordered the new macbook. mortified at "shanghai CN". googled it, thinking i was just lapsing into early alzheimer's and there really is an american state of CN which i just couldn't remember --


Wow!! I feel better knowing I wasn't the only one awaiting an ipod from "Shanghai, Connecticut." xD
When I read "CN" I thought I was waiting for something from Connecticut. It wasn't until my ipod reached Anchorage, Alaska did I realize that it must be coming from China. I googled "Shanghai, Connecticut" and came across this blog. Boy is this a small world!!


Guess how I found this site?
I googled = SHANGHAI, CN
Because I'm waiting for a custom configured MacBook Pro.

- dewuser


I ordered an iPod Touch, had it engraved and saw that it's shipping from Shanghai CN . Just like you all I googled it thinking" hey of course it has to be Connecticut," and of course it isn't, and now I'm wondering if it'll even be here for Christmas! It says it'll be here in 2 days but I'm not holding my breath. Just like everyone else, I'm anxious to get my new toy!

Paranoid Android

Woohoo, my turn. Incredible how many of us did the same thing. I think we all have a prejudice against China's industrial quality. All desperately hoping that shanghai is not THE SHANGHAI, but a silly little city in the U.S.


The country code for China is CN. Both HP and Apple Inc ship directly from China using a United States sender address. Not sure why but I think it maybe has something to do with not wanting to be in the American face with there outsourcing. And you cant ReRoute to China or any other country for that matter because of the huge theft issues associated with laptops and electronics.


I ordered an ipod shuffle for my daughter for christmas and when I got my tracking information it was Suzhou CN and I thought hmmm where in Conn is THAT?! Then today I checked again and it was in Shanghai which made me really wonder if I really knew that little about Conn. My friend found this blog and then as he was sending it to me I said...ummmm maybe CN really is China and Im geographically challenged. Turns out I'm not alone so I dont feel too embarrassed. I'm definately disappointed. If i had known it would ship from China, I just would've found the time to go to the mall here and get it because at least then it would give that store business and generate good revenue numbers for them which in turn assists in keeping the store open and makes jobs. Even if everything is made in China. No more ordering online from Apple for me. I have an estimated delivery date of this friday dec 19th. Fingers crossed!


This is too funny. I ordered my HP notebook last week and it finally shipped today, and I checked the tracking number they gave me. It said "Shanghai CN" and I believed that it was coming from China. My mother wouldn't agree with me so I googled "SHANGHAI CN" and guess what I found? Yup, this blog that started over a year ago, haha! For a moment I was excited that it is in fact coming from the U.S! But I kept on reading... and, unfortunately, it is coming from China. I hope I get it before next year!


Wow, I see I'm not the only one here who was confused about where SHANGHAI CN is located. I couldn't remember any state in the U.S with the abbreviation of CN so then I figured maybe my lappy was coming from Canada. Imagine, Shanghai Canada . . . :D hahaha . . . but this seemed odd so I yahooed the name and it led me here. This is too hilarious.


Yup! My new HP laptop is definitely coming from outside the USA. The FEDEX tracking says it was shipped at 5:29 PM on Jan. 7th. Well, right now sitting here at my desk it is 1:40 PM Jan. 7th. And since I am in the Eastern time zone, there is no place in all of the great country of America where it can be later than 5:29 PM (or 4:29 or 3:29 or 2:29). The latest time in the USA right now is 1:40 PM. Ooops, lets make that 1:42 now! Ha ha.. Of course, I guess it is possible that FEDEX sets all of their clocks ahead on their tracking website feature. Hmmm. This way, they would have even more time to deliver it right? Perhaps thats how they stay ahead of the delivery time curve!


Me too. I ordered HP hdx18...when i tracked my hp I found out it from Shanghai, CN. First of all, I thought i came from Connecticut then I googled and found out this forum. It took a long way to US....


Same comment as most of the others. I was excited to see that my HP dv5t had shipped two days early. The Fedex tracker said - Shanghai, CN. I hoped against hope that there was a Shanghai, Connecticut. Never in a million years did I think the PC would come from China, but I should have realized the possibility. Fedex guys say it will come fairly quickly, once it makes it through customs.

I found this site when I googled Shanghai, Connecticut, much as many of you.


Amazing how many morons don't know CT is the abbrv. of Connecticut,not CN.Do y'all think Boston,MA is in Malaysia?


Funny, Ben, that you are making fun of others who are on this page... how'd you get here? Do-do

Ron R

Good point Jonathan! Ben must be feeling ______ twice as much!


Yeah Ben - what Jonathan said! I feel like an idiot.... ;)


Me too! I ordered a macbook, and started tracking UPS shipping. Then! what's going on? I live in Delaware, south of Connecticut. Why did my new mac go north to Alaska? Next, it was sitting in Kentucky for three days. So I call apple, and that's when my face went red. I could not wrap my brain around a custom configured macbook having an estimated arrival date of a week, from China.
Oh well,
Wonder how many have found themselves here and didn't leave a comment? or did not even bother to google Shanghai Connecticut.


I Googled SHANGHAI CN - I had the naive hope that it was a "startup" city in Conn. - maybe a massive industrial or business park that had big boots to fill, hence the name "Shanghai", or such a large hub. I did NOT want to accept that my hp laptop was on its way from China. After all, there is a Paris, Texas!
And look! a website for this condition of mine (ours)!


ditto....hoped it wasn't china since I hate to support that country, oh apple you disappoint me.....this macbook better be as good as I hope!!


I ordered a MacBook (new one) for my son's 16th birthday. I just got a MacBook Pro almost 1 day after it was ordered so I first thought I would also get this right away but no. The dead giveaway was that it was shipped on 3/13 at 9:23 PM. I was reading the tracking info at 11:00 AM on 3/13 so I knew it couldn't be in this country. Yes, they come from China, but I have had Macs for years and I am not going to stop liking Mac over PC just because they've offshored their work. Everyone is doing it. I don't like it but I don't worry about things I have no control over. In the end, the "great-financial" minds that decided this is how we will cut expenses will come to realize that taking back control and giving jobs to people in our country is much more cost-effective in the end!


It is not just the Macs that are shipping from China. I am awaiting the arrival of my HP laptop, the fedex tracker also says Shanghai, CN.


I just got a shipment notification email from HP on a PC I ordered. I was pleasantly surprised, both by the fact that it shipped early and by the fact that they were apparently shipping on Saturdays now. A quick search confirmed my suspicion that they were shipping from overseas. No worries. I'm guessing/hoping it will be here Thursday at the latest, based on past experience.

I think all the arguments about outsourcing labor are interesting. What most people fail to realize is that the reason work gets outsourced isn't just because the salaries, adjusted to a fair rate for the local currency/ economy,are always cheaper than American salaries. It's also because companies don't have to hemorrhage millions of dollars a year into employee benefit programs, which are usually a bigger expense than salaries ever could be. Not to mention that in other countries they may not have to pay property taxes, revamp their manufacturing process to conform to ever-tightening regulations, deal with demands from unions, etc. etc.

The fact is that unless Americans are willing to lose some benefits and/or take a pay cut, it will never be more cost-effective to manufacture here.


Hey, I was wondering how long did it take fo you to receive you laptop? I ordered a HP laptop on the 5th of May. It shipped from Shanghai, CN today the 12th of May.


Yeap, you won't say that once they "ship" your job overseas....then i guess you won't be so understanding.

Bob R

Judging by the fact that I see no follow-up rants, I would imagine that it’s safe to assume the packages arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

Lori V

I could not believe that many others have done the same as I did when I received my email notice that my lap top was shipped. I ordered 05/13/09 and expected delivery 05/22/09. Just shipped today 05/20/09 it said at 12:06 P.M. I hope I get it soon.

I purchase a HP dv6t never thought it was being shipped from China. Then again nothing is made in America anymore. I realized right away that it sure wasn't being sent from CT. LOL. Didn't realize China though.


ahha-i-just -ordered-a-dv6t -too-should-be-here-by-the-end-of-thee-week-hopefullly


China I hope not I want my new macbook pro now. I also googled Shanghai. What luck. I ordered it the same night after the new announcement of the macbook going pro.


LOL im just amazed that this has been going on for almost 3 years . like most of you i couldnt believe my macbook pro was coming from china . but my software got here (OH) in 2 days from china , might as well have been CT

Ron R

It's becoming a cliche, but "just like everybody else", I too am puzzled to see Shanghai, CN in FedEx's website. And "just like everybody else", I assumed there's a town in Connecticut named "Shanghai". LOL

I ordered my first MacBook Pro couple of days ago and I just got a notification that it was shipped today (19th). What confused me though is the time it says it was shipped: 6:36 PM -- wait a minute, it's only 10 AM EST?!?!

Oh well, I guess there's nothing wrong for it to come all the way from China. Like one of the guys here said, it will be as technically fresh from the factory as possible! I just hope I can control my nerves for waiting for my most treasured computer investment ever!

Ron R

Just an update... my MacBook left Shanghai, China on 06/19 at 6 AM (EST), came and left 3 States and then arrived at our door step today, 06/22 at 4:15 PM (EST) - that's 4 days including Saturday and Sunday! I'd say that's an excellent service both by Apple and FedEx, considering it was free shipping!

So, those of you fretting (it's okay, that's understandable) that your Apple product is coming all the way from China, cheer up --- waiting is not that bad. Now, if you have issues about stuff coming from China - that's a different story. Besides, look around ya -- what doesn't come from China these days?


same thing with me.
the power of google search engine!


very same thing.

i kind of wish there was a town in connecticut called shanghai


This is like an anomaly of the internet. Adwords should be on here.


I'm a little pissed but I am still excited to be a first time Mac User soon or later. I guess if i was in the business and wanted to machine an item like the mac i would send my work to china.........NOT!!!!!!!! I hope the mac makes up for this with operation and security. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS.........good day to all.


Hah, found this site after wondering what was Shanghai, CN. Waiting for an iPod Touch - it just shipped last night and should be here in two days *fingers crossed*


wow....saw the same thing and i'm freaking out cuz i'm going to have to disinfect for SARs on my laptop and...oh wait...connecticut lol ^.^


Ha Ha MY GOD I love how everyone, including ME was so excited when we were tracking our purchase and thought "ah hell yeah its already in Connecticut, but wow a weird city name?" Lol only to be later saddened at the realization CN = CHINA. DUH! Gotta Love it!


wow, i feel really stupid...i thought that CN stood for Canada....haha


Wow.. can't believe that . i waiting for my mac too.. can i can't believe it shipped from china.. anyway. i got no hard feeling about this just hope it working and stay with me for a long time.
thanks this webboard very much.. it's very helpful.. ^ ^


I thought that CN stood for Conneticut, but I had a stinking suspicion it was coming from China. I used google, and sure enough it's coming from China. I don't understand why Apple is so expensive if they manufacture their goods in China. I bought the mac because they were having a sale, and they give students a discount, though not very much. I've never had a mac, I hope it works out alright for me.


Too funny...I'ms till giggleling about it, I'm so excited about my first mac that I decided to track it and it too said CN. I knew it wasn't CT, but could not believe it was actually shipped from China. I feel a connection with you guys. I got a free itouch with my purchase. I'm really excited about that too!


Haha. Same situation here. This is an interesting phenomenon how our thought processes from seeing 'SHANGHAI CN' to being on this blog are pretty similar.
Hope my MacBook pro gets here eventually. As well as everyone's.
~Jesus loves u~


I'm actually getting a HP but do love macs. I wonder what the total amount of people that have searched SHANGHAI CN because of there tracking there package? Its so easy to see how much people think a like despite any physical differences. This would be an interesting study if I was a sociology major :)


So i guess everyone in america thinks pretty much the same
because im awaiting my itouch and was tracking it on FedEx when i saw
SHANGHAI CN and decided to google it
and came across this blog
its amazing to me how this chain started in '06 and yet 3 yrs later
im 16
this makes me laugh


I ordered a Mac Book Pro almost a week a go and when it shipped I ALSO saw Shanghai CN and just like most of the people on this blog I ALSO thought that there was a Shanghai in Connecticut even though I KNOW the abbreviation for Connecticut is CT! My Mac Pro should be in tomorrow and I just decided to google it and came across this page. I think the reason that we all thought CN was Connecticut even though it says Shanghai is because we are excited to see it finally ship and the optimism in our minds believe that our purchase will be delivered swiftly and refuses to believe that Apple would place their shipping factory in Shanghai. It's strange how when the brain gets excited it sometimes throws out any logical thinking. Haha. I agree with you JC, this would be a great subject to do a study or paper on if I was a sociology major which I'm not. I'm a Psychology major ;) haha


I thought I would add to this endless post, I too ordered a laptop and just received the shipment notice. I immediately thought Connecticut was the CN. It's so funny that happened to so many of us and then we find ourselves on this page after googling shanghai connecticut.


Wow. I did the exact same thing.....I ordered my HP dv6z laptop last week and the Fex Ex tracker said Shanghai CN, so I automatically thought there was a Shanghai Conn, and I really thought I would have it in a week, or so. The I Googled it, and it led me to your blog....I guess it really is a small world.....


wow this is amazing never though when i googled shanghia cn that i would find this... a ton of people who thought the exact same way i did. that doesnt happen every day. well anyways i guess my macbook is still in CN and now i know that means china!


ive been waiting for my macbook pro to ship for a few days and i finally saw it shipped and it said Shanghai CN, and because i live on LI i thought it was in connecticut and closeby and i thought to myself "oh it should be here tomorrow" but than i googled it and found it that CN meant china. i knew something wasnt right.

chanse keith menendez jr.

GEE WILLIKERS! i ordered a computer device from mac a couple of days ago. this morning i woke up with a huge smile on my face after waking up from a dream about receiving my mac book pro only to find out my laptop was in Shanghai CN. I thought CN stood for connecticut! HAHA WHAT A BOZO! well fellas, i guess were all in the same boat here! all we can do is be patient, drink prune juice and wait it out!!!!!!

-- your buddy,
chanse keith menendez jr!


^ is that kid chanse serious...
whatta LOSERRRR!


Yeah I just looked this morning because finally my HP touch smart is built and coming. HA China. I thought it was Shanghai Connecticut too lol I really want my computer like today. Schools back in and I ordered it like a 2 weeks ago. I'm so excited but now I have to wait till it crosses the sea so sad ha.


LOL Wow.... My HP mini is en route... I was like YAY Connecticut! I live in PA! It should get here in no time....



*face palm*

I hope it doesn't take too long in getting here. I can't believe I found this just like everyone else has, and it's still going since like 2006. Nice.


Like everyone else I got here from searching Shanghai CN.
Though I knew CN was China- I was in denial. After all I asked
for two days shipping- Like I'm going to see it before the end
of the week. HAHA!!! Gotta love America


Did the exact same thing as everyone else here, Called up Apple today to ask if my computer had shipped, Said it hadnt but to satisfy me they would give a free overnight upgrade since i payed for the 2-3 day shipping.....Come to find out i'll get my macbook pro on the 9th, With 2-3 day shipping it should have been here On Saturday the 5th at the latest, With overnight it should have been here Thursday/Friday! My shipping details in my order via apples website went from 2-3 day shipping, To Overnight shipping, and now says Priority shipping.....They'll be getting an pissed off call from me tomorrow


Lawl.... I did the same thing! I want my Macbook Pro :(


Dang! I knew CN was China but didn't even think that HP had it all built there! Now how long did everyone wait to get once they received shipping confirmation?


So many people...
Fed Ex has a flawed system...
Waiting on my HP... googled saw conneticut in this blog and waved a sigh of relief that it was not in China...
To depressed to do anything but comment about how stupid I am.
I also wonder how long the shipping takes from here on out?


Just like everyone else, I googled shanghai, CN. Didn't think it was Connecticut. Just wondered if it was really China, figured it was and came on to this blog. Too funny. Its kinda cool that my MBP will be more traveled then me. I'm getting my MBP a passport. Wonder how many years will be able to look back on this blog to see the same cycle.


Throw me into this stew too. I was quite disappointed when I seen the name Shanghai on my Fed Ex shipment notice. I’m concerned about the Quality Control programs in China after reading headlines on issues they’ve had with other products. Can this Mac turn out as good as everyone says it is? I was hoping Connecticut had changed its abbreviation from CT to CN. No such luck. G


Ahahah guys, what a great story! This blog rulez :-D I'm in California and I'm waiting for the new ipod touch...hope to receive it soon with no delays. Good luck everybody, I'll let you know


Haha I'm waiting for my new iPod Touch 3rd Gen as well.....I googled this like most of you and this came up. Wow.


same as everyone else, i orderd a mac book pro, and saw shanghai, cn and thought CONNECTICUT??? CINCINATTI???? ohh wait that doesnt make any sense. crap......

Devin IS Pro

Same exact thing this morning anyone know about how long it takes to get to the US even more specific to the midwest?


Same story.... this is crazy! we all have had the same issue, thought that CN meant Cincinnati or Connecticut, and then Google SHANGHAI CN to find out that it was China!!! big surprise, eh? I called Apple after I realized what happened. They said that it will arrive on time. Once the package is ready in China, they use FedEx overnight to bring to the US.


just glad to know im not alone in wishing that CN was in the US lol.
just waiting on my HP tx2z Tablet. hoping it makes it here ok and soon would be great.
we are like one big family googling the shanghai CN thing lol i feel much better now lol


Wow! This is crazy! I, too, came across this blog looking up where Shanghai CN was. I actually thought that maybe it was Canada, but really didn't think so. My HP Tx2z just shipped out today. I had no idea it was being built in China. Oh well, hope it comes soon!


Same here; awaiting macbook pro, saw the CN, googled, and here I am joining you all in the Shanghai CN MacApple club. Do we need a facebook group? lol


I just ordered my first MBP(out of lazyness of going to the apple store, which is only like 25min away) anyway, since i'm really desperate to get ASAP!, as soon as i saw, Shangai, CN, i knew that it was from freaking China. But then again, since i was desperate, i checked just to see if maybe i was wrong and i would be so lucky that "CT" had a city named, Shangai. However, it doesn't and now i have to wait a week to get something i could've gotten in 25 min.


I too ended up here thinking CN meant CT... I just ordered my first MBP... I'll just stay excited a few day's longer...HOPEFULLY it will be here Monday. :-)


Well, my MBP is supposed to arrive in 22 hours. I just checked the order status in apple's website and it still says that is at the fedex facility in shanghai, china. if it doesn't get here tomorrow then i'm never ordering anything from apple again (online :) because this is ridiculous that apple ships it all the way from west bumble f*ck!!...at least ship it from california or something...that i wouldn't mind.

Momma D

I ordered from the website instead of going to the store because they were offering free engraving- thought it would be a nice touch for my daughter's b-day. I'm in the same boat as everyone else- went to check on the IPOD touch I ordered for my daughter (figured I was save the $10 and have it shipped standard- mistake I think) and found the Shanghai, CN---- immediately thought China?? seriously?!--- thought can't be, must be Connecticut so I Googled it and ended up here with the rest of you. I'm real interested to see how longs this delivery takes. Apple is known for their superior efforts for ease to the customer--- think I should have spent the extra $10.


So my wife & I both ordered iPods the other day and decided to track their locations. Like everyone else, we discovered that Shanghai, CN is where the iPods left from. Then the conversation went something like this. "Gee, I wonder where Shanghai is... Hey Honey, did you know there's a Shanghai, Canada? What? No there isn't. Maybe it means China, no.. I don't know what the hell it means. Get on the computer. It says it's in Alaska now. Where did they ship it from."
Cut to the chase:
I has to post this, as we too (two), have fallen victim to the "What the hell?" group.


There IS a Shanghai, Connecticut! But last year, due to their local fiscal crisis and the national economic situation, they voted to move the entire town to China, where there are far more jobs. Shanghai Connecticut's unemployment rate, as a result, has dropped from 12% to less than 0.001% since the town's relocation to China. And they have universal health care, cheaper, better flat-screen TVs with better programs and satellite dishes that get them any station they want from anywhere in the world.
Can you blame them?


Im in same boat as all of you. i was so excited to see SHANGHAI CN, i was like "yippie its only a couple states away!!" then google told me it's half way around the world... sadness now I'm gonna be tracking it like crazy. There's so much that could happen to it over that long trip!!


SO HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE???? i'm in nyc.


Well I purchased a new HP Laptop, custom configured it and paid for a 2 day fedex shipping. they sent me a tracking # that starts it in wonderfull Shanghai, CN

I wonder if my $35.00 extra 2 day shipping will work???



You and I are in the same boat, lol. After 2 weeks of waiting on my new hp mini 311 it's understandable that I could barely contain my ecitement when in came the E-mail telling me that my order had shipped; but you guessd it, it shipped from Shanghai CN. My excitement briefly clouded my judgement and I thought it was Connecticut. I was sadly mistaken :-( CN meant it's halfway across the world in China! Bull ****! Anyway, I too am wondering if the 2 day shipping i paid $35.00 for is still 2 days or has it now become 7 days???

If anyone has experienced this issue and has also paid for 2 day shipping please
let me know if it took you 2 or if it was more.

Thanx in advance,


Sometimes, it gets even better. I ordered a new HP 110 Mini, with a Verizon Gift certificate for signing up for the full FIOS gig.

To get the free netbook, you have to give them a credit card. Then HP charged me the full amount for the notebook, and dinged my card for $300.00 extra.

When I got the receipt and saw the issue, I called them. Their answer?
You'll love it. "we can't refund the $300.00 until your order is shipped. That will take 10 days." Why? You offer the same PC available for same day shipping, only difference is the same day model costs 20 bucks more for a bigger battery. What if I pay the extra 20 and get that one?

"Nope, the PC you ordered is a custom one." No, says I... it is just the standard configuration, nothing different.

"Well, says HP... You COULD have ordered it customized. So we have to build it before we can ship it."

Now it has been built and shipped, and FINALLY I have back the 299.99 they never should have had in the first place, and NOW my HP POS is coming from freaking LAND O' FISH HEADS And RICE!!??

And the last thing the most recent "heavily accented" HP rep asked me was, "sir, would you like to take our customer satisfaction survey?




Coming from China! There goes the quality of my laptop. I guess it will only last until the warranty ends (sigh).


I'm pisseed OFF i thought my son Ipod touch would be here in time for his 10th birthday next week NOPE it's coming from Shanghai CN and it wont get here until 2 days after his b-day try explaining that to a 10 yr old. LOL or maybe I'll just give him the tracking # so he an track his ipod i'll wrapped it up in a box with a pretty bow. Like all of you we i noticed the Shanghai CNI googled it as well & found all of you. This really suks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yule tide

Wow so many people with the same thought....glad that i'm not the only one..


Your kidding fricken China. Mine said it shipped on the 20th of this month but now i know that it actually didnt leave until 3 days later. Im just buying my stuff in a store instead.


So yeah, I figured I'd keep this freight train of like-minded people rolling. I ordered a new iMac on the 22nd of October. Finally got confirmation that it is shipping from Shanghai, CN today. Googled it...found you people! Hope everyone is enjoying what they ordered!


Everyone Googles the same thing, it seems 8)

27" iMac on order as of the 27th. No panic, no rush. As long as it's shiny new and free from boxed flu.


Wow it's amazing how a chain of people can procees the same information 3 years later. I actually thought or hoping CN meant Connecticut just like all of you lol.... sad but anyway I expect my I-Pod touch on friday before I travel to Maryland or I will not be a happy camper because i need to transfer all my songs on there to learn them during the flight before my gig, so Im growing horns right about now . .


I just googled SHANGHAI CN to find out where my new imac was coming from and it turns out its coming from China....... what was I thinking right. I must admit this site had me roflmao since we all are/were doing the same thing, the good thing my pc is now sitting at AK I think that’s Alaska……